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REVIEW, Three's Company

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Three’s Company
Series: Anthology
Pub:  2009, Samhain publishing LTD
Author: Lorelei James / Jess Dee / Jayne Rylon
Genre: contemporary romance
Format: paperback (lar); 306pp
Age Range: Adult

Gabriel fulfils every one of Madeline’s sexual fantasies. Until he introduces her to his best friend, Conner. Suddenly Maddie’s horizons are expanding in a whole new direction that breaks all the rules.

Alexa limits her adrenaline rushed to boardroom negotiations—until she indulges in a high-octane encounter on the hood of her sports car. Justin is supposed to be just a refreshing summer affair, but he’s called for the kind of backup that shifts the odds in love’s favour.

WICKED GARDEN by Lorelei James
Billy ran out on Eden the night of prom. Now he’s back and she’s hoping a fling will finally untangle him from her past. She hadn’t counted on his wicked side—or the return of old lover Jon—to appeal so strongly to her dark, hidden desires.

Warning: this book contains m-f-m passion, anal play, smoking hot brothers for double the trouble and double the fun, creative use of a weight bench and bonding over bondage.

I’ll like to start this with something that I love about the book, and one thing that I don’t see enough. The actually summaries of each book are contain in the very front pages. I like that, like that I could see what the real stories where about rather than the paragraph they feel is adequate enough to tell us what’s about to happen.
Anyway, it’s not really that important, but it’s something I really liked in picking up the book (though, I had bought it before knowing this factor—a factor that probably happens a lot, just nothing that I’ve read before.

Like the only other book by James, I really liked the fast passed and emotional struggle that went on with the two main characters of this story. I liked that it was for her, even though Billy couldn’t really stand the thought that got the threesome happening and the die-outs from the act.
It was hot, and not only with the three of them, but the heat between the two main characters as they try out what they should have felt ten years ago, back when she was a miner and asking the 22year-old to take her virginity.
You get to learn about the whys of him leaving, and the fact that they had been madly in love with each other through the story.
It’s nice, hot, taking you in a spitting you like with a satisfaction and craving for something more.

                             A QUESTION OF TRUST
Okay.....where do we start with this tale?
It was bad, I’m sorry, but the beginning starts off with a flirt that turns into a threesome and ends with love.
It was a horrid starting to the story, not saying it right, but I could not get the start of this book, I couldn’t get the main character, Maddie with her thoughts of her being something very different than what she is.
Then the main plot started to get interesting, mainly because they put us in the head of Connor, and his feelings for her, his mind was so much better than hers.
But as they did this, and the sex between the three of them got going, well, it became unrealistic and made you have to think, or at least, I was rolling my eyes and shaking my head the majority of the time, and I wish I could just say that it was a lube problem, not it was a physically, he just couldn’t see that, problem.

I liked the fact that she was a plump woman and that to Conner only plump woman would do, and I’m saying this in a way that when him and Gabe were talking about past ladies they he spoke of Connor trying to over feed one so that she would become bigger for him.
I liked that, I liked that she had a sex drive that’s never really been touched until Gabe because of the fact that she was plump (though she only ever calls herself that once, barely and yet threw the whole book, it’s defiantly something she hung up over. see my problems).

It became sweet and to a point of too much sugar when Maddie and Conner got together, a lot about home, and that was cool, to be honest it was where the story really picked up, with that fallen in love crap.
But I’m still all hung up over the fact that she just wouldn’t have been able to see as much as she was writing about, because of the meat on her.
There was also something about ‘eyes dilating, the black pin pricks in the colour’. Which I always thought dilatation meant the black got bigger and that fact was when someone was aroused (which was this parts point), there is no colour, or not as much, but I could be wrong and would have to look it up before I could defiantly complain about this fact too.

Though, good thing, for me at least, it was in Sydney, which was nice, I like reading stories from Australia, makes a nice change sometimes.

This would have been a lot better, in my eyes, if I didn’t get all caught up on the first bit of fuck-up that is matter of option than anything else.
Yes, let’s start with that.
If you truly loved your car, and I mean, to a point that heated passion is getting you naked and fucking a stranger on the side of the road, and your God-Sent of a car was the bed it was happening on, so, you make him take off your pants so they don’t scratch the paint, would you real feel comfortable having all that body weigh denting up your bonnet?!?!?
Hell no!!! There’s a tree there, it was clearly pointed out being there, why couldn’t they fuck up against that?!
Yeah, it’s a car thing, and I’m saying this as a person who could never truly give a fuck about a car.
It just doesn’t make sense, at all.

So, this is the second write out of this review, mostly because I started rambling about, well, shit that was way to personal and inappropriate and mostly surrounded my thoughts on the whole ‘Twins’ thing and the fantasy surrounding it.
In small words (which I’m not known for), I just don’t get the attraction, and I can’t make a reality out of brothers (or sisters) fucking the same person, just can’t see it.
But that’s my thing, it could happen all the time, who am I to judge (not that I am, really, it’s just...not something I can rationalise).
{And this is the short hand version}

The story itself was good, all about a company holding something everyone wants, that’s going t make billions and someone else wanting it. There’s violent, blood and a ending with one laying in a hospital bed.
I didn’t particularly like the fact that they were declaring love without sight of her—but hey, I’m not a love at first sight person, never really had been, never seen the proof. And though I can believe it, I just.....
Never seen the proof.

You fly threw it, which is a bonus, nothing seemingly drawn out, and better yet, nothing is repeated.
Fucking is different and new (to what we saw) each time it’s played out.

This one and the first was nearly worth having to read through the middle story, hell, it was horrid, and if you really want to think of how bad it was, all the above had a night and full day to digest, and those where the things that suck out. Imagine what I missed just because they weren’t in-your-face-bad.
I’m sorry, I did like the idea of the story, and just....it was the sex, mostly, maybe. Hell, I don’t mean to be mean, or rude, or insulting, it was just bad, and I can’t get over this fact.
Oh, and since I’ve bitched more than enough, I’d like to add...
What the hell with the cover...? It looks to me like both men are extremely dirty and could use a good shower. Just saying, isn’t the attraction of two men, well, the men?

Lorelei James: Rough Riders series (7), Wild West Boys series (2),
Jess Dee: Ask Adam, Photo Opportunity, Circle of Friends series (2)

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