Sunday 10 February 2013

Read by Wont Review #27

These are the books I read and won’t be reviewing anytime soon.
(not because they weren’t good, just because)

Resolution (Refuge #4) by Carol Lynne
Are You Alice? 4 by Ikumi Katagiri & Ai Ninomiya
*The Prodigal Brother (Blue Line Hockey #8) by Stephani Hecht
*Piggyback (Carry Me #2) by Charlie Richards
Lovers and Other Strangers by Josh Lanyon
*See (Fork in the Path) by Jackie Nacht

You Tube short Films
We Once Were Tide (18:21)
Cold Star (7:04)—didn’t finish
Out Gay (20:38)—didn’t finish
I Love You, but I Can’t…. (4:58)
The Boy Next Door (10:00)
Then You Can be Free (4:28)
Frozen Heart (6:50)
One on One (9:43)
The Love Within Gay (15:00)
Stay (7:59)

If you would like my thoughts on any of the above, tell me and I’ll do a full review for you.
* What I bought this week and read
**was a free buy

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