Sunday 11 March 2012

REVIEW, Infinity

I am the power they can’t tear down.
I say I control my destiny and my life. No, nothing controls me. Ever.
 (first read: 2010)
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Series: Chronicles of Nick series, book 1
Pub: 2010, St. Martin’s Press
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
Cat: paranormal fiction
Format: paperback (full size); 306 pp w/ 19 chapters
Age Range: young adults (12+)

Nick Gautier thinks he knows everything. Streetwise, tough and savvy, his quick sarcasm is renowned. But his whole world is suddenly turned upside down on the night his best friends try to kill him.
Saved by a mysterious warrior, Nick is sucked into the realm of Dark-Hunters – immortal vampire-slayers who risk everything to save humanity – and he quickly learns that the human world is only a veil for a much larger and more dangerous one that’s filled with all kinds of evil. Nick knows he’s in real danger and he soon has a lot more to deal with than high school – all without getting grounded, suspended...or killed.

Okay, so I think I need to make a few things clear. Mostly that I’m a fan of the adult version this series came from, and more to the point the people and the things around him.
If you’re not into that series, or are too young to read them (the are full of sex) but you want to start into it, this is a must book.
Really, it tells you everything you need to know, or more so characters that I already know everything about, which kinda, to made, made this one a bit of a drag. Though we did get to learn more about Nick and what he really is, which isn’t full explained in the adults’ series.

This book is all about him finding out these things, him meeting friends he’s never meet, and him setting up his life.
I honestly found it hard not to fixate on the fact from the adults series, which sucks, because it made this book something less than what I have heard others, teens, have found this one.

The world is great, and fully developed, the people are histories versions of what other may already know about, and it’s a great step into the world with a smart mouthed kid who becomes friends with a bunch of people who are more than they seem to be.
It also shows more of the love between him and his mum, and the hatred for his father, which is funny...for reason you don’t need to know about.

I didn’t particularly care that much about the main plot; mostly because it revolved around zombies and they are a mute point for me (I really don’t care for them). But I’ve read others views and they seem to like that the most.
Really, it’s just a series I can’t wait to get going, which it does brilliantly in this one. and I can’t wait, truly to what comes of it.

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