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REVIEW, Slave Boy

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Slave Boy
Series: --
Pub:  2008, Looseld
Author: Evangeline Anderson
Cat: erotic romance
Format: paperback (mid); 252pp w/ 14 chapters
Whose: Haven & Wren
Age Range: adult                                             

Haven is a Master of the Order of the Light—a revered sect of mediators and healers that roam the galaxy righting wrongs. Ten years ago he bought a ragged slave boy from Rigel Six and brought him to live at the Temple of Light on Radiant. As Wren’s master and mentor, Haven knows the young man is off limits, so he keeps his forbidden feelings for his novice under wraps, vowing never to act on them.

Wren has been in love with his master from the moment he laid eyes on him. Haven rescued him from a life of sexual slavery and his gratitude is exceeded only by his desire for the tall, broad shouldered man he calls Master.

When the pair are sent a mediate a conflict aboard the huge Tiberion war ship, Haven discovers that he must have a pleasure slave to fulfil the local customs. Wren offers to play the part but will his role as Haven’s slave boy bring back too much of his painful past? And how can Haven keep his vows of chastity when he is forced to use Wren in the most forbidden way? In a matter of life or death, both men must act on their hidden desires and hope not to lose each other forever.

Okay, so I have two first for this book, before we get anywhere near the content—okay, a little ‘bout content, but it was thought on before I bought it.

First, I really love this cover. I don’t particularly know why, I think it’s because even before you get into the meat of things you know that it’s apt. The book is going to have this type of soft submissiveness, you know that, really, it’s name!, but the cover, it’s just so....
Beautiful....? that’s probably it, right? I don’t know, really, but I love it.

Second is that it’s about space, and if you don’t know, I’ll refresh you. Space, aliens, any other that craps has no love in my heart. I would normal turn the other way when I found out that it was in that type of place, I just...yeah, I don’t care for it, but more on that later (not in this post). It’s actually saying something that I went and spent money on this book, even though I normal wouldn’t, just because of the blurb.
And I wasn’t disappointed.

Most of the time I always have to fight with the si-fi part of the story, that whole need to explain something more than I could care for. Really, I’m not into the whole understanding shit, just tell me what you want them to look like and get over it.
Which is exactly what Anderson dose.

I really liked the tale, the back story and the way it works itself up and down and around. The way they admit and the horror of loss.
It’s again, the emotional rollercoaster they both, but more so Haven does threw that really hooked me into the story, I think mostly because I’m not into my characters. and I mean this, male, female, cat, dog, whatever, I just don’t do with that overly needy character in people, but I think it worked so well in this spot, with these two men and with what they had both lived through, before ever stepping on this shop that let’s themselves express what they really felt for one another, even though one hadn’t really stopped.

This is one of those beautiful stories that show how much lover really hurts. 

(goodreads) "Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, branding, dubious consent, exhibitionism, male/male sexual practices, strong violence, voyeurism."

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