Saturday 15 December 2012

Adults Corner #11

This posting is for ADULT AUDIENCES ONLY.
It contains substantial sexually explicit scenes and graphic language which may be considered offensive by some readers.

[A warning that this has not been edited, had any one check it for grammar mistakes or even read threw by me more than once]. These are all written by me, Bronwyn Heeley

This is the work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are solely the product of the author’s imagination and/or are used fictitiously.

I decided I’m going to give you a book, fortnight at a time. It’s a short story, 12,000 or less, a Christmas special.

for the first chap. and this included, click here

Wish you a Wolf Christmas
(Moonlit Wolves #4.5)
Gay Paranormal Erotica
Short shorty

“Ain’t it swell, that after so long alone, and shunned from our families that we can sit here now, with love and hope and a family we’ve chosen and who will except us no matter what?!”

Chapter Two

The nose was loud, that dull scream of voices that generally circled around a group of drunken young men.
     Sweat trickled down between his tits. His shoulders and stomach sticky from the heat. The breeze, when it chose to glide over the hills was hot, humid. It gave no relief. All the men sitting around the table out back, cold beer clanged as they were picked up and put back down. The only relief from the heat.
     “Wish you a merry Christmas,
     “We wish you a merry Christmas….
     “We wish you a merry Christmas—“
     “James’ cut off,” Adam laughed as he slid a piece of mango between his lips.
     “What?” Gene called in from the house; he was sitting in front of the TV, cricket on low.
     “He’s singing,” Adam said back.
     “Fuck off, I was humming,” James said as he tossed a bottle cap at the little man. “He don’t know what he’s saying,” he called out into the house.
     “Yeah, I’d believe that if I could understand that whole sentence.”
     “Fuck off,” he snapped back, with a smile on his face. “It’s hot.”
     “And you’re a light weight.” Gene said, sitting on the table next to Adam.
     “’Specially in the heat,” Kyle laughed, returning to the table as well.
     Matt loved his family. He loved them back when he was a kid chasing around the big kids, trying to get them to play with him. That hadn’t turned out the best. Though Matt wasn’t complaining. Not now. Very rarely when he was first bitten by Kyle. Not at all now that he had Jex.
     Speaking of which. A hand ran across his chest, and didn’t stop until it has scraped the closets nipple, getting a peek in from his dick in a letter saying: ‘can we play, huh?’ and didn’t stop until it reached the far one and twisted it. ‘Thanks.’
     Matt looked over at his mate and his mouth went dry. He was leaning down in his chair. Looking fresher than any man should on a scorching day while wearing jeans and a t. his eyes were closed, a beer in his right hand, it resting on the dip where rip meets stomach. His legs open under the table, his hips rolling in a small circle.
     “Fuck,” Matt breathed, his own hand automatically grabbing his balls, rolling them slowly in his fingers above the fabric of shorts and boxers.
     Jex’s lips twitched but he didn’t open his eyes, just started a heavier movement of his hips. Back and forth, nothing to big, just a slow movements that would be nudging that pug into his prostate.
     Matt’s balls pulled tight. His cock leaked. Sweat trickled down his spin, a caress that pushed it all up. Heat radiated out of Jex’s hand as it moved south. Matt’s thighs twitched in anticipation of that slow hand and where it was going. His eyes still hadn’t left that rock of hips.
     His mind blanked out when Jex’s hand cupped the line of his cock as it made its way up the gap between thigh and hip. His own hips moved, pushing up as he slid deeper into his own seat.
     The roll continued. The hypnotic beat that had Matt’s breathe hitch and his point of no return being something he should be worrying about, because it was happening, in seconds more than minutes. And Matt really didn’t care about where he fuck Jex. He hardly did with his brain functioning, his little brain couldn’t give a shit about anything but the smothering tightness of his mates’ hole.
     More so because he knew it was more than ready for him. It wouldn’t take much, just a push down of pants. A quick pop of the plug. And dive in to a stretched and lubed hole. No holding back. No additional time. Just fucking what was his.
     Matt moaned real low in his throat. The sound held an aggressive edge that signals the coming moon.
     Jex chuckled as his hand squeezed tight. Wanting the reaction from Matt. Wanting the aggression. And if Matt could think about it for more with more than just his cock, he would realise what the little bastard was doing when he shouldn’t have been.
     “Naughty little man you are,” a deep voice removed Jex’s hand from his body. A breath and Matt understood something he shouldn’t have been able to. “Matt, you have twenty minutes until food hits the table. Jex here needs to be punished.” Eamon said as he hit Matt on the back of the head and pulled Jex out of his chair.
     Matt stood up; it wasn’t pleasant and forced him to adjust himself in his pants so he would be able to walk without the pulse of movement killing him.
     The table around them had gone silent. They all did with Eamon was in this mood. It was something they couldn’t help. The ‘guilty’ gene they had in them that froze them on the stop whenever that tone came into anyone’s voice. It worked best with Eamon. He, honest to god, could make a giant kiss his toes with just the tone of his voice.
     Most of the guys were looking anywhere but at the scene that was playing out in front of them. All except Chris, with a gleeful lust sparking in his eyes that spoke volumes of later. Matt knew for a fact that Chris didn’t go as hard-core as Eamon could—and had been playing before they meet.
     Adam was blank, but he’s eyes were set on where Eamon’s hands were gripping Jex’s forearm, holding him in a punishing grip that had his mate’s eyes fluttering. Jex didn’t need what Eamon was selling, but he didn’t mind the force. Didn’t mind anything when he was as horny as he was.
     Taking hold of Jex, they walked into the bathroom, Jex shoving him up against the sink, his cock snug between Jex’s checks as he rocked. He liked fucking this way best, where he got more power. Jex got the most pleasure, and he could see everything that was going on, both in front and back. He liked that a lot.
     “Eamon say we can’t fuck,” Matt whispered before he ran his tongue up Jex’s throat.
     “fuck’im,” Jex replied, his face flushed, his breath harsh, his hips still rocking. “Need a break, Matt, need relief.” Pain ended those words, and Matt had his answer.
     A nip at his ear before Matt spin Jex around and dropped to his knees of the floor. Wasn’t the smartest thing he’d ever done, but Matt was at a point that everything turned to pleasure.
     “Off. Pants, Jex, drop them,” Matt whispered, his fingers fumbling with his own pants and undies, pushing them down his thighs before he licked his right hand and wrapped it around his own cock.
     Slowly pumping himself he looked up at Jex who was frozen in place, his breath fast, his eyes all for Matt’s hand.
     “Jex, quickly,” Matt said trying to pull at the button on his lovers jeans with his left hands. “We don’t have much time.”
     Jex’s pants didn’t even make it to mid-thigh before Matt had his mouth wrapped around his lovers flesh. A quick downward, Matt let the first feel of thick cock him the back of his mouth before the light stretch of his throat. It was one of the man things Matt loved about sucking cock. That moment where his body thought things were getting a little too tight. That his loss of breathing wasn’t worth it. That second struggle to open up and let the head in.
     “Shit,” Jex gasped as he came off the length and worship the head. Jex loved hard flick of tongue to the cartage at the base of his head from his circumcision played with. He loved quick hard sucks as his piss hole. He loved a scrap of teeth down the vein. And a gentle swallow when he was resting down Matt’s throat. Fumbled practices by two kids who hadn’t any real experience—Matt a tad more than Jex—had quickly taught them what they liked, and how the other liked it.
     A quick pop had Jex’s cock bobbling between them. “Move Jex, slow, but more, I need to come.” and back he went. Letting his mouth hold tight as Jex started to roll his hips. This was something Matt liked; he loved his mouth being fucked. He’d learnt that kick from the guy who christened him into gay sex. It wasn’t his loss of virginity not really.
     Matt’s hand tightened on himself. His mind shot blank as Jex sword in and out of his mouth. The movement getting faster and deep as Jex reached his finish.
     “Close,” Jex said a second before something slightly damp hit the side of his face. He wasn’t sure what it was. Wasn’t sure he could think, but he grabbed the thing away.
     “Use it Matt. Cover yourself,” the last was punctuated with a hard thrust into Matt’s throat and a low groan as the first shot pulsed without taste down Matt’s throat.
     Moaning, Matt pulled back, letting Jex’s cum shoot into his tongue as his other hand covered the top of his own cock a moment before he emptied his balls.
     “Hurry up in there, dinners ready!” the voice came with a loud knock.
     Coming to, Matt was supporting Jex. The man’s arms were draped over his shoulders as he sat in his lap. Matt’s hands caught under him, one still on his flaccid cock, the other holding the cloth.
     “You ‘kay?” he asked
     Jex laughed, it was pleased and fucked out. “Yeah, you?”
     “Yep,” Matt smiled.
     “Let’s go eat then, aye?” Matt said, lifting his arms so they would hit his lover, prompting him more to move.”
     “Yeah, let’s I’m starving.”
     Standing up, Matt got full view of Jex cock. Still hard and going nowhere, the flesh was flushed from Matt’s mouth, but didn’t look too swollen. A satisfied hard, that Matt had come to know all too well. Jex pulled up his pants, softly holding his cock, catching the head in the band of his boxer-briefs—poor cock, Matt had to remember to sooth that later. A zip and Jex shifted his shirt back over the evidence. A reason why he still wore he shirt when everyone else’s was off.
     Helping Matt up, he dumped the cloth into the skin, turning on the water to rinse off his junk, he stuffed himself into his pants.
     Turning he kissed Jex, making it deep. “Let’s go face the heat.”

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