Friday 16 March 2012

REVIEW, Powerful Protectors

Tough. Rugged. Ruthless
But could the bodyguard be her lover?

    Prod dets
The Ultimate Hero Powerful Protectors
Series: --
Pub:  omnibus, (Mills & Boon) Harlequin
Author: Debra Webb, Carla Cassidy, Dana Marton
Cat: romance suspence
Format: paperback (mid); 632pp w/ 3 stories
Whose: Scout & Max / Kate & Zack / Kaye & Daniel
Age Range: adult                                             

Keeping Baby Safe
Debra Webb
Bounty hunter Olivia ‘Scout’ Jackson was no stranger to danger—but being pregnant changed everything. And kissing Pierce Maxwell was risking more than she dared. But could she trust the devastating Colby Agency operative to protect her and the precious life she carried when he was duty bound to her enemy? Or would his loyalties change when he found out he was about to become a father?

Defending the Rancher’s Daughter
Carla Cassidy
Whoever had murdered her father was now coming after Kate Sampson. She had to be on her guard every second. Professional bodyguard Zack West offered protection...and something a lot more dangerous. The sensual cowboy had branded her with his passion. And now he was back, ready to break her heart all over again.

Protective Measures
Dana Marton
Congresswoman Kaye Miller didn’t survive the jaws of politics to fall prey to a deadly hate crime. So when sexy bodyguard Daniel DuCharme was assigned to protect her, they found themselves sharing every waking moment together. But with a killer hungry for their precious lives, can the two lovers’ battle time in order to stop a global assassination?

Keeping Baby Safe
I don’t know about you, but I’m over, or maybe it’s more that I never really cared for it in the first place, whichever, it’s the type of book that annoys me no matter how much I end up enjoying it, and so even though it was good, and this one was, I probably won’t remember that part in the long run to memory of it.

It’s about two people who get locked together, fuck, part as if what they had was nothing and never going anywhere, even though they both kinda want that but aren’t willing to say it.
Then, by chance, they end up smashed back together where they spend the whole book going over why this won’t work. Or how much they want it to work but...alas, I can’t be the one to grow a pair first, the other has too.
The worst, I think is her, especially since she’s hiding something huge, and even though she keeps it secret even when her concuss is telling her to spill, she has the right to tell him off for the fact that he found out,
Like it was his fault she ditched him before the whole house was searched (yeah, it wasn’t only the baby part that got her pissed)

The worst is that I actually liked the book, it was face passed, had no moment that, even though I got annoyed at the way things were going, I didn’t want to stop reading it. I didn’t lose any interest in the characters, plot of outcome, which is a big deal since I’m really more a paranormal fan, than contemp.
It also got me curious about the other stories in the series, or more importantly the next one, and Webb’s writing style was good enough that I would actually go and look for that said book.

Defending The Rancher’s Daughter
This one is sweet. The sweet that gets tears staining your eyes at the end of it.

It’s about, well, attempted killing. That one was easy, we—I—could tell who it was from the start, and I liked this fact, I like that the mysterious tension, though high, wasn’t what the story was about, it was just a way for them to get together again, after so long being apart, and finding out what they were really looking at why back then was something more than what they thought.

I actually enjoyed the crime story threw this. Which was more than I ever thought I would. Really, the sexual tension between then, and the mystery of the whys, rather than the who, was bigger and something more than what there normally is.

Anyway, I really enjoyed this story, though it wasn’t like the first one, I don’t think much about the series, though writing style and the way she thoughts about the elements of solving the crime was stella and would be the reason I would chose to read on in this series.

Protective Measures

Might want to know
Debra Webb: this story is book 13, first published in 2003, of her Colby Agency series, which has 31 books and 7 novellas.
Carla Cassidy: this is book 2 in Wild West Bodyguards, fist published in 2005, there are 6 stories connected to this series.
Dana Marton: a standalone novel first published in 2006. You might like to check out her new series Agent Under Fire.

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