Saturday 7 July 2012

Memoirs of this Delusional Writer 2.9

Starting paragraph
The corridor was odd. Both for the fact that it resembled a rundown hospital with its bright lights that didn’t seem to light up anything, and it’s walls that were so run down they gave the feel of stone, which was probably what they were since they were in the Underworld and this prison, what’s it’s name? Shit, Ad was sure one of the whispered it to her a moment before entering the hall.
Body of Darkness, book 1, page 36

Words to begin with: yep, I’m here to talk when maybe I shouldn’t want to be....
It’s Sun the 24th and so it’s the time of day I normally do a huge chunk of writing, at least fortnightly, but the in-laws are in England and so we won’t be seeing them for the next six weeks, leaving that time I normally get with the computer given to the defacto for his Battle Ship time.
It’s not really that much of a problem, not even something that I truly care that much about, mostly because I’m in a bit of a panic, not about writing but home shit and that’s annoying. Also the difference is now I have my iPad and so...most of my internet stuff, the surfing, the checking, is done on this, which I’m real happy about.
Still, the panic is there, I’m at a point where everything is set and I have thoughts in my head but this brake I took, well....why did I need this? What was the point? Can I be a writer, a good author if I can’t even write one book that I have been working on for years? But then maybe that’s my problem, to long, maybe I just should move on to something else. But I’m giving myself another week and if nothing come out of it. If I can’t get the basic of my story finished, the lines, the needs, the plots and if I can’t finish that this week....I’m done. Like my first book, there isn’t a point in writing something I can’t, and I may as well move to something I can. Though the next book turns YA again and what I have written I love, and yet I have decided that it needs to change a little, needs to have a genre to stand under and at the moment it isn’t or it is but, not anything interesting enough, so I’ll try putting it somewhere else and see who that turns out.
But that’s next and it may or may not be starting next week, let’s just talk this me as it is rather than think too far ahead.

Wed: 2,777 words Body of Darkness
            ~ I made it to 40 pages, yeah! Only....60 or so to go! ~
Thur: 607 words Body of Darkness

Week two, Sun: yeah not much happened last week, so instead of giving you a little bit I’m adding another week, this will happen on and off depending on how everything goes threw the week.
Re-wrote the start of The Wrath of Underworld: Wondering the Beginning, I’m really liking this new start, it’s more a long time lines that the book and series needs to go through, as well as my take on what a pirate ship would be like. It’s even less likely going to be for tweens but teens should like it.
I’ve just gotten over this need of mine to make it something safe to read. Reading isn’t safe, life isn’t safe, and the way things are, is the way they are. And this book needs to be written with blood, guts, sex and lies, though hopefully it’s not going to be too graphic and that teens can’t read it. Really I’m not sure if there’s a place for it outside of teenagers.
So I wrote: 1,979 words
I know it’s bad and I’m not meant to write anything but one story but I woke up this morning with this idea, and even though I haven’t been able to get it how I wanted it from my mind (because I left it too long) to paper I’m pleased with this outcome, mostly because I’m able to what I originally had—though some things have changed in thought—on after it. Which means I haven’t lost all that I’ve written before I went it. I also haven’t lost how he’s getting from this ship to the next. Which has to happen for everything to really work.

Mon: 723 words in Talking Solitude, TragicTeen b4
Tue: a crappy 112 words in Body of Darkness

Wed: I’ve been really caught up in free books on my iPad, really, they might not have any of the books that I would spend money on but they defiantly have enough to get me wanting nothing more than to read what the good people are giving for free.
Though I’m trying real hard to write, but at the end of it all, all I want to do is read!

Hey, have I told you that back in 2009 or ’10 that I wrote two short stories. Erotica they are, porn even, but maybe not, they are all about sex, but then they are both couples,ish. I honestly don’t know. I wrote them cause they came into my head, and more so because I wanted to see if I could write sex scenes.
The thing is (and I’ll tell you, these came well before my reading changed into the area) there LGBT stories. Ones a lesbian couple and the other are two men having an affair.
I’m not really sure if I’ve ever told you this, but I was thinking about trying to write a new short story (I have a few that I’ve meant to have finished by now) that I want to put up because of the month brake that I had. I also thought it might help get me back into the swing of this, but it ended up not really needing the help because I sat and wrote a got part that was troubling me when my fingers hit the keys.
Still I feel lame. And I’m because it seems that I want to write my book, when I’m not stuck into the reading books, really I’m sorry ‘bout it, but a novelties was always going to catch my eye and ebooks are one of them that I haven’t had yet. I can’t wait till I can afford to get a nook or kindle (probably kindle with the research and what I like)
Anyway, who cares, but see the point, it’s all I can think about!

Still, I was wondering if you wanted me to post the stories, though they are gay erotica I think I did alright for the fact that I had never watched (sorta, okay, a little but sex has always fascinated me) or read any m/m or f/f sex before. So it was just what came from my head and what I thought it might be like.
Tell us if you would be interested??

Wrote a short story—Loved by a Werewolf— 2,606words (half way done, almost)

Thru: went and saw Brave, which was a really good movie (PG). Ultimately it’s was a Pixar version of a Walt Disney movie—a little sappy but no sing-along.
I’d talk more about it but with ads in Australia they have done well in not giving away the plot, at all, and because of that I’m not going to. It’s a great movie and I think you should see it. At the movies if you’re interested, it’s worth the money.
The moon cleaning clip at the star was awesome as always, not nearly as good as the cloud one that came with UP but still, very good, at least top 10—‘cause I’m just remembering the bird ones, and they were better. But still cute like we all expect!!!

Short story—Loved by a Werewolf— 2,985 words (nearly done)
            All that’s left is the sex and love!!!!!

Fir: got books! That means reading time for me! Though I’m hoping it will get my brain working so that I can finish the damn story. It’s not that I don’t know what’s going to happen, hell, there’s sex and then the romance section. Hell I know all that’s going to happen, well not complete because I free flow with sex, it’s better and more real then. At least I feel that way, don’t really know if it works. And then....yeah I know how it’s gonna end.
I just can’t...I don’t know, figure out how he’s going to react. I tried it and that way didn’t feel right, so....let’s hope I can get it set because I want you to have it by this Sunday. (No promises)
I started with Devlin & Garrick, because it’s the newest book that I craved, and that being that I found it and wanted it from when I was looking up the books to buy, rather than the others (Reverb, exception) for a long time but needed a Kindle/Nook, though got them on paperback.
Anyway, who cares, you don’t really. but I’m about a quarter threw, and it’s a little choppy though interesting enough, it’s just contemporary and long and my eyes were going a little cross eyes, so I showed and the rest of my story came to me....
Yeah, that’s how it happens. Tell me I’m the only one?

Trying to finish, Loved by a Werewolf, an erotic short story (m/m) I wrote 1,176 words but couldn’t finish it due to computer problems. How sucky is that?!

Loved by a Werewolf, by Bronwyn Heeley
A paranormal erotic short story

Read it on my blog, coming week 2 of July 2012
If it’s your thing I hope you enjoy it, and read it, and tell me what you think!!!

Weekly Re-cap:
Words count for the week
BD: 3,496 words
WU: 1,979 words
TS: 723
LW: 6,767
= 12,965 words this week

Ending Paragraph
The beast growled deep in his throat and it sounded like a tortured moan, which had Jex mimicking him as his body leant forward...
     The world turned white, and then black as he pasted out from the day that just past.
Loved by a Werewolf, erotic short story, page9

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