Wednesday 27 June 2012

REVIEW, Kiss of the Night

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Kiss of the Night
Series: Dark-Hunter series, book 4
Pub: 2004, Piatkus (imprint of Little, brown Book Group)
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon   
Cat: paranormal romance
Format: paperback (small); 361 pp w/ 20 chapters
Whose: Wulf & Cassandra
Age Range: adult

Dark-Hunter Wulf is an ancient Viking warrior with a useful but extremely aggravating power – amnesia. No one who meets him in person can remember him five minutes later. It makes it easy to have one-night stands, but hard to have a meaningful relationship, and without true love he can never regain his soul. Then he meets Cassandra, the one woman who can remember him. However, as the princess of the cursed race Wulf is sworn to hunt, she is forbidden to him...

This is another one in the series that breaks your heart.
Honestly the story, from both points of view, what both characters struggle threw rips your heart out of your chest and holds it there, waiting.....

Wulf never meant to be a Dark-Hunter, saying this, I mean, he didn’t become one from betrayal and shouting to the heavens wanting vengeance on his dying breath, no he was tricked into the life, and as a curse on him no one remembers who he is or that he was even there, minutes after meeting him.
Which is really sad, if you think about the fact that he’s a Viking and only his blood lined family can ever remember him.
Cassandra is a sassy lass who is the last of her pure blood line and because of this, and the curse that started everything, she needs to have a baby before she turns 26 so that everything will stay the same and her line father doesn’t die (big deal and all).

That’s the whys to them meeting and the reason why the fucked up both parties but more so Wulf, since he’d be the one to live through it all. Damn curse.

I loved this story. Loved how they played and came together. how they helped the other with people, or just being there for them when the other needed a hand.
I loved how they fell in love, it was one of the most believable story of love that I have read, even still, and I think that was the babies fault and a need to be a parent is something that gets you working hard and seeing great things that get the ball rolling much more quickly and smoothly than anything else.

It just broke my heart, and as the pages move on my heart shattered a little more and more until there was nothing left but a gaping hole. And I was happy for that misery it made the happiness something...more.

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