Sunday 1 April 2012

REVIEW, Shadow of the Vampire

Mortal enemies forced to sacrifice their own for a passion that cannot be denied...

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Shadow of the Vampire
Series: --
Pub: 2010, MIRA
Author:  Meagan Hatfield
Cat: paranormal romance
Format: paperback (lar); 331 pp w/ 24 chapters
Whose: Declan & Alexia
Age Range: adult

Ancient revenge and deadly desire explode in this epic vampire tale....

Vampire princess Alexia Feodorovna has been undead for 125 years, so it’s been a while since any man has made her pulse race. Until Declan Black. One look at his bronzed body and a fire like on other consumes her.
Then she discovers that he’s a dragon lord, come to take revenge on the vampires who killed his parents. And claim a crystal said to imbue its owner with incredible powers.
Alexia is ordered to torture and kill the dragon lord. Yet with each reckless encounter, she finds herself consumed by his fiery passion. A passion Delcan battles as well.
Will he be able to resist the fire of lust she kindles within him and keep revenge in his heart? Or will he risk everything to quench the burning desire and claim the vampire as his own?

First read: A colony of vampires and Dragon’s though obviously different. And they hate each other, wishing the other into existence, war to get that way.
So when Declan, the king of the dragon’s, is captured by the vampires he put threw a number of tortures, but nothing comes close to the one that mean he has to leave the woman he has fallen in love with behind. since she is the next queen on the vampires, it’s safe to say that his colony wouldn’t like her, but he’s in love and when she goes back to confront a man that has tormented her life for the last 125 years, Delcan can’t think of anything but saving her. But is he already too late?

It is your very typical Romeo and Juliet story line, like it’s so much it that... yeah, it’s that. But that’s not saying that’s it’s a bad book for it, actually makes it a little more interesting, I think.
There are a few mistakes in the book, something more to do with the face that she’s forgotten where her characters were positioned before she got them to the next and so being that they were already on their knees, it’s hard for them to drop onto them, isn’t it? But that’s what I got.

Second read: it’s actually been quite a while between reading this the last time and this time, so there were things that I forgot about. the main plot, the sub plots and the way that her writing gets into your skin (at least while your reading it) but still, the basicness of the storyline and the fact that what annoyed me the first time annoyed me again this time.

I really did like this book though, it also made me what to know what happens next, but with memory when I was trying to find out about the next book, well, it wasn’t the one this book set up—things might have changed now, but I couldn’t be bothered looking into it at the moment, maybe when I get an electronic reading device?
This story has all the whole marks of a great series, the characters, though duller than most, they worked well in the story and with the past they both shared. The outer-characters and the semi plot made for a great book to come. If only this book didn’t have such a lame and boring story then maybe it would have gone better and we would have had the next one before we all forgot the books existed.

All in all, I do remember while it was in my mind I really enjoyed the book even with the things that annoyed me. I read it a handful of times, before something better came along and this just became a dust collector until last night when I felt like reading something but didn’t really have the time read anything new.

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