Saturday 4 August 2012

Memoirs of this Delusional Writer 3.0

Starting paragraph
The beast, the wolf steered inside me, making my eyes travel down the man's neck, down to the pulse. It started to race. Race in a way that had everything to do with fear, and it was all for me. I was scaring him. My body spammed, jerking my head so that I was looking at his face again.
Wolf Fights, stand alone, start FD

Words to begin with: okay, so this run I’m going to focus on two books. they are both very different and yet they need to be finished. One because I want to put it up on here—hell maybe I will the second too—and two because they have been waiting for this type of focus for a long time.
The first one is a male and male relationship about a man whose wife died and a guy who helped him out.
The second is about a teen who becomes a werewolf and fights his way to alpha.
They both have a lot of sweaty sex, though the second isn’t as shown as the first, mostly because I....well, I want it to be more a teen book then an adults so the sex, when there, is either covered enough I guess of blanked. Like...well, we’ll see what it’s really like when I’m finished with it.
The second is also done more so in a short story book of the life they lived through rather than play by play.
Anyway, I can’t seem to explain it right now, but I’ll get around to it. Maybe. Maybe you’ll just have to read it and find out.

Holding Jack
LGBT Contemporary Erotic Romance
Already written 5,017 words


Wolf Fights
Paranormal fiction
Already written 15,188 words

Mon: 1,689 words on Holding Jack
Tue: 2,037 words on Holding Jack, but a big chunk is re-written of what I had already so I’m not sure how much I can really claim.

Fri: 5,114 words in Third Wheel Heaven (Warrior Brethren series # 7). It seems that this series may be swinging more towards Erotica—hell I might actually be able to write it if it did—because I just finished writing tow sex scenes for it. One was of male and male while a woman works in. the next is pegging. Yeah, pegging, though it...yeah, pegging, I just wrote that. I think it’s pretty good to, though no one will tell me otherwise even if I posted it; I’m not popular enough for that. Maybe later, I’m thinking of starting a new posting but...yeah, I think this one needs a pic. We’ll see. It may or may not be frequent but it will always happen on the opposite to these ones, since these are looking to being a fortnight working.

Week 2:
Wed: 1,363 words in Body of Darkness (Warrior Brethren series #1)
Thur: 2,803 words in Body of Darkness (Warrior Brethren series #1)
            Yeah as soon as I say I’m not doing this one anymore there all I can think about.
Fri: is it a good thing that I tear up at my own work? Does it show I can actually write something worth tears and that I can do it well enough to get my that tight into the story that I will well up?
Read my posted novel for kicks and giggles and get a little caught up in the tale.

Sat: how cool would a series about Gorilla’s be? And I’m thinking Silver Backs. They are some cool ass animals.
Though Bears are the ultimate animal in my world, they are awesome, seriously. And would probably the set it goes into because, really, they are awesome, bears are. but who cool would it be, a series about Shifter Gorillas!?!

Words count for the week
HJ: 3,726 words
BD: 4,166 words
TwH: 5,114 words
= 13,006 words
Weekly Re-cap: maybe I should just give up and let me keep writing the way I did. Free hand without a guide to the book I need to write. Since its clear I do better when it comes from a need, a wont to write something. To finish a book, then when I force myself to do it.

This is my last week in these groupings. From here on out this is where they are going to be numbered so that we can all keep track, but like mentioned above, I’ve actually decided to get rid of the whole forcing myself thing.
So I’m not gonna anymore, who the fuck am I trying to impress? But I’m still going to do my best to focus what I can on one book at a time.

Ending Paragraph
   “Here lass,” Hue interrupted getting Adelaide to spin and face the other man, but not before he caught the spark in her eye and smirk that added to the wink.
   “Score one for me! This is your lucky blade, Hue!”
   “That it is, lass,” and Jo could hear the pride in that. “Stay low. Animals you aim for...”
   “Yeah, yeah, I know how to kill a dog, Hue, we’re all good. Nothings gonna take me, nowhere I don’t wanna be.”
   “That’s my girl,” Hue smiled  
Body of Darkness, Warrior Brethren #1, page 19FD

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