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REVIEW, Faerily Imperfect vol one

Magical Powers would be great, if they weren’t guaranteed to backfire....

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Faerily Imperfect: volume one
Series: Faerily Imperfect, books 1 & 3
Pub:  2011, Resplendence Publishing, LLC
Author: Mia Watts
Cat: erotic romance
Format: paperback (mid); 325pp w/ 2 stories
Whose: Sage & Joe / Dill & Mason
Age Range: adult                                             

Sage, Dill, Willow and identical twins Flora & Fauna Harper are half-breeds. With one parent human and the other faery, they don’t fit into either realm. The faery realm is known for its trickery, but in an act of good will, each child born of the human-faery union were bestowed one magical ability. Since their magic is unpredictable—although it does seem to increase when they’re flustered—finding love just became a whole lot harder: throw in a series of normal life complications and work conflicts, and suddenly their faery “gift” feels more like a curse.


Book one: Mind F*cked
Sage has the ability to read minds, but only in high passion moments when thoughts transmit at a higher frequency. But the gift is double-edged. Sage is inordinately handsome. Some might even say he’s a walking orgasm. So what’s a half-breed to do when every person he meets seems intent on seducing him, and how will he know if the man he chooses will love him for more than his looks?
Joe has never been the object of anyone’s lust before. Now Sage, the hottest guy he’s ever laid eyes on, has Joe starring in his sexual fantasies. It would be perfect if only Sage could shut up for one minute, and quit talking about his own hotness—or about how he can read minds.
Meanwhile, Joe and Sage must secure the last three Zodiac Stones and prevent their theft while they wait for exhibition. Can they put their sexual tension aside long enough to stop a clever thief? And even if they do, will Joe’s heart be a casualty of their inevitable fling, or could Sage really be looking for more than a one-night stand?

Huh, I don’t know what I can tell you about this book, mostly because I’m not sure how I really feel about it.
I don’t know if it was good, if I liked the chemistry between the two men (it was good, but...) or was the fact that they were both thinks around in circles that made no sense and was all a bunch of hearsay that came from knowledge of the outside worlds not what’s really in front of you.
I honestly don’t know, and still can’t really remember what the likes and dislikes about the book was.

So you have Sage, a boy that apparently has nothing but a big ass ‘PLAY BOY’ sign passed onto his forehead. Or at least that’s what Joe is seeing.
--insecurities, that’s what this book was about, right? Or am I seeing something that isn’t really there again?!
He doesn’t want to want him, but fuck man, his dick is leaking with the need to come all over that hot man, and Sage isn’t helping, really, he isn’t.
Sage is a man that can see the fucked up sexual fantasy in others head, except for Joe and he can’t be sure if he likes this fact of not. Mostly because he actually wants to play star in those fantasies, hell, life would be better, but every time he tries to get close the other man pushes him away.

Really, the whole way through the book is mostly them both thinking the same thing, both having that deep seeded need to spend their life with another, not a quick week of fucking, no matter how pleasurable that could be.
Though man the tension runs high, so high but the time they actually fuck it’s almost a relief to read it.

Book Two: Freeze Frame
Dill Harper can freeze time, but unfortunately, it's a faery gift that only works at the most inopportune moments. Now he's on a case for Harper Security, watching the very delectable ass of Mason Haliday-a man worth having, but one who doesn't want to be had.
When an unknown enemy puts a hit on Mason, Dill is worried. Despite their chemistry under the covers, Mason knows that Dill will not be easy to bring around. How can he convince Mason trust his heart to the man who's been spying on him?

I loved this book, a great combination of hysterical laughter, tears and heartfelt moments that pull you in and spit you out a different person.

About a man who have grown up in the shitest way a child could (unfortunately mostly centred around Foster care), never loved for more than a second, Mason is finding it hard to let his heart open up to a person he is certain he could lose himself in.

Dill, a man who...well, he’s the half-fairy who has the ability to freeze time. It’s just doesn’t always work for him.  Especially around Mason, who happens to remember everything that happens threw the freeze (not something that should happen).

When Mason meets the one person’s he’s wanted to meet his whole life he realises that Dill is that only person in the whole world that loves him, but will he be too late to fix what he could have irreplaceably ruined.

Yeah, I just gave you a little of what’s above, but the decision to put in each books blurb was decided after I started writing this thing up.
But man, did I love this book, really I started the first free lines just to see who was coming up next (since it didn’t say on the back, whose book this was going to be—I created for the rest of you) and I couldn’t stop, I stayed up all night needing to know what happened minute to minute threw the whole thing.
Really, it was that gripping, and sweet just needed to pull the big man into your arms, or lightly slap him up the side of his head and tell him he’s a dick and to just believe. But you can’t help but understand why he didn’t.
Saying this though, the whole give and take, the way everything sat, and Mason’s baggage wasn’t anything as complex or twisted as the first book.

It was just a sweet book that got all your emotions running around, one after another until you were left feeling safe and loved.

[tb], Faery Surprise, [tb], Boiling Point, Hitched

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