Friday, 3 February 2012

In Motion: Week 0

Because I started this blog up in order to talk about the shit no one wants to hear about anymore (the books I’m writing) I feel that I should actually write about it.

It’s not something that I haven’t done. Far from it, I think, mostly it was last year, but then, if I think about it, I was still getting the hang of what I wanted to do then, and what I was going to do with my time. Adding this to the fact that I didn’t write with a plan, just free for all, which made sense and got things done, sorta, but it was progress that you (I) could see. This being said, I’m going to do a weekly posting on what’s happening with my books. I was going to have this a daily thing, but I think a weekly one will be better because that way, shit will have been done, more will have been seen, and things will be added, changed. It will be much more interesting in the way that I write things, which is....well, it’s what I need to talk about so that I can hear it outside or my own head, can have a place to see if it actually makes sense, or if I’m just rambling.

Not that I will be the best judge on that, so tell us if things aren’t making any sense.

I will add in sections of my Making of’s if I have written on them. And at the end of it all I will either add a proposal thing (might name it something else, I’m not sure) for the book that I have first written, telling you wants going on, and the first 3 chapters of the book that I just wrote. Though, saying this, which one will change, because I’ll post the first 3 right off the bat, but they always change in final drafting (at least mine do).

Okay, so at the moment I can’t seem to find what I want to do or need to do (yeah, I know it’s a link of this blog, but, hey, that’s not where I am while writing this post. also that list doesn’t really matter, because it was based on me finishing each book, where I’m not going to this year). Still, I can’t decide what I want to write.

If you don’t know this, I’ve decided, about a month ago, give or take (really can’t remember) but I decided that I wasn’t going to finish my books. yeah, I want them done, and I’ll have as much words on paper as I can have, like the page number has to be at least three quarters of what I want the end result to be, but I’m not going to finish it.

This comes from me understanding that I don’t have to have a book finished for me to try and sell it. Yeah, it would be great if it was, but I’m not working on one book and one book only, no I’m the idiot type that has more thoughts than brains. Still, I only need the first three chapters at the ready and the full context of what’s going to be happening in the book. So yeah, at the end of the day it needs to be done, but then, it doesn’t need to be done.

I can pay for someone to look over my work and see what’s happening, see if I’m any good, or if the thing will sell, that kinda shit, but they only look at 17 pages. Again, why do I need to have a complete finish of the book? So I’ve decided, since this is my last year that I can sit around and do absolutely nothing, that I write as many first drafts as I could, because after that things get easier, also harder, but that’s mostly because you have to have things make sense, you have to go deeper into the characters personalities and make sure they stay the same, and if needed grow in a way that’s believable. It’s fiddly work, and yet, it’s easier because you’re not having to think of anything new, the context is all there, waiting, you just have to play with it a little, and get it to perfections point.

Still, I would really like to have some books ready for someone else to read it, but hey, I’m still gonna ask my Nan to look over the work I have so she can tell me what it’s needed before I sit down and fix it all up.

Anyway, the deal with the ‘In Motion’ post are that you can see where I am, see how I work a little, and more so can see if I can or can’t do this writing shit. But since my son will be at school and my daughter is in care for 4 days a week, that gives me all that time to work. Though I am having this feeling that I should, I don’t know, do some volunteer work or something, you to get me out of the house (well, see). Anyway, not the point. My point is that I have worked out everything—time wise—so that I can have a max of 3 hours to write a day from Tues—Friday. There can be a couple of hours on Sat morning, but then I normally take that little brake as a chance to read a book, so writing....? Will mostly come from when I can’t stop, when there as things in my head that need to go on paper.

Okay, so I have a toss-up at the moment of what book I’m going to start on, next week. It’s between:
            Theoretically Speaking
            Killing Time
            Talking Solitude
The first two are the starting books in two different series. They are ones that I have been working on for awhile now. And they need to be done. Ones an Adults and ones YA.
The last one is a contemporary novella, which I have just worked out over the last month. It’s in my TragicTeen Collection. And it’s all in my head at the moment, which is why I want to write it.

Yeah, I just keep on creating book idea, much faster than I can write them, which sucks, but I’m hoping won’t be a problem as I start what I’m doing. I also have another one I thought up, it’s a fairy tale turned (which is what category I’m putting my [nameless] one in, though they are single stories) but this one’s very dystopian, I’m hoping, though, that it will be loved (mostly because everything bounces back).
Well you’ll find out what’s going on and what I have next week. I’ll be doing a little starter post, on Monday when I decide what I’m going to be writing, and all that, since it’s something that is needed, if you wish to follow the progress.
Anyway, that’s all for me.
Thanks for the time

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