Friday 6 April 2012

REVIEW, Her Vampire Husband

An arranged marriage between a werewolf and a vampire
There will be blood!

    Prod dets
Her Vampire Husband
Series: Wicked Games, book 3
Pub:  2010, Harlequin
Author: Michele Hauf
Cat: paranormal romance
Format: paperback (Lar); 346pp w/ 24 chapters
Whose: Blu & Creed
Age Range: Adult                                             

Werewolf princess Blu Masterson won’t allow her seductive vampire husband to consummate their marriage with his bite, marking her forever. alone in a secluded estate with her sworn enemy, Blu curses the marriage arranged to bring their rival nations together, especially since Creed Saint-Pierre calls out to her most feral desires.

When Blu uncovers her pack’s secret plot to destroy the vampire nation—and Creed—sheis forced to confront her growing feelings for her sexy undead husband. Will she choose the only life she’s ever known or accept his vampire bite?

The whole time I was reading this book I kept on getting caught up in things about Blu that I didn’t—no, that’s not the right word, or maybe it is, and the awful truth that comes with it isn’t something that I’m proud of. though I do love the fact.
But I’m getting ahead of myself, mostly because I remember the end of the book and the realisation about certain things from the end then I do from the beginning.

It’s a little slow to start, in my opinion, and I’m not talking the way of the plot or the twists that come, but it’s set in that typical romance where there is nothing but conflict and lust, that middles out with sex, sex, sex and oh, maybe throw in a little more sex (I’m not knocking it, really, it’s why I read them, sometimes) and ends with something sweet and heartbreaking.
Though I didn’t actually feel anything in my heart at the end of the tail, mostly because unlike most romances, they admitted and accepted the love just before—or was it with that first fuck. Which was refreshing and left only the outer characters and the main plot (other than the love) to spill forth.

It had an excepted ending with what it lead up to, and yet it wasn’t unpleasant, more I just didn’t care. Now this could have come from the fact that I stayed up to late to read the book and it just wasn’t gripping enough to have me running on the reading adrenalin, just the fact that I wanted to finish the book.
Whatever it was I find that this isn’t the first book by Hauf that leaves me this way. she’s brilliant at getting your heart racing and your pants sopping threw out the love scenes, the ramped, seductive, skin tingling sex scenes, but everything else....I find compared to the high emotions in that one aspect it lakes it in the other.

Now don’t get me wrong, I didn’t mind it, mostly because of the fact that I liked both characters (one I saw a little too much like a mirror, in the smaller but loud ways), the set of the tale made scenes, the coming of marriage, the plotting and the evil.
Really, even the way it was dealt with worked, a little—like yeah, I get that’s it was easy because of prier events, but that easy...really
(ah, sorry, spoiler shit, so I’m not going to explain, read again after to take a look at the book!)

The thing I find is that I’m a iffy person when it comes to Hauf writing. I love it, and she can write a scene well, it’s easily put into your mind with enough set that you don’t have to think too much as well as letting you add what you need to finish it off. But....I don’t know, I’m just not a fan and that might be a reason that I can’t ever LOVE one of her stories. I don’t know what it is about her writing, maybe it’s just the plots and sets of her stories that I don’t like as much as things with others. Maybe she just thinks a little too different—or too much—like me that it just doesn’t sit well,
But I enjoyed the tale. I don’t even think the staying up late was unworthy, really, if I did I just wouldn’t have done it.

I will say this; I always have to finish a story of hers once I start it. I can’t say that for some other authors work, and these are from people I have loved before. Hauf just gently pushes you into needing to finish something, though your never quite sure why. Nor as you sure why you keep on buying book after book.
(Well, I can’t. you probably purposely read them, how would I know)

Well, it’s late and I’m sorry if none of this makes a lick of scene, but that’s me, I generally don’t think, just do, especially under the intoxication of lake of sleep (and alcohol, but that’s different)

In conclusion if you like a good read and have enjoyed the written work of Michele Hauf than you should defiantly pick up this book and check it out. The world and characters are worth ever effort for reading.

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