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Memoirs of this Delusional Writer #8

Starting paragraph
Man, he was pathetic. The worst was he couldn’t seem to care.
 Body of Darkness (WB1) page 32

Words to begin with: Last Time.... yeah, let’s go with that. so last time I was still in the middle of finish of my book, and this time, let’s hope that I finish the fucker because I’ve plans for the week that follows—which is really saying, I’m going to take a Trip out to Oberon and get a feel for the place I’m going to be setting my series—also need into, so it’s a two birds with one stone kinda deal. But you’ll get a posting on that, on its own.
Oberon is a special place to our family—it’s where my aunt’s asses are resting.

But knows not the time,
So I left off last fortnight at.... with me just starting off chapter 5, wait, 6? Shit I’m confusing the shit out of myself. Why oh why didn’t I just flow it, rather than fuck around?!
The rest of my books set up looks like this, so….
Chapter 5 (aka7) the second have of...actually, no, only a chunk of this chapter has been written. We have to put in what they are to each other. Why she feels this way. What the demon did to them. A secret or two so he can see where she’s coming from.
So basically this one has a bit of her past in it.  Get a bit of understanding why she’s like she is. What happened to her. yudda yudda.  (chap 6: 2,980words)
Chapter 6 (aka8) is a funny chapter that hasn’t been written, and will come off the one above and be more about where there’ve got to go and what a fuck up there have really stepped in order to get her to what she was born to be. (chap 7: 2,393words)
Chapter 7 (aka9) is written, it’s another sex scene (ha, it’s the one that I put up last weekend, check it out!) and it’s actually another one of those scene that defines this book for me—no, wait, not defines, but it’s one that came into my head and wouldn’t leave and it fits the characters at this point in the story. This has some hints and needs that I have to put into it. I also need to stretch it out a little so that it will have more words and it can be a chapter of its own. Maybe. (chap 8: 4,190words)
I was wrong; the chapter is bigger than I thought. It has 4,190 words, so that can be added to and split up into the chapters. Right. If I’m heading for a 2 thousand word chapters. Which seems well enough since the top two are that many and there isn’t any more I can do to them.
I’ve also discovered that it’s a little confusing as to whose talking to this will have to be fixed up a little and cut up into two
Chapter 8 (aka10)—above (chap 9: 1,158words)
Chapter 9 (aka 11) this is another that’s been written. It’s when they are in a different world. It’s new and it works, so it will most likely be a cut and paste. (Chap 10: 3,864words)
Chapter 10 (aka12) again, is written, and will be cut and paste. (Chap 11: 2,127 words)
Chapter 11 (aka 13) as above, but needs more info dumped into it. (chap 12: 2,335words)
Chapter 12 (aka14) is already written but needs more thoughts and actions in it. This chapter may be cut into two—no it won’t, sorry, it’s actually only up to 2.5 thousand words I’m sure it will stay under 3 and that’s good enough. (chap 13: 2,777words)
Chapter 13 (aka 15) already written (chap 14: 3,394 words)
Chapter 14 (aka16) has one paragraph and is where I have left it. So that’s where it needs to continue from.....

—no, fucking way! I just make my third book, and the reason behind Nemesis’s being there! Score one for me. Its reason behind it all, reason that will come out in book three, but it’s there, and I just figured it all out.
Sorry, but it’s a great point to me!!!

Chapter 6: 1,350words

Mon:--Labour day(?) long weekend for most of us down here in Australia. Yeah!!! My family went for a drive out to Oberon, via Jenolan caves, for research information. (I was going to do a posting of this but I couldn’t upload any of my pic’s for some reason. If you want to know about it, tell us and I’ll do a special, kay?)

Wed: I’m having one of those ‘brain dead’ days were I have the time and the effort to write what need written. I even have all night—two in fact—as my partner isn’t coming home both nights. There’s even something on the telly (Criminal Minds) that I can watch, and will, and to a point I won’t be reading any heavy books because of this facts. But I stupidly started a series, and I can’t stop wanting to read more. The worse is that I have more, so it’s not….it’s become a fucking obsession and we know I like to fuck myself on them a lot.
The worse is that we got a new computer last weekend. And because of that, and the major (we had such an old assed computer before this one) that I can stuff around again with all my files, and I do, the distraction of it all is messing me up as much as the series is.
Yeah, I’ve really done all I can to procrastinate, how pathetic.

I’m dumping, though I’m not really sure if I’m doing it badly, if it’s complete info dumping or if it’s just enough, not enough? I don’t know and it’s annoying because it doesn’t really matter at this point in the writing, not really, not when you think about all the rest of the crap that I’m got to put this book threw—hell, it’s got to have a outside read.

Chapter 6&7: 2,262words

Okay, so I finished off chapter 6, then wrote 7. Then put in chapter 8, though I didn’t cut that one up, which I should have because it’s too long. Then put in 9, but I think there needs to be a chapter in there, but I’ll wait until I finish the story, I’m not sure if it’s actually need.
So 9 hits in us in the underworld. Cut and pastes 10.
We sit at chapter 11, I’m cut and paste up to the point that more needs to be put in.
I’m sitting at 26,861 words, at the moment, only 10 thousand off a good size novel, which I’m thinking of trying to play it to.
And honestly it would work. Point in finding what needs found as well as a massive sex scene.

Thurs: took the kids to see Hotel Transylvania today! My son really liked it, like the he actually sat through the whole thing without once wanting on of his games. I’m not sure if it was because he’s older or that this movie was set for his age group only. That he actually got everything that was going on.
Saying this, it’s a really light movie, there isn’t anything sad in it, and my son is sensitive and that sometimes translates wrong in young minds (example: I always remember hating Beauty and the Beast and the Never Ending Story, I was never clear why, even to this day both those movies aren’t watched, I’ve worped them and so I never watch them. My mum was the one that told me it was because they were real sad, that’s the point I didn’t like, but as a kid I never clicked to that. They scared me. That’s all I ever got!), still he really liked it, he laughed, really laughed (my sons a great fake laugher) even afterwards he was telling me parts he really liked characters. It was great.
Yeah, he’s a talker as well, I think because it’s the movies we didn’t get scene to scene commentary on the whole movie, so he had to run it all by me afterwards. It’s was great. And even though I didn’t mind the movie, because he liked it so much it felt worth the money I spent on taking them to it.

Stupid me! I downloaded two books today, both from authors I want more of, (Richards, I just want to get more wrote, or at least more available on iPad—but that’s getting better, and I honestly think it’s a fucking Australia thing that has us waiting. Hecht, ‘cause I’m in love, and that’s not going to change anytime soon, though I would love iPad to fill in the series blocks—honestly, one series I have is missing 1 book. 1 fucking book, the main one, is missing 2or3 and they are the ones I want to read the most. The last one is missing 3, one of which I really want to read, it’s fucked up! Really, fucked up!!!)
Anywho, off topic in my bracketing to a point that I need to re-group (not unusual), I read on, simple, short, couldn’t stop myself. Then even though I’ve been pushing off the main one for the other, I start reading the spin-off book which I bought today, smart—that’s was heavy with sarcasm. I know you needed the highlight.
Only today, my last night with full rang….
·         Oh, hey, you wanna know something I realised today?? No, well to bad, I’m telling you anyway.
·         This is my 2nd night by myself, without my defacto home. I think it would matter more, but we don’t share a bed—lots of reason behind that (body heat, he like telly on, he likes midnight snaking. Bed sharing—him being a lot bigger than me, while not understanding the rolling back method; rather just move me over with weight. Midnight snaking—yeah, I know, I’ll tell you about the Easter Egg incident some other time). Still, it will be interesting when my kids get to an age where they realise it’s not normal for daddies ‘bed’ to one of the lounges.
·         Yeah, it’s not the first for my kids not having a parent at home, but that was me, for nearly two month, this is their dad. My daughter is not happy, and when her daddy gets home he’s in for one hell of a silent treatment, and then a day of not being able to pry her off him.
·         It’s really funny, in that cute kid kind of way.
…..of the computer (might not be, as much, he might be spending another night) but I have it in my mind I was finishing this off tonight. But now, I start reading and…..
I tried, but I just couldn’t stop reading!

Fri: I decided against adding the info, I don’t think it’s important for this book. And more so I’ve put in enough that it will make sense when you read the next book. (yeah, that’s what I’m going with, sue me, I honestly couldn’t do it, I spent an hour last night trying and couple put in one word.
So we move alone the line. Chapter 12, and an added sex scene, which means I’m going to have to read this part and see how it’s going to play out…..
Okay, okay, let’s stop a little. While reading and thinking the last bit so that I could continue I figured out a way to make it have that space!!! And so I wrote that
            Add in, Chapter 9: 1,158words, which means that I’m now up to Chapter Thirteen. It also means that I have a chapter that’s really fucking short, though the one before it—after—is really long, so that could make up for it all. Maybe. Still, that chapter is back.

Chapter 13: 569words—the missing part of this chapter (the words I wrote tonight) then we go in and C&P chap 14! And I’m right back where I started, only this time we are sitting at 45, 515 words, rather than 34,354
            So…..11,161 words that I wrote in the time I started this season, I’ll wrote more, because I already have it in my head that I need to finish this, I need to be able to say to my dad that it’s done, and have him be proud of me. I really want that, and it’s what’s driving me to write, which is working out. But there on holidays for the next two weeks, and so when he gets home I want to tell him I’m done—have it printed out, and let him take it down to my Nan’s to read.

Hum…..I’ve decided to end it at this last chapters. This is a good page number to stop. This is the place to stop—which goes to show how long my Teen-Hunt books are since they get up to 80,000 words, though they aren’t erotica, and I’m hoping this series will be, so 46,000 is a good number. Don’t you think?
Well, I did want them to be longer, and maybe some future ones will be, but I just…I don’t know how to make it so.
Yeah, I could throw in a real sex scene, and hell I should if I want to push the erotica setting, but I don’t really think it needs one, and I’ve never been a fan of the whole, ending the story on an orgasm, especially when it’s not needed, but it’s a thing they do it.
Crap, now I’ve gotten myself thinking it’s needed again. See the thing is I can put on in, writing this I’ve actually figure out where. Huh.

Chapter 15: 202words

Sat: I’m walking blind and it’s making it difficult to find the words to step forward.
It’s the most frustrating things about writing. I find that a lot of the time you don’t have to have the complete picture of what’s going on, just the emotions, that’s all you need, the rest is set up for you. The rambles the caresses the cloths littering the floor. That doesn’t matter until you need to pick them back up again. You can mumble your way through a lot of monolog that way. Without needing to see anything but when you are in a paranormal world, like, let’s say, the Underworld, and you’ve just been transported into a new part that wasn’t what it was before, you need to be able to see it in order to show it.

Chapter 15: 1915 words completes chapter.
2,407 words today. Chapter 16 needs to be finished with a sex scene and it seems, and then maybe them getting back to the halls and finding…. (Except if I can get near to 2 thousand words in that scene, which would be better, to leading to the last one, but I’m not sure I could make one that good.
Maybe I could do, sex, then have them moved into a new space, because of her power, and a little more sex, maybe, or some lovey dovy words. And then….)
Then there’s the epilogue, that I have already wrote, and yet it needs re-written.

Sun: okay, I really have to finish this book, seeing as I’m a frogs leap away from the end of my first draft. I’m already getting a fucked up head about it. Let’s face it, I fucked up, it’s shit. The romance doesn’t go well, there isn’t anything the pushes them closer together, there isn’t a slide where she becomes more open to what’s going on with them. And the BAM there it is, full blown lust for no reason.
See, already in my head, telling me I’m crap. Luckily for me, I’ve had that voice there since I can remember so I know how to shut the bitch up. Mostly. Some of the time. Okay, I don’t really, but I can always make me think the opposite whenever this degrading thoughts come in, it’s kinda how I’ve survived life so far.

But you don’t care.
So I have to finish the book, and being that it’s a sex scene away from the end (okay a a little re-write) I should be able to get it done by the time my family comes home, right?!
So here’s what I’m gonna do. Bribe myself.
Yep, it doesn’t always work because I’m a little too proud to be bought off that way, and more than a little stubborn, factors I know I should change about me, but fuck it, as a most I like who I am, and at the end of the day I’m the only one that…ha, I’m not, but my partner fell in love with me when I was a shit load worse, and my kids don’t have a chose. But I’ve toned myself done a lot—grown up and all that bullshit you’re meant to do when age creeps up on you and a family starts growing around you.
Yeah, and a little off topic.

So I’m gonna bribe myself. I’m gonna go and have a shower, ‘cause I feel gross and probably sink but that’s not really a problem since there’s no one round here to complain but me.
And then I’m gonna write and when I finish my first full drafting, I’ll scream a little, get my trembling hands under control. Brag to you for a little bit, in large letters and then I get to finish the Adrien English mystery series by Josh Lanyon, I’ve been wanting to since I got them, I’m loving it at the moment, and it’s such a good set of book (though I’ve only read 2 they can’t get worse).
So, finish writing the book. Read ‘The Hell You Say’—though there is a show on tonight that I wanna watch so……
You don’t need to see those factors above as they battle with me to do the complete opposite for what I want to do.

Chapter 16: 2,735 words
Epilogue: 1,003 words
Words I wrote today: 2,971
Body of Darkness (Warrior Brethren #1)
(Final First Draft Dets)
Final Word Count: 50,912 / 20 chapters / 73 pages (Microsoft Word, A4, single space)
Time Frame: (’09) June 2011 to 7/October/2012
Whose: Adelaide & Joachim
Rough Blurb:

Fuckin’ finally, right??
And it sucks, really, there isn’t enough in it. Not really. Nothing to keep you wanting to read it. There wasn’t even enough sex to really drive the erotica side of it.

Mon: fears! I had to face my fear of heights on the long weekend, it was okay while I was looking as long as I chanted that I’m not scared as I leant over the rail—though that rail was a fear of me too, really don’t trust us humans. But spiders was tested when I read Spiders Sense, really, people, it was about a dude that could turn into a spider, and like I was total understandable when he ran way, he’s reason even being that spiders freaked him out—though he focused on the whole he sifted, where I would say, ’look dude, it’s cool and all, but spiders scared the shit out of me, so you’re gonna have to do this slowly if you want me kissing that thang’.
Still, not really my point. Anyway, I read it again today, and because I didn’t need to be so focused on what each word said. Anyway, I was cringing at the whole fucking thing. Really people he’s a fucking spider! And a huge one, no matter what you would be able to see all those legs move as they walked, all the hairs on each of them. *shivered so hard I nearly fall off the chair*
The worst thing is, that this one is actually one of my favourites from the spin-off series!

Tue: right, so now what to do…. This is one of the hardest part for me. Picking up, and starting again. Do I go to the next book? Should, but then I need the week or so brake before I get to the next stage of my book (the re-read/ on computer) I’ll get to it, when it’s time for that part. It’s a couple of days of me reading and fixing and…yatta, yatta, I’ll go over it when it happens.
But what now….I dead ‘The Hell You Say’ but you already know that, so I rewarded myself, like I promised (your I get it’s like I’m treating myself as a kid, but good work need reward, even if it’s only from yourself.)
I really need to read ‘retribution’ tonight, since I would really like to review it tomorrow, but I’m not sure if I’ll find the want. Then Wed night I watch Criminal Minds, and tomorrow night is where we get Morgan’s cousins story—but I’m a little wiry of it since in a previous show they said her stalker was killed, and yet, there she is.

I’m rambling about shit all, Thursday and Friday I will be finishing the Adrien English series ‘cause it’s all that I have in my head.
But I need to start writing again, I have so much to do and I need it done.
But what do I start when my heads somewhere else, and it always is, trying to purge itself of the story I just finished so I can go into the fix-up read with eyes that haven’t see it (I don’t, but I try to see what other would. And I’m crap at it).
I think it needs to be book 2 in my Moonlit Wolves series, since that’s the one that get put up when they are done.

Wed: why can’t I fucking write anything? 
But instead I only did a little fixing, changing, since I have new programs and though the last one works, it’s a great little procrastinating if I get in the mood. Which means, when I’m not able to drive.
            2. Forever with my Werewolf, 326 words
            6. Taking Control of my Werewolf, 382 words
            10. In the Dark with a Werewolf, 241 words
            16. Werewolf’s Double Take, 639 words
Interesting huh, a few hours and so little words. Though looking at this, I didn’t do that bad 1,588 words in all, that’s not back, just not really helpful.

Thurs: okay, so that’s that. I’m going to go, one for one. So next I’m doing book 2 from Moonlit Wolves series. So, here comes Forever with my Werewolf.
So far….. we sit in chapter 3, and I already have 6,136 words (I’m hoping for something around 26, thousand words for each book on this series—which ends up being around 40 pages I’m hoping, but it’s an up-to number, if it’s shorter it’s shorter, I’m not pushing a story that’s not there)

Fri: It’s freakin’ snowing, in October! Being that I live in Australia, which you know, but I feel needs a reminder, cause things like that are forgotten. It’s spring here. Hell last week we had 30oC weather, sun and heat, but now. Snow! Yeah, for me, living at only 674meter high, it lasted an hour. And that’s great, since we never really get anything but hale down here. Yeah. It’s stuffed up my day because I don’t want to drive in it—it’s flowing on heavy rain, that’s all we get. Cars from Katoomba are covered in the shit, and it’s apparently been snowing up there for ages, hell, Wentworth Falls highway is closed off because of Black Ice, so, awhile, yeah.
Still, it’s cold as shit, and snowing, I love it. So cool!
--ha, and while I’m writing this, the storm as past—but really, we just hit the side line of it, since it was a south to north, coastal one. The Mountain’s always gets backlash though!

Procrastinating, like I do, I decided to look up Submitting a Manuscript from the following companies (the next part will have parts copied straight off site)
·         Silver Publishing (they publish homosexual and heterosexual romance & erotica)
o   Their book stands are few. Though it’s erotica romance, you book does not have to hold high on graphic sexual context, nor does it have to involve a relationship between two characters.
o   This welcomes stories that are unexpected, surprising, dark, controversial and cross-genre.
o   They accept both stand-alone and well-developed series (not sure what that really means, to be honest.)
o   They will not except: paedophilia, necrophilia, bestiality (not including shifters) rape for titillation—it’s acceptable if done in context (non-arousing) and is a part of the plot point.
o   They provide editorial service, exclusive book cover art and ISBN number.
o   They take books from the following genre’s: contemporary, Historical, Paranormal, Western, BDSM, Mystery/suspense/action, SCI-FI, fantasy, holiday stories
o   They have 4 books types: Sparkles, Novella, Novel0lite, Novel (everything over 15,001 will get their own cover)
o   They have a stranded submitting list, but it seems pretty much like all others that I have skimmed across.
§  A query letter, what to attach to it, and the formatting of your work.
o   And finally they have the time line in which it will be. Including that it’s all done via emailing these days. So does that mean that it’s okay worldwide, or do you have to live in a particular country—I shay you don’t, or they would mention that, and since they didn’t then….
·         Amira Press
o   They want mostly at this moment is m/m Menage erotica romance
o   Interracial romance (sensual or erotic, any genre)
o   Shape-shifting
o   They have 6 things they won’t accept—all of which seem standard.
o   They have no interest in sweet, sensual, or spicy contemporary romance (most be erotic for consideration).
o   They take Novella’s and Full length
o   They have this big capital letter then which makes me think you have to have a pretty solid manuscript to submit it. But I could be wrong, they whole website and this page is a little dodgy, though I’m sure it’s not. It really just needs to be cleaned up a little.
o   They also have this Promotional Plan, paragraph, that makes you have to tell them about writing groups and you web site—so are you meant to be fully involved in that to get noticed by them?
o   (all in all though, this actually seems like a good publishing company to go by though they lake design quality, in both site and to be honest book covers, they seem the place to go if you are writing a book with a whole lot of dick!
·         Smashword publishing
o   This is one of the places they talked about at the e-book thing I went to one long ago Monday. And from what they were saying it’s pretty much a fancy, less involved place to self-publish. As I came to gather from them, they are a place you submit your book to and they turn it into a e-book and then sell it (this could be all the same for the books above, but it’s the one they spoke of)
o   Looking at the site I got this:
o   They distribute it to: Apple iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, Sony readers store, Kobo, the Diesel eBook store, Baker & Taylor’s Blio and Axis360 (libraries!) and more (it’s honestly the first thing you see, and it’s all highlighted. Must be the most important facts, right?)
o   Yeah, scanning though it lightly, it’s basically selling itself as an indie ebook distributor, it’s free (bonus—though it’s a US company, which means outsiders will have trouble getting money from them)
o   Everything is free, and it seems that’s its deal. But it doesn’t look like it at all covered editing or covers. Which confirms what I said it in first part of this section.
·         Less then Three Press
o   They have a lovely website. There submissions bass is set in four different links:
o   Content Guidelines (all submissions): they are a full on LGBTQ romance. At least that’s what they want, sweet stories of same sex or transgender romances. They will not take anything that is what they say ‘a male in a female’s role’.
o   What we accept: happy for now (HFN) and happy ever after (HEA) endings. m/m f/f, as well as trans* and polyandrous relationships where all members are the same gender. Incest and polyandry. May/December age differences.
o   What they do not accept: m/m/f, m/f/f, or any other pairings where the characters in the relationship are not of the same gender. Poetry. Tragic or ambiguous endings. Male pregnancy (I don’t know why, I read one recently, funny as fuck). Characters engaging in any manner of sexual activity with an animal as well as shifters in animal form. Shifters must be (and remain) in human form during sex. Rape [….].
o   (I felt it should all be told, because so far (and I have actually looked into the bigger bass companies, from the time I wanted to go into the competition) because it seems they are really picky)
o   Formatting & Editing Guidelines: it’s the same as all others. Though they have a general editing part, which tells you what to avoid (using ‘you’ out of dialog, when your speaking in third party) .they tell you to Avoid the use of Epithets, except when they aren’t normally there, or been talked about before (…?). and last but not least; avoid use of the phrase soon-to-be-lover,
o   Payment and royalty rates: this is done in the same as above, with all the info you need, I suppose.
o   Submitting to…: there’s a read part, that’s is telling you what they all do ‘make sure you read this or it won’t go through’ and then it does on the a point by point of what all others have.
(okay, so that’s for today, and I’ll tell you, looking all them up took a few hours to go through. You will need to read it all yourself if you chose to go through one of them, because things change, and I may not be really selling them well.
Um…oh, I mentioned that parts of the above came directly from the site, not my own words, right?)

Ending Paragraph
In the same tone of voice they both spoke, one darkness and one light: “Who the fuck are you?”
Body of Darkness, (WB#1), last line

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