Sunday, 30 September 2012

challenge REVIEW, Haunted Heart by Tania Donald

Okay, so again, it’s the end of the month and yet another one that I’m not going to be reading the book. It just seems that I shouldn’t have bothered, and those books are neglected because I’m just not interested, right?
Still, it’s that time, and I can’t let it go by without showing you what I should have read....

The Oldest Book on the Shelf Challenge
Hosted by Hell & Purgatory Book Reviews
It’s not a must and is all about reading this books you never got around to reading, in, like, forever and so....

‘Intoxicated as I am by my love for him, I am also afraid...What wickedness lurks within me, struggling to emerge?’

1838: In a quiet, English village, eighteen-year-old Eloise Morton yearns to experience love. The arrival of a handsome and aristocratic stranger fills her with hope, but their romantic courtship quickly descends into a maze of psychological games and strange, erotic encounters.

Eloise finds herself suddenly alone, and transformed in ways that she cannot understand. But what has she become? Are the dark appetites that now compel her human, or otherwise? Is she victim, predator—or both? Eloise sets off on a perilous journey to the other side of the world to reunite with the man haunts her heart—and to discover the shocking truth about herself.

Secy, dark and thrilling. Haunted Heart is a breathtaking gothic novel about losing oneself to the heart’s darkest desires.

Haunted Heart by Tania Donald
Authors’ debut
Date published: 2011 by Penguin Group Australia
Historical romance

I actually bought this books, ‘cause it was cheap, and an Australian author, which was well before I actually looked at what was inside and...just...couldn’t. Even not that I picked it up and tried again I found myself uninterested.
It’s set as a diary.

The first two paragraphs to see if it interests you

Monday, 23rd of July, 1838
Another beautiful summer’s day. How very fortunate we have been this season. I spent the morning with Georgiana and Miriam. Although needlework was our ostensible intention, I am afraid that the lure of warmth, sunshine and idle gossip saw us abandon our work in favour of a most delightful walk.

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