Saturday 24 March 2012

In Motion 2.3

Starting paragraph:  Laying on the bed waiting for Adelaide to come out here after her shower, waited for that flesh smelling body that would have the same soft sent that he’s skin held from the shower before her.
Body of Darkness, book 1, chapter 8
I think

What I did this week: Let’s start this out with the easy fact that I’m sick. Now I know this is no excuse for anything in the writing world, but it does mean that my moods will be off and I might have trouble completely concentrating.
But let’s hope its tonsillitis and not glandgela (sorry can’t spell) fever. I’m pretty sure it’s the first, hell, I got it Friday and I’ve been able to get through the day without a nap...
And you see, to self absolved and wingy to write a novel. at least none of the ones I have now, I don’t know if I could write one where the character was that...annoying...but if it’s the latter maybe I’ll take the time out of what I’ve been writing and start a new book just because the mood would be write for the next couple of months.
Anyway, I’ll know before this gets put out, and so you’ll know if you read further down. Just don’t expect much. If you did originally. Which I know you don’t, being as no one reads any of these.

Mon: did you know that I keep ever scrap that I write? Yep. I was one of those people when I was younger that had dairies. You would know this if you read the get to know me post at the beginning of the blog. But still, it’s something that needs refreshing.
Before I starting writing books and having something much more fun to do with myself than talk about the crap of my life, I held 26 A4 books for my journals, you know the thick ones that you use in school?
On the computer I have 27 which as like 15 files of my dairies, but that case will be my last.
Still I keep everything I write.

The sickness book I started: Forget it...please. (TragicTeen collection, book 4) I only wrote 506 words.

Tue: Finally I found an author that writes the same way I do. You know, with nothing in my head before I put my fingers to the keyboard.
Really, a lot of the time I start my main character by a line, a word, and comment off a comment and it all freefalls from there.
Most of the time it’s the second draft that really gets everything down packed, mostly because the first one is me writing when I haven’t a clue what’s happening. It’s the funniest part for me, but it’s also why it makes, when I do know is hard.

Wed: knowing without test since I’m getting better. Or more so I feel like my old self again. I’m starting out on a set by set link into this first book, because I just can’t seem to get what I want on paper, so I thought, well, maybe it would help to give me directions if I lay out what I want done to a point that I have no more.
I also, have been having deep thoughts into them getting together and what it’s going to be like, and conversations, things that they need to say to each other that are not really anything to do with the outer lover life. so I’m going to get all that down and work the rest around it, because at the end of the day, what this book is really about is the love that lays between them and if I can get that right then it shouldn’t matter as much about the other half. Or maybe it will show me what is really needed to lay these parts in line so they will actually be set up the way I want them to.

Also I gave her, her new name. Yeah, and as of now I’m happier with it then what it was originally.
Os my heroine goes from Tabitha to Adelaide!!!
It was actually kinda hard to find a new one that would fit in as well as been able to read. I hate people who call their characters something I can’t pronounce. Though I’ve done this too, mostly because I need those names to mean something, or I just liked the look of them, or, well, a few of them have named themselves. But, still, I have given them nick names that are used in my head mostly that are readable, sayable to everyone. Especially me.

343 words: is the written word of what I want in place. This is for 3 chapters.
I wrote 927 words all up today.
            Okay so I didn’t write a lot, but it’s hard. more so because of the way things are set and my over thinking about every little thing that’s happening between them so that it comes out hot and fill with both lust and emotion that get you as tangled in them as they are in each other.
And no matter how many ways I do that I’m never going to really know if this is happening of not because, well, no one’s read it yet at least no one that will tell me honestly what things about the book they really liked and I’m not one to ask. Sexual turn on’s are between you and your sexual partners, and should only be shared if you feel comfortable in doing so.

Oh, and I don’t think I’m going to be able to make Jo harder that what he was, really, he’s voice, every time I put fingers to keyboard, everything that is him is saying something much more emotional driven than I originally wanted him to be. And no matter what I do that sappiness comes out. So....I hope he’s alright, and maybe he’s the one that’s meant to be there for her. Rather than the one I hoped would be.
Maybe my picture of him is to set in the very first start of him, where he was much more hard assed tattooed biker, where as this one he’s a quite warrior. We’ll see, I suppose.


Fri: I didn’t do any writing today, not really. This is mostly because of all the other crap that I had to do in my real life. It sucks and I think if this was something I made money for I would be working a lot harder to get things done, as it is, it isn’t and there are more important things to be done.
Still, I did come up with another book. Book 8, actually, it’s going to be called, Third Wheel Heaven, and it’s one that’s been messing up my head for awhile now, wanting to come and be heard if only for me to help it make sense in a book set.
It’s actually the first book that I have got a Summary for without anything else. Mostly because of the way I have worked this book out and it was all done with a mindset that of the blog.
That, and also, I decided to change the set up for ‘first 3 chapts’ outlay on my blog. Now it will have similar workings as my reviews, with the important information easily seen and read, where its sitting with my writing, a summary—if I can create one of the book, which I don’t see will be all that hard, just....
Well, it might end up being wrong. I suppose.
And then it will have the three chapters. Walla, that’s it really, but it’s neater and it’s more...I don’t know, the way I do reviews, and being that it’s a book, the setting is nice. I think.

Anyway, for kicks and giggles, I’ll up the summary here for you now (just know this is a book that hasn’t even has a thing written for it, and wont until I get up to that number.
Also, none of the characters have names or anything more than the vague outline of their characters, more personality than looks)

Synopsis (sorta, my words)
Arranged marriages can be awkward when the two parties are meeting each other for the first time and expected to marry. This is made more so when (Female) meets (husband) for the first time and discovers that he’s already happy with his soul mate (m2).
It’s unfortunately and sad but (f) and (m1-h) are going to have to go through with the wedding anyway for fear that 18 years of peace will be broken with the death of their loved ones and countries.
But can (f) be accepted into the inner hearts of the two males she’s agreed to spend the rest of her life with?

When (m1-h) is taken away by some unknown person the two of them are left with nowhere to turn but each other to find and rescue there lover before the wedding is set to be held? Will they find out where he’s been taken to? And why don’t they want the marriage to proceed?

What you think? Would you read a book that had that written on the back of it??

I also found that on my iPod (which is what I wrote out the shit for above) that I had something else written there too, but I can’t remember where it goes or why I wrote it.
You wanna see? Okay

“What r u lokin at?”
There isn’t a lot in life that really makes u give up hope. Not even for the worst pessimist in the world. Even though who gives up and kills themselves still hold hope to love for, they just couldn’t see it behind the stains on the window.
Hope isn’t something u can ever really lose. It isn’t something good or bad and yet it can bring out the strongest of emotions in us.

Yep, that was it, and I can’t figure out where the hell it came from.
Oh, well, mustn’t have been all that important, right? Or I’d remember. Just gibber jabber that I wrote when sitting on the shitter or something.
Weekly Cap: there isn’t anything, though I’m going to talk about what pictures in my head for the books that I write next week. Because it’s something that I just figured out. That ever book has.... yeah, you can learn more than.
Oh, and I’ll probably do some writing this avo/night, but this is the only opportunity to post, so...

Ending Paragraph: “Yeah,” what did she want again? He cleared his throat, “right, yeah... sweet dreams Addy.”
Body Of Darkness, book 1, page 16

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