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Review, Nightwalker

In the ultimate showdown between light and darkness, who will triumph?

    Prod dets
Series: the nightwalker, book 3
Pub: 2011, Mills & Boon (Harlequin)
Author: Connie Hall
Cat: paranormal romance
Format: paperback (mid); 282 pp w/ 26 chapters
Whose: Takala & Striker
Age Range: Adult                                             

All her life, Takala Rainwater hoped to find the mother who’d abandoned her and her sister. But she’d never expected the woman to be a shadowy double agent in the spy-ridden underworld. Nor did she anticipate falling for the very vampire who wanted her mother destroyed.

Like his name, Striker Dark was ruthless...and the sexiest thing Takala had seen in both worlds. Her white-magic power—and her willpower—were defenceless against him. But Takala didn’t know the long-dead passion she roused in him could end her mortal life...

   Now, my Thoughts

And I mean that, this is one of those books that was good but why? .... See not answer to that one. I really liked the book though it did seem much more centred around the horror, or reason they got put together than it was about the relationship, and yet, the relationship part was enough, though I did find it lacking the intensity I thought we would get when we were with Takala, but then it’s not as if I went into it expecting much.

And I have just made no sense. I don’t know, but I found that it was perfectly balanced between the scenery and the people, and yet because of that it was lacking, in my opinion but I’m a bit person story one, don’t generally care that much about what’s going on around them, not when I’m reading a romance.

I just pretty much said the same thing twice, sorry, but I’m not a cut and paste type of person, so you can trude threw it.

The story was based around Takala’s mother, she’s finally found her, but nothing is working out the way she thought it would. She’s just been dumped, both by a cheating boyfriend and into the lap of Nightrider who will stop at nothing to get her mother for what she’s done.

I found that it was mostly about Takala’s growth, and yet she didn’t really grow, just fell in love with another man who wasn’t emotionally ready for what she needed, and still, if only he would open up enough and realise that he was.

It was just one of those, ‘I want her, but I can’t touch her...’ type of things, very Edward if you think about it. Since her blood is the sweetest thing to vampires, and he’s afraid that he’ll kill her and revert back to his older self if he....ha, it’s ecstatically like that, only the female character doesn’t make you want to rip you hair out.

From this realisation, I take back everything I’ve said above, it was totally the hunt that made this book interesting, and yet.... it was set in Paris, the underbelly and it’s pretty much about stopping the mob boss vampire type person from trafficking humans as blood slaves.

So as you can tell, it’ of those book, but I think that if you are reading any of the miniseries then you should pick them all up. looking back over the three books they are much better together than they are individually, and at least the writing style of Hall is good, she pulls you into the pages making you read without realising how far you’ve gone into it, till you’re at a point that you may as well read the rest instead of sleeping that extra hour.

The Bonus Novella in this printing is Zombie Midnight by Lori Devoti, but I have not read it, nor do I feel I will read it, mostly because I’m not into Zombies, I just....yeah, rather not read about them.

Guardian, Beholder, [tb]

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