Friday 26 October 2012

Fuck the apocolipse, what are we meant to do without power?

Wachin the start of Grown Ups i realised that we are, and are raising a generation of people how would be fucked sideways if we didnt have electricity.
Hell, its already a bitch when you lose it for a few hours, right before bed time. But gone forever....?

The man (played by Adam Sandler) was trying to get his kids to play a game of Snakes and Ladders when the kids held controllers in there hands as the screen showed a game where they cut off peoples heads on a cruse ship-- and you could drown them.
Im more then sure we can handle an apocolipse, zombie invasion--seriously, im imune to a lot of everyday violence, imagine what the next set of kids are gonna be like?

My question, seriously, what are you gonna do if you lost electricity?
And for fun, for those out there whose first thought is 'generator' we lose petral (gas, fuel) too.
What the hell is there to do?

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