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REVIEW, Behind Iron Lace by Mercy Celeste

Hot and steamy in The Big Easy isn’t the life Darcy Butler wants. Until he meets a smooth talking bad boy. Secrets rule Caleb Mitchell’s life but his heart yearns for love. Will Darcy be his salvation or his undoing?

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Behind Iron Lace
Series: --
Pub:  2011 Silver Publishing
Author: Mercy Celeste
Genre: erotica
Format: ebook; 240p w/ 10 chapters
Whose: Caleb & Darcy
Age Range: adult

Darcy Butler is a fish out of water and is suffocating in the humid New Orleans heat. Dissatisfied with his career, his life, he is homesick and heartbroken. Above all Darcy is straight. Or so he believes until he meets the drop-dead gorgeous photographer he wants to revamp the art department of his e-magazine.

Caleb Mitchell, bad boy extraordinaire, lives life on the edge. He’s been around the world covering murder and mayhem. Back in New Orleans to tend his dying mother, Caleb is worn down by grief. He seeks the diversion of working at a local e-magazine to help keep him sain. He doesn’t expect the instant attraction to the bright-eyed editor/owner. That Darcy is probably straight doesn’t matter to Caleb. Because when Caleb wants something, nothing will stand in his way.

Not even Darcy.

Again, this is all about what’s said above. Really, people, what’s said above is actually what both of them say. Yeah, it’s actually spoken between them.

I really like this story. Really, it’s a READ IT PEOPLE story from my point of view.
The characters, a gay man not quite out and a man who doesn’t even know there’s a closet door closed in front of him. They start a quick but reasonable relationship, that happened slow then fast and the way people do in real life.

I really like that it’s pretty much all about them two. The people that are around them, more so Darcy. It’s about Darcy and the people around him, and yet, Caleb is the one that really steals the show. And because of this it actually makes for something real.
I don’t really want to go into the detail because I don’t want to ruin the story. But Caleb is messed up and more so has one seriously loaded bag that ends up with heartbreak. His life hasn’t been easy, only a few people ever truly loved him and when he loved men back they tended to die real quickly.
This is a point in the story; this is a climax and what really pulls at us. What really changes their lives.
With Darcy its all about him working himself out, growing a backbone and standing up to himself, and others. It’s about the people he works with, the woman he loved for so long and the long running shit that went with the book.
they both work around this, giving little bits of information, little bits of themselves to each other when they are catching their breath. And because of this, because of the slow and yet fast pace they fall in love....
Well, we’ve all been there; sometime that lust never truly makes it to love even when you think it was. Other times it’s for life.

It’s just one of those stories that you can help but fall in love with both characters. Sympathies with both.
Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a best seller, but I honestly can’t remember what went wrong now that I’m looking back.
Sweet. Loving, hot, fast sex—and yes people there is m/m sex, it’s not for someone starting out in this area. The sex is hot and detailed enough to have you squirm around a little. but it’s pulled back enough to be a lot about hearts and flowers, love than flat out sex, and the hard passion stuff is was more told it was that way afterwards not something you truly read (if that makes sense).
It’s defiantly a story that I’ll be reading again.

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