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REVIEW, the Promised, part 1

Once Bitten
Twice as hungry

    Prod dets
The Promised
Series: Wings in the Night, book 4 & 5
Pub: 2010, Harlequin Books
Author: Maggie Shayne
Cat: paranormal romance
Format: paperback ominous (lar); 670 pp w/ 43 chapters
Whose: Jameson & Angelica / Dante & Morgan
Age Range: adult                                             

Born in twilight
He found her in an abandoned building, half-starved, her face chalk white yet strikingly beautiful. Those violet eyes drew him closer, even though Jameson Bryant knew what she was. Even though she warned him away. But it was too late. With one parting of her lips, the hunger creature of the night took him...
Nine months later, their tiny dark angel was twilight. 

Twilight Hunger (part two)

First read; Jameson and Angelica set into the night as they try and find their daughter that was conceived and born thanks to the DPA. But someone has stolen her from under the DPA noses before Jameson can come and collect her.

There’s no love lost between the two parents but there’s defiantly a connection which gets tested and tested for the fact that Angelica is a nun and not only is the fact that she’s a vampire something sinful but also the fact that she feels the way she does for Jameson. As the search goes on and on the two get closer and closer, though neither is willing to admit it.

When finally the little family are together and the two have just come to full terms with their feelings, Angelica and Amber Lily are taken by the DPA and with a joining of the vampire forces they descend into hell to get back what’s been taken....

This is one of those stories that you will either love or the characters will get one you nerves. I had a half/half thought on it. I really enjoyed the story and Angelica was a beautiful character one that was both strong, compassionate and willing to put up with Jameson who could be a little over bearing. But it was the fire between them, the one that was so see-able you got burned by it, and even more so, the seeing of them falling in love with each other, working out things about the other was what made this story into something different from anything else I’ve read in awhile.

This read; there isn’t really much more to say. It’s another great look into the world. The biggest thing with me, that I remember, was that I read the book about Amber first, and so this one was a great look at where she had come from and what she was really talking about when things came up about her mother.
I loved it though, this read, I think more than the first one, maybe because the series isn’t so fresh.
I loved how Jameson and Angelica come together and the conflicts that arise between them because he is stubborn and she’s been raised to be a nun.
The lust and then love that flows around them is so centred on the child that it seems that’s all there is between them, until they realise it’s not, they are meant to be together and if it wasn’t for the hell they are going threw they may never have been.

It’s a great book full of emotional terminal in lots of different areas and most of all shows the great writing Shayne has—I have no real reason why, but I still think she’s one of best at writing a sex scene that almost makes you a part of it rather than a witness.
It’s a great book with all the characters back and very much a part of the story line even when they aren’t. It’s another things she’s great at writing.
Anyway, I loved it. 

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