Sunday, 5 August 2012

iBooks To Be Read Listing

Let’s Start my Next Idea (Read by Wont Review)

It’s been in my head for a bit, not the idea but the fact that I can read so many books that have so little pages, or just...I don’t know, it’s like I want to tell you all about them, but I’m reading two or three of them a day. Most only have 150 pages max.
It’s time consuming as well as a fact that no one cares all that much. Though I’m saying this in a way that if you ever want my opinion on a book you know what I’ve read and you can just ask.
So here’s my list of books. The ones that I need to read and each Sunday I’ll post up a list of the books I’ve read from the list. The ones that I don’t put up as reviews. 

The Vampire Queen’s Servant & The Mark of a Vampire Queen by Joey W. Hill
(Vampire Queen, #1 & #2)

Gideon by Jacquelyn Frank
(Nightwalker, #2)

Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble by H.P. Mallory
(Jolie Wilkins, #1)
To Kill a Warlock
(Dulcie O’Neil, #1)

Tricked Truths by Beth Kery

Vampire for Christmas by Felicity Heaton

Attracting Anthony & Inflaming Inno by Amber Kell
(Moon Pack, #1 & #9)

Reapers by Marate Eros
(the Druid Breeders Trilogy)

A Family Found by Nicole Dennis
(Hamilton River, #1)
~half read~

The Pauper Prince by Sui Lynn
(Changing Moon, #1)
~half read~

The Beast Within by Edward Kendrick

Forever Dusk by Lisa Worrall

Country Soul
Caged by Remmy Duchene

Hunted Passions by Ranae Rose

Blood of a Leo, The Links that Binds & Heart of Dame by Dawn H. Hawkes
(Solomon’s Pride, #1 #2 & #3)

Grey’s Awakening by Cameron Dane
Cabin Fever, #2)

See Right Through by Sara Winters

Jacinto’s Voyage by Daniel A. Kaine

Ty Hard by L.E. Harner
(Three’s Allowed, #4)

Were Lost by Aeryn Traxx
(Were Chronicles #1)

Kamikaza Boys by Jay Bell

Not That Type of Guy by Sara York

Fair Game by Josh Lanyon

Shades of the Past by Stephani Hecht
(EMS Heat, #9)
Savage Awakenings, Russell’s Reversal, Gage’s Awakening & Colby and the Little Wolf
(The Lost Shifters, #3, 14, 16 & 17)

(each Sunday I’ll also add to the list the new books that have some)

So people, if you want any of them as a full review, don’t hesitate to ask, I have no problem doing that for you.

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