Saturday 31 March 2012

In Motion 2.4

Starting paragraph: Sigh. It was so deep and frustrated it actually got Adelaide’s attention.
Body of Darkness, book 1, page 16

What I did this week: as promised (loosely) we will be starting this week with me telling you what the one scene from the books I have them with, it is that I associate the book with. It’ the one scene that plays in my mind whenever I think of that particular book.
This doesn’t mean that the scene ever gets in there, not the way that I want it to, mostly because shit just doesn’t work out that way. and the fact that the scene are more in movie motion for me and that’s hard to display when you’re writing, especially since more emotional and inner dialog needs to be put into the scenes, but they are what the whole book get revolved around, just this one tiny scene and so I thought, I want to sow you, let you have a little more of a look inside my head when it comes to the books I write.

So we’ll start in the order they are placed.
Book 1: Body of Darkness
it’s them Adelaide and Jo are laying in the bed and he’s jacking off as she’s masturbating (this is because of her hang-ups, and it’s more so about what I’m trying to write now. it’s also she’s honry and can’t sleep and he helps her out, so they can both sleep and get rid of the tension in their bodies) she looks into his eyes and here’s something in them that lets him know that she can’t finish, that something is scaring her and she’s lost in her body and in pain and needs to orgasm, but for some reason she can’t. It’s when he knows he has to let go, for her.
(Okay, this is more detailed because it’s the actually part that I’m trying to write at the moment. so....)
Basically, my part that is really in my head is him watching the fascination on her face, the tension and the need for realise, and he spills himself and she silently screams her own.

Book 2: Destiny’s Hands
It’s at the beginning of the book (first part actually)
It’s when he looks into the door that’s goes into a bathroom in his loft. He’s lying on the bed watching a woman’s back as she disappears threw the door.
This is an allusion type look, like even as he sees her he knows it’s a memory of something he can’t quite remember.

Book 6: Cursed Happiness
It’s actually something that might never happen in but it’s around the two of them.
It’s of Cad sitting in a chair around a table talking about something important, something that is about a battle of fight or something...really, don’t know what’s happening, I don’t get dialog with these feeds. Mostly.
Anyway it’s of Cad sitting on the chair, and Daniel standing behind him leaning on the back of his chair, leaning over him, as he listens.
Yeah, it’s nothing interesting or nothing, just them as a couple I think, but it’s what I see when I think of the book, or the couple.

Book 8: Third Wheel Heaven
It’s actually nearing to the end of the book.
M2 walks in on m1 and f fucking, her on top. and he gets hot.... he joins them (m2 doesn’t do women, it’s something I might not have said anything, but it’s actually an important part of the story and may even be a spoiler, but like I’m an author yet)
Anyway, he enters m2, and thinks that she’s beautiful, running his hand across her shoulder blades and down the length of her back. It’s also got a cheeky comment about her ass—or a female’s ass—but that’s all mine, because this part will be in the book.
It’s mostly just the three of them, m2 standing at the end of the bed, fucking m1 while f is fucking him. M2 hand on f back, looking in awe at something he’s never noticed before.
When she walks in on the two men fucking. It’s where she sees and realises that she could actually like that, could see herself doing that. And both man like her eyes on them, like the look of lust in her eyes as she watches.

Well that’s it, I hope it was insightful, probably not, but hey it’s something I felt like sharing, something about my writing. I have more for different books if you’re interested let me now and I’ll do more of them for you.
More so I’m sorry if the things above didn’t make sense, and I’m hoping that was because of lack of content because if it was my writing, I’m pretty fucked, right?

Sun: 2,953 words today and I’ve gotten myself past the night time wank off. Yeah!!!
It was actually a part that was taking up a lot of time, mostly because it was the one scene that I had for this book, THE scene. Though saying this I’ll probably get a new one that just needs to be in there, and I really hope that I got this one done the way I wanted it done, not that I will really know until I read it threw again, mostly because I try not to have a read threw until I have the whole thing written once threw, that way when I fix things they will be fixed to stay there when someone else reads the book.

Mon: none
Tue: wrote 554 words. Along with a few points and parts that are to help with the next write threw, things I’ve thought up that will make it better, especially when I get both their mental states down packed—as in finished this book.
Wed: 1,366 words today.
Thur: did you know (yeah, I know you don’t, shut it and listen) I just added a line or two to my Scrap of the book (this is the part of me never deleting anything I write) it has 35 pages of words and crap on this book. Whereas the book, at this moment on has 24. 
Yeah....I also wrote 363 words
Not much but I’m really....yeah, I just can’t wait!!
Weekly Cap: lots of family crap at the end of this week. Mostly because of lack of funds and an accident that took up most of my day while I sat in traffic. (It was a nice smash though, really well done—if you take the human factor out of it and saw only the twisted metal).
Anyway, I have actually written a lot lately, and I have the drumming of my fingers that make me want to write more, though it’s also put down by the need to read a book I just can’t see myself reading for the time it’s going to take for me to read it.
Worse is when I do read it the tone she uses will be all stuck in my head and I don’t really want that when I’m trying to write—hang on, maybe that’s what I need?!

I’ve been finding over the last couple of days as I write that I’m not fully happy with what I have written. It’s not that it isn’t wrong, or important, more that it’s not what I see when I look at the characters. But it’s obviously what they want to say, what they want to feel, like I really have control over the crap they say, please.
Overly thinking about what they say make it all looked real scripted and flat.
But it’s come to me that maybe I have been writing the tender side of both parties, that the lust and love as it shifts around and one becomes more forces than the other that I need the tenderness between them. That I need these moments, only when there like that it’s hard to get them out of it. And that’s not what they are, how they are, around other people.
Only I haven’t been writing them when they have been around other people so...
I also think that maybe I’ll have to write this in two drafts as the first draft. Have at the softer side of them, the words and the scenes that I want them to be in, that they need to be in, and how they are with the people around them. And then the next draft as them the way they are meant to be. The actual facts about them.
Like because of Ad I forget that Jo doesn’t show feeling, because he does with her. He has since the moment he re-met her for the first time. But with everyone else he’s flat and unreadable, because he struggles to with the love they both no is inevitable. (it’s a lot harder than you would think to write a character that shows no feelings when he feels them as well as any other.)
So maybe that’s the way this needs to be. I write it out the way it wants to be written; than I go back threw and changed the things that need changing. Facial expression, tones and voices.

Book two will be a lot easier to write in the aspect that none of the characters that will grace that book will have this problem. But it will also be harder because of what he needs; who he wants and what she’s been threw in the life she’s lived in.
It’s something we’ll hear about in this book but only that horrid things had happened not what they actually where.

Anyway, it’s a long end note, and I might or might not write more today since I have to go out tonight for a family birthday (Pop & cousin) and I have shit to wash so that I have something to wear, kids to clean and shit to gather and organise with my sister so that we can get there on time. But in between all that I will probably plomp my arse down and write a line or two.

Ending Paragraph: Plainly she wanted sex, the hot fleshy, wetness she knew of sex. She wanted to feel it, she wanted to have it. She wanted to live it.
Body of Darkness, book 1, page 24

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