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REVIEW, Blacque/Bleu

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Series: Arcada, book 3
Pub:  2011, Looseld
Author: Belinda McBride
Genre: erotic romance
Format: paperback (mid); 250pp w/ 21 chapters
Whose: Lukas & Oliver
Age Range: Adult

Lukas Blacque is a deeply closeted werewolf, and almost more than anything in life, he desires his neighbour, Oliver Bleu. Oliver is a vampire who is slowly dying from insomnia. More than anything, he needs Lukas Blacque and the rich blood that flows through his veins.
On the day that Blacque makes an important commitment to his family and pack, he also succumbs to temptation and agrees to a passionate weekend with the alluring vampire. At sunset on Friday, it’s all about urgent lust and the drive to lose his virginity. When the sun rises on Monday, lust has shifted to love and devotion. He’s not sure he can walk away, even for the commitment he’s made. He’s even less sure Blue will let him go.
In Blacque’s world, vampires and werewolves make uneasy bedfellows, and a gay werewolf is an impossibility. In Blue’s world, all living creatures are little more than vessels for food and sex. But in the mysterious and magical town of Arcada, the unexpected is always waiting right around the corner. Now Blacque and Blue just need to survive long enough for Arcada’s magic to work for them.

Okay, so it’s about 2 men who lusted for each other but haven’t done anything about it until now. Unfortunately it’s too late and yet probably perfectly timed.
Now it’s about a vampire with who is dying from the memories of his past and a werewolf who can’t be what he’s born to be—gay.

What I loved about this book was that he always knew that he was gay, that wasn’t the issue. It isn’t about him coming out to himself but more him—Blacque—admitting love for the vampire and knowledge that had always been held back that a lightness him to share with the world what’s been inside him all along.
I got that it was about loneliness and the ways we hide then whole shouting it out to the world.

It was a sweet story that spent more time having them apart though you see it killing both men and that what makes them coming together, their stories are full of pain and loneliness that it pulls you and makes you understand and fall in love with both men. With no moment of wanting to scream ate them for being stupid. You couldn’t help but understand both men and where they are coming from to a point that you’re almost as relieved as they are when they finally come together, though more so for the wolf because it’s him that understands something no one ever bothered to tell him until then. That part was a little odd both there though changing and turning and realising though clearly in different directions even when it didn’t matter because of Bleu he could acknowledge but he couldn’t leave. For Blacque? It was possibilities he never thought possible.

I loved it, though it’s not a fav, it was quick simple read that took you in and spat you out before you even realised it was finished, though I could have put it down.  it wasn’t gripping but rather light. A joy to read where I thought should have had deeper pull on your heart and mind, and yet, the tone and flow of the book seemed spot on for both characters. But the parts that should have pulled at the eye ducks didn’t and that was a shame.

There was a great moment when Blue got Blacque naked. Metal and pain.
And lightness in his submission where it could have got hard and dirty—which I’m glad for, BDSM isn’t something I really enjoy (at least not the hard stuff, I can seal slightly with most, it’s when rape, or fear gets mixed into the play—can’t do that) and this was light and just about not having to think than anything else, when she could have made it hard core because of his personalities and his liking of pain. And because of that McBride has became an author I’d read no matter what. She made both characters on a Sub and the other a Dom and yet the love between them made the story and there play something to like, rather than Alpha and... Well dominance.

Quick side note: I’m really sorry if this doesn’t make sense, I wrote it when I was sick, and couldn’t think of anything better to say about it!

Snowfire: Chrysalis, Mad at the Moon, [tb]

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