Saturday 9 February 2013

Memoirs of this Delusional Writer #16

Starting paragraph
“I miss you,” Mike’s voice was low, not whispering, but defiantly discreet. Though being that it was nearly midnight, Jacob wasn’t surprised.
Being That for You

What I’ve done
·         Taking Control of my Werewolf (Moonlit Wolves #4)
·         Want: continue—already done 4,497w
·         wrote: 380w

·         Being That for You—Valentine’s Day!
·         Want: finish—already done 2,062 w
·         wrote: 3,449w + 000w = 1,233w
·         Finished at: 4,985w 6,218w

(Fortnight Quota = 10,150 words)
Shit Week, didn’t come close, only coming in at 5,689 words

Thoughts for Thoughts
1071w Being that for You
·         The whole series is going to be under this title. It’s will be easier that way makes me, you, everyone know there of the same story. And I think it fits them all. At least, so far. Well see when we get to Halloween, wont we?
·         Got rid of 417 words—though the info is needed, and I’m hoping I can get it in there, I think it will work better this way, that this scene that I’m writing will hold a better interest, ‘cause it’s a shower scene, only….not like all the others. ‘Cause they bore me just as much as you, but the back story needs to be told, and it’s as over worked as the scene, hence the reason behind the book. It’s not about the over worked beings storyline, but more so what happens after that kill. So why not use an erotic romance cliché, right, so let’s put them together.

Dribble Drabble, 206w—see soon in Adults Corner #16

1,449w Being that for You
       [Chap 2: 2,515w]
·         Next up, Valentine’s sex!!!—really, this is nothing but sex, with a slight, maybe sloppy plot line. Sorry in advance for this one. But the story was fucked up with the fact that my head is all around the next book. That’s the real story. The one I’ve wanted to write from the start, but thought this’d be better.
—well here you have it, hope you like it. (At least, when it’s finished)

929w Being that for You
·         Hum…I could just end it here. Him walking into the bedroom, clearly getting ready to jump the other man’s bones. And I could leave that. I could keep it like that. But I’ve made this an erotica, right? So it needs an ending sex scene doesn’t it? Shit. I’ll have to do that later, really not in the mood for sex.
[Chap 3; same]
·         Sorry boys, I can’t finish this with sex. It just doesn’t feel right to me. Maybe in the re-read before I put it up. Maybe. We’ll see. But as it is….
4,985 words, 3 chapters, valentines Blog Story special –hope you’ll enjoy it!
Add on, wrote 1,233w to really end the story
·         I just wasn’t in a romance head space when I wrote the above—hang on, yeah I was, the end is romantic as hell, and I’m kinda surprised that I wrote it, seriously, my idea, hell, the only way you can please me is ‘make your own sandwiches by headlights’
o   Actually that really is romantic, like sandwiches at the beach at sunset. If you haven’t tried it you really are a bit snobbish. There’s nothing better. A view, what you like, and the only person in the world you want to be with.
Or candles at Macca’s—okay, that’s an inside joke, but that’s how you know it’s love, right? When they get that twisted part of you, and love you more for it.
·         Anyway, what I wasn’t in the mindset for was sex. And I don’t care who you are, you need to be in that right mindset. Like I may think, in detail, about sex way too much—like to the point they say men do. But the mindset isn’t always in getting it—hell, I’m still a lady. I still get ‘headaches’.
6,218 words, 3 chapters
Sorry, it’s not great. But then, what did ya expect, this is all you get when you want to know the day to day, isn’t it?

      I’m sinking, rapidly.
I’m really shit at Grammar
I’m not getting better. Too much stress, Its eating at me.

A few rambles in a lot of areas of Moonlit Wolves
Werewolf’s Howl (#5)   289 words
o   Took out what I originally had—wasn’t much, 100 words. Plus, teaser line:
“You never see me!” Brad yelled into Kyle’s face. “I’ve been here. Right in front of you and you’ve never seen me!”
“Who says,” Kyle spoke softly but strong. “Who the fuck says I haven’t seen you. That I haven’t been in agony over the fact that I fell in love with my lover’s best friend.”
“For years!” Kyle screamed. “For fucking years my heart has been beating for no one because I couldn’t love you. No more than I could stop!”
o   I’m liking this start better. It’s a start that come from the last book, and yet a little different. It will also help better with Brad, ‘cause I’m thinking a little hostility between Brad and Kyle would help the whole thing work better.
o   Would give it an edge.
The Rub of my Werewolf (#6) 338 words
o   I really like the sex scene that’s gonna open this book up. I think it’s cool, and will show Gene in a light that is all him, as well as showing us how far it all goes (I hope). I just can’t seem to get them to that…. Why am I trying? Who do I need to please? Why do they need pretext? Especially since I don’t want this series to have that ‘love at first meet’ feel, so as many that came have a longer…courting, even if there was none of it, the better. And without the pretext I can give them that.
o   It didn’t come out the same, but it works, I think.

Did you know, in Australia, it’s illegal to tell your employees that they are meant to attend a staff meeting or they are fired if said employees aren’t being paid for it??

380w Taking Control of my Werewolf (Moonlit Wolves #4)
·         I just can’t seem to start this story—in getting them to the point that I need them to be where they start in my head—I’m resigned to the point that they might not happen, that this scene won’t come true. But still, I can’t seem to get that snarky point where Eamon is still in charge even as Chris curses him out while grinding up against him.

Ending Paragraph
Mmm,” Jake sighed, “Happy Valentines babe.”
Being that for You—seen on Valentine’s Day

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