Friday 11 January 2013

Adults Corner -- Blog Story

This posting is for ADULT AUDIENCES ONLY.
It contains substantial sexually explicit scenes and graphic language which may be considered offensive by some readers.

This was written from around ’09 to March 2011.
It has never been BETA read. Nor have I had a full read since I finished the book.
It’s currently sitting waiting for me to do a full re-write
As it is, this book sits at 54 pages, 10 chapters and 36,080 words.
It’s also heterosexual
By the by, this isn’t all that great, something I wrote when I was first starting. I hope it actually makes sense.

Let them Hunt
(Human Monsters #1)
Contemporary Mystery(/crime? I hope) 

Sometimes what bad you did in the world suddenly catches up to you.
Meet the team, at least what’s left of them, since someone has decided the next fun sport would be offing them.
Will they be able to stop him before he stops them?

“You keep all that away from me,” I said running a hand down my ass and stepping away from Hammer. Brother-in-laws, there wasn’t much you could do about them, even more so when they were a fucking killer who liked to play, more then he wanted anything.
    Hammer had pushed himself up against my back, and being that he had been called Hammer since high school...well if you can't guess, he is very well off, hung like a camel, a tripod. However you want to say it, his dick floppy hung halfway down his thigh. I mean really, there’s a lot of guys out there that have to go through life with such a little dick and Hammer has more than one man can ever use.
    Hammer chuckled so low that it seemed to grab the floor, run through it and then back up my spin. “Come on sweets, you need a good ride.”
    “No thanks Ham. I like the way my holes look as they are.” I said as I went and sat on the lounge, folding my skirt around my legs as I crossed one over the other.
    It wasn't that I didn't like him, me and Ham were a team, we had been since we both hit special forces but he was horny and being that I was the only girl here, well let’s just say that if they didn't fear I would kill them black widow style, I wouldn't have been safe to sleep in anything less than a chastity belt.
    “Come on, I can fuck without damaging,” he said back, it was close to being a plea. But like I said team, he didn't want me like that. No, he had honour, and left what wasn't his alone, and I wasn't his.
    Can you? And if so, would it be any fun for you? Like really, only the head would get wet.”
    Duster laughed then, “Yeah, mate, she's so tiny. You would most likely split her in two.”
    “I ain't small,” I snapped at him, giving him a look, like really I was five-six, that isn't small.
    “Ya’ar,” he said back, giving me a lazy face, and body. Leaning back on the couch, legs crossed out in front of him, arms coming up to be put behind his head. Duster was big man, in lots of ways. His height being in the mid six feet and at list two across, his body was full of muscles, they suck out the way they were meant to if you spent too much time in a gym. His face was solid, features hard and sharp. He was a handsome man if you like that very masculine look. “It may not be in a height way but you are skinny.”
    “I ain't skinny,” I said, though I knew that I was, but it wasn't in the anorexic form that he was most likely getting at. Duster liked his women with meat on their bones and I had none. I was all flat muscles, because there wasn't that many men out there that liked there women to buff so I worked out in a way that would keep me fit, strong but still looking like a semi soft female. Well I could pull off soft, if I tried, hard.
    “My standards ya are,” he smiled back, in that come get me you bitch way. Duster was trying hard not to, but he, like all men, was trying to see me go nuts. I didn't, and they all knew it. They all also knew that bating me wasn't that great for their health. I was simply the best in the room. Until now that is...
    “Leave the girl alone, Duster,” Reaper said. He was the best and being that he was Death in his seen form. Well I’m sure you get the picture, and if not, well...
    He wasn't a tall man, an inch or two taller than me, and like me he kept his body flat, not muscled but he was quick and strong and just wanted you to try him. His hair was that white blond, lashes and brows too. He face had that softer feel to it as well. That look that no matter how old he gets he still looked young. His eyes were a flat blue, with a smile that was either scary or hot, depending on what was in his eyes at the time.
    “Why?” Duster asked. We had all been stuck in this room a little too long.
    “‘Coz I said so,” and he said it as if that ended everything. It wouldn't have with me. I knew that Reaper was probably the best but being that I haven't actually fought against him I really didn't know. But Duster knew, and he shut up. I laughed, getting an evil little look all of my own, though all that did was made me challenge him with my eyes.
    “Both of you stop it!” another voice came into the room, this one was from Death. (See like I said, there was two of them, only Death, I thought was as good as me, not better.) Death was tall, and thin, lanky. The thinnest in the room, but not the tallest, his body and face was like a piece of art, perfect and complete, if I liked that more beautiful kind of guy, I think I would have comed in my pants at the sight of him, but as it was, he did nothing for me. My type swung more towards Hammer. If he wasn't so big he could kill me with it.
    Death's eyes were black, there was no different between the irises and pupil. His hair was light brown, and the dimple that cut into his cheek, but it all work towards every girls wet dream.
    “Why do you care?” Duster asked, taking his hands out from behind his head and sitting up a little straighter. We had no weapons on us in this room. For some reason someone thought it would be best to have this meeting somewhere that required us to strip out of our weapon's, we could still fight, and most of us were good at it.
    “‘coz, you and I both know that, Grim, here has a hard on for all us villainous types.” he smiled at me. It was a come-heather smile, with a bite to it. “And being that she ain't your type, who do you think will have more fun?”
    “She would,” Duster sulked, sinking into his chair a little.
    I looked at Death, “Should I say thanks like a good little girl?” I let my tone sink, letting him know I didn't appreciate the help.
    He shrugged. “I wouldn't call you good, not with that outfit on,” he smiled again.
    It was my turn to shrug. “We all make our money our own way.”
    “And what, you decided to go call girl?”
    I smiled a wouldn't-you-like-to-know smile as I ran my hands down the leather of my mini skirt all the way to the leather on my thigh high stiletto fuck-me boots. This, with a tighter than necessary top that helped push my breasts up in a way that would make you think they would fall out and you had me in my work cloths, whereas the rest of the men were in a suit, most of them in a slightly different shade of grey, except Hammer, who always wears black. Partly my fault, men in black suit, just... yeah, yum.
    “Enough,” Reaper said, “She's on a job, unlike the rest of us.” he dumped a folder on the table, and went to grab a chair so that everyone was sitting down.
    “Do you want to do it here or in one of the rooms?” Hammer said as he looked around him.
    “One of the rooms would be better. There designed to not allow anything to get through. No wires, no reception. Completely dead,” I said and they all looked at me. “What it was my choice?”
    “What about...” Hammer had started.
    “Shit, yeah, um.” I took in a deep breath, thinking. “Poker rooms?” I looked up at him.
    He shrugged and put his hands on the back of the lounge, leaning on them as he looked at the table. “Will do. It's a dead room with a box.”
    “A box?” Reaper asked, and we both looked at him.
    “Yeah, they have these box type things that allow you to put your mobiles in, and then when they ring you can hear them and leave to answer. It makes it so you’re still in with the world, but no cops can hear.” I explained as I got up and walked to the door.
    “You want me to get one?”
    “Sure love, why not. Since Rosco isn't here, we may as well play a round or two while we wait.” Death said with a smile. It was going to be fun, since he was defiantly going to try and find out which of us was the better.
    “Okay,” I put on my smile, that one that said I was better then you, and stepped a swing into my walk. Since I wasn't playing a call girl, no I was in the mob, there sixth and I always liked the ass wipes that thought I wasn't deadly enough because I was a girl to challenge me.
    This... well I was never sure what we should call it. It was part strip club, and the girl had to walk around topless, with itty bitty skirts or shorts on the whole night. There were pokie machines, and card tables. It was very much a Casino but with a biker pub feel.
     I walked down the hall and into the side room. Only a hand full of us were allowed in the actual room. One side was the many halls (well there were three women that handled all the money, give and taking it), the other side, the one I was in now, was the security station.
    “Hey Dave, can I use one of the dead rooms?” I asked him ending in Russian, leaning on the table, letting him see more of my cleavage. I did have a nice bust, if I did say so myself.
    Dave's eyes came up, looking me right in the breasts; I don't think he had ever looked me in the eyes, while we were at work. Though I haven't really given him that much of a help, keeping them were everyone can see them is what I needed. I wanted to be able to leave and have them not really remember what my face looks like. 
    “Sure Gem.” (That’s my real name. Or the one that they thought I was. Being that my actual name was to crappy even for me to use anymore, Gem was it now.) “Which one do you want?”
    “Um,” I shifted my hip slightly, letting my breast move a little, “two would be nice.”
    Dva,” he cleared his throat and then typed something into one of the computer in front of him. “Sure, you can have two.” he typed something else and then flashed his eyes to my face, still not my eyes, more my lips, and with the bright red lipstick covering them he had a lot of reason to look at them. “It's open, Gem. Come see me when you’re done, K,” The last part in Russian.
    Horosho. Thanks Dave,” and then I turned and walked back out, and to the room that I had left the men in. I didn't talk to the women, who seemed to hate me with a fiery passion. I didn't talk to anyone else as I walked back done the red hall, not pausing at the door, just opening it up and walking back in. all the men looked at me, all reaching for a gun they didn't have any more.
    “Grim,” Duster breathed out as he sat back on the chair.
    “What?” I asked, and then really looked around. Hammer was the only one that looked back at me with a small smile on his lips.
    “Rosco isn't here yet?” he asked.
    “Not that I saw, I'll message him and tell him we'll be in room two. It's one of the one's without camera's in the room.”
    “And you use it often,” Death said, eyebrows high.
    “You mean do I fuck in it?”
    “Okay, that will do.”
    I smiled, “would you like to know.”
    “When was the last time you saw Rosco?”  Reaper asked, and he asked in a way that made me think that it was much more important than it should have been.
    “Um, month ago,” I said.
    “That long,” he asked.
    “Yeah, why?” I said and pulled out my phone, “what's going on Reaper?” I pressed my thumb on the screen, going to the phone book, and then rolled my thumb down the screen so that I could get to Rosco's number.
    He shook his head, “Later. Have you heard from him at all?”
    “Yeah,” I smiled, “I spoke to him two days ago, when you wanted this meeting.”
    Reaper breathed out, as if that was a good thing that I had. What was going on? And why was Reaper like this? I always knew that he was the softest of us all, the deadliest but softest.
    “What is going on Reaper?” Duster asked as he got back off the lounge, and I hit Rosco's number, putting the phone to my ear.
    “I said later, this is not the place, and I only won’t to have the discussion once.”
    Click. “Hey babe, what's up?” Rosco's voice came to me over the phone.
    “Where’re ya?” everyone looked at me, as I talked.
    “Outside. Why? What’s happening?”
    “Not real sure, but it's got Reaper's panties all twisted.”
    “Ha,” he laughed, “I'm about to walk in. dump my gun's.”
    “You bought guns?”
    “Yeah two.”
    “What have you been doing tonight?”
    “Come now babe, like I'm gonna tell you that on the phone.”
    I sighed, “Fine. We’re going into room two, I'll leave the door open for ya, kay.” and I hung up.
    “Bitch,” Hammer chuckled and walked up to me.
    “It's one of the good things about being a girl,” I smiled up at him. “Okay then. Come on boys lets go.”
    And off we went.

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