Tuesday 29 January 2013

Stuck in Your Head # 32

So, I justread this, again, and it still gets to me. maybe it needs more context but it’s the line, the picture. And just one reason you can’t help but fall in love with the series.

No matter what happens from here on, our left arms will bear….
….the sign of our fellowship.

Vol. 23 paperback

Vivi’s Adventure by Eiichiro Oda
(One Piece vol. 23)
First Published April 2002 by Shonen Jump
Pirates, Teen

As a child, Monkey D. Luffy dreamed of becoming the King of the Pirates. But his life changed when he accidentally gained the power to stretch like rubber?at the cost of never being able to swim again! Now Luffy, with the help of a motley collection of pirate wannabes, is setting off in search of the "One Piece," said to be the greatest treasure in the world!

Vivi's Adventure: With all the Officer Agents defeated, only Crocodile and his final plan to destroy the palace stands in the way of peace. While Luffy battles it out with the evil Croc in the royal tombs, Vivi and the rest of the Straw Hats have to find the bomb before it blows up the capital--with everyone in it!

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