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REVIEW, Ruthless Game

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Ruthless Games
Series: GhostWalker, book 10
Pub:  2011, Piatkus
Author: Christine Feehan
Cat: paranormal romance
Format: paperback (mid); 376pp w/ 20 chapters
Whose: Kane & Rose
Age Range: adult                                             

On a mission to rescue hostages in Mexico, the last thing GhostWalker Kane Cannon expects to find is Rose Patterson—fellow GhostWalker, fugitive, and pregnant with his child.

Forced into a breeding programme by Dr Whitney, Rose escaped with the help to Kane after she was impregnated by him, but despite Kan’s desperate need to keep her close to him, she has eluded him...until now. But does she feel the same passion for him that he feels for her?

Man it was long......
Yeah, I know, it’s not the best way to start off with but it’s the only thing that’s in my head at the moment. The book never ended, really, when one thing happened and you thought, oh, that was interesting and everything went well, they got out things should be....
And then you’d notice how many more pages were to 3 ¼ of the book left.
I know, I know, it’s a little bad to say and it was interesting, but this was after 3 high tense moments, of them running for their lives. 3! Really, people when it comes to romance, 3 is a whole book.

The whole GhostWalker thing is cool though, and honestly it would be a reason, if any, that I would even think about picking up another in the series, but I liked that concept of a dude changing DNA to make super solders.
I like their abilities. I like seeing them in action, working as a unit. It is honestly the one thing that I really love about Feehan’s writing; she’s great at the big, multiple person units with leaders of scary men.

I even liked the concept in this about the whole breeding program and the feeling around them both being so real, yet, the other things it’s not. But this was addresses and worked out after that third point, but the book just kept on going....
I understood the need for it all, it was just....yeah, I don’t know, maybe I just wasn’t in the mood for such a heave book while I was reading this one. Maybe....oh, I don’t know.

I really liked the birth of the baby, the way this was all done from books and even though they didn’t trust anyone and didn’t know what they were really doing, there was that underline point that this shouldn’t have been happening.
I didn’t like that she didn’t get looked at, but that may be because I’m a mother and I’ve read up, heard and learnt about all the things that can go wrong, and this isn’t just from the birth but from the crap that can be left behind.
But I understood it all, so it wasn’t a point that cursed my annoyance, just something I thought while reading this part and again now that I’m thinking about it.

All and all this book was interesting, but I’m still not sure if I truly liked it, I think that maybe a lot of my unsureness is from the fact that I feel I really need more information about the other characters, this book is too far into the series for me to really know if it would help or not. And more so, once the characters have been there awhile, you tend to not need as much info. For a first reader, I thought... I don’t know, I just have this feeling that maybe book 10 is too far into any series to really get beta characters?!

The real thing is this. I actually get annoyed reading her books, this is mostly because she unnecessarily repeats the same thing until a new thought it’s the character and than that thought is repeated and repeated until....
You get what I’m saying. It’s something that I see in a lot of books, and it’s the one thing that annoys me, but her books it’s even more so. It’s almost like you can see where she pastes where paragraphs in. like she’s written them all separately and isn’t sure what’s going to stay, and then cutting and paste keeps it all. As a result it’s the same sentence, in many different verities over and over the whole book, sometimes in places that just didn’t need it. It’s like the sentence is totally out of the blue, making it even more noticeable.
I’m sorry, really, I shouldn’t have to say this, but I can’t stop myself. It was really annoying and it’s a specialty of her, and one of the reasons that I don’t read her books. It makes her have to overdo the plot and character to get me to really enjoy that writing style (like with her leaped people series, which I love).

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