Wednesday 27 June 2012

REVIEW, With Abandon

Love was never part of his plan....until it pounced.

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With Abandon
Series: With or Without, book 4
Pub:  2011, Samhain Publishing
Author: J. L. Langley
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Format: paperback (mid); 261pp w/ 20 chapters
Whose: Aubrey & Matt
Age Range: adult

As heir to an old and proud heritage, Aurbrey Reynolds works and lives for his family, his employees and his pack. Agreeing to watch after a visiting werewolf is no big deal—until he discovers the newcomer is his mate. His very male mate...which is a very big deal, indeed. Revealing his sexuality was never part of Aubrey’s well-ordered life plan.

Much as he loved caring for his eight younger brothers, Matt Mahihkan knows it’s time to grab the opportunity to attend college in Atlanta. Realizing Aubery is his mate should have been a delightful experience...except Aubery treats him more like a dirty little secret than a lover. Yet Matt is a patient man. Aubery can’t stay in the closet forever. Can he?

In time, they settle into a comfortable, if complicated, routine. Until a rouge werewolf with an axe to grind forces Aubery to add to the wedge of secrets driving him and Matt apart, leaving Matt exposed to danger...and Aubrey forced to choose between love and duty.

Warning: contains color abuse with really bad sense of fashion, a southern accent from hell, sex on antique furniture, a pouncing playful werewolf, obnoxious siblings, liberal use of a color identifier and impatient sex. no lightning bugs were harmed in the making of this book.

It’s sucks to say this, but it’s the only things that’s running through my mind at the moment, book 2 was better, and for some reason I can’t wait for Bambi’s story though it’s a little bit obvious in what’s going to happen, I just want to watch it play out.

This book was...nothing....there is absolutely nothing to talk about it. The story line ran more on what then getting together there wasn’t really that big an efficient on the ‘hidden’ part for the relationship until Aubery opens his mouth. It’s all about playfulness and sex. Even the time line was a little fucked, since I’m not really sure how much time was meant to have past in threw this book, a week, a month? What?
But that doesn’t really matter.

I liked the story; it seemed to be about fun and laughter, with secrets that hurt when they came out. It was also about another wolf and his mate, though I think.... well, let’s leave that or I’ll ruin the whole thing for you.
The twist was okay, though I saw it coming, especially after the beans were spilled, and even with that it was a little flat most because she didn’t take us threw more time between the two characters in that point. I think if there was more time between the two it would have come across as what it should have been, as it lay, well...I didn’t really get it. What was the point?

It was written well, but it felt more like a book written because she didn’t really know what was to come and I’m hoping that the next book, while bring it back into the pack of book 2 will be much more...because of the hints that were laid at our feet in this one.
All in all, I’m not disappointed that I read it, nor do I wish to have spent my time doing anything else, the book was fun, light and had my noise dug deep between the pages until the very end, but looking back, thinking about the what’s and why’s, a review in form, there wasn’t anything in this book, but two men falling in love. And unfortunately that wasn’t done in the finest form as the first two in this series; she seemed to hold too much to the ‘mate’ thing and less of them as people.

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