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REVIEW, Night Pleasures

Prepare to enter a world full of richly imagined mythology—a world where dark and dangerous heroes fight to protect us. Prepare to enter an endless battle. Prepare to lose yourself...
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Night Pleasure
Series: Dark-Hunter series, book 1
Pub: 2002, Piatkus (imprint of Little, brown Book Group)
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
Cat: paranormal romance
Format: paperback (small); 338 pp w/ 20 chapters
Whose: Kyrian & Amanda
Age Range: adult

Amanda Devereaux has a unique family. Her mother and older siblings are witches and psychics, and her twin sister is a vampire hunter. All Amanda wants is a quiet, normal life, but when she finds herself the target of an attack meant for her twin, she wakes to find herself handcuffed to a sexy, blond stranger. And while Amanda’s first thought is that this might be another of her sister’s attempts at extreme matchmaking, it soon becomes clear that Kyrian of Trace is not boyfriend material.
For Kyrian is a Dark-Hunter: an immortal warrior who has traded his soul for one moment of vengeance upon his enemies. He spends his eternal days hunting the vampires and deimons that prey upon mankind, and he is currently on the hunt for a very old and deadly diamond named Desiderius who has deemed it sport to handcuff Kyrian to a human while he hunts him. Now Kyrian and Amanda must find a way to break their bond before they give into their dangerous attraction to one another. Or Desiderius kills them both...

First read: So Kyrian is a man with some issues, though mostly coming from how he died than anything else, ‘cause man it was a little messy (emotionally, more than grotty).

This book starts out with them lock together by God chains, because the bad guy thinks Amanda to be her twin sister Tabitha. Then they are let out, they run, hide (from the sun) and get free all to have Kyrian have to make sure Amanda stays safe (this is the typical story of the series, so if I didn’t get the full right I’m sure down the line it will come). He just can’t help himself.

Now the most of this book is about Amanda realising that she doesn’t want to settle for safe and normal (surprise), where Kyrian has so many more problem and so the book swings more towards him and working them out.

The best part of this is the fact that we really get into the sarcastic twist to her characters and the bitchy male roles—really most of all the male in these books have a very bitchy attitude to the world (though being that they were man, it’s probably them being a bastard, right?)
It’s about forgetting your past for something much more enjoyable—life, love!

This time: I just love this book. Really, it’s great; a book that goes from standard and into what the series is all about—Dark-Hunters.
You get to meet some of the characters that become big threw the series, as well as Julian, because him and Kyrian have a history. It also has a bit into the them, into that relationship and a reconnecting.
Along with batty siblings and a power inside that she’s always tried to hide; this book is great, though I’m on two hands about Amanda. Really, she’s not my most favourite of female rolls.
Really, she’s a little to one sided for my liking, but that’s totally a character thing and I wouldn’t particularly like her as a person where I only have to hear the hypocritical things that come out of their mouths rather than hearing where they came from.
Though Amanda isn’t that bad, really she isn’t, just swings towards that way and it’s annoying because as a female she annoys me.
But enough about this, and I do believe that a lot of my thoughts on this one actually come from a book that’s coming up in the series rather than the one I have in my hands. Only you can’t get rid of what you already know, and so you always see more.
I love the series, it’s great, inventive, and fresh at every turn and deep, none of the characters had peaceful lives. They were brought into the world of a Dark-Hunter by an act of betrayal. A deep one, a brotherly one that makes them scream out for a vengeance so strong it rings in the ears of the gods.
It’s that, the pain and suffering that brought them into this world that makes these books, this series, so great. The fact that every book is about them coming to terms and finally moving on from there past to live.
That’s what makes this series so good, that pain, that past. And this is only the tip iceberg of what’s to come.
It’s a series so worth it’s the money and time to read. It’s great!

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