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Story Corner #28

This posting is for ADULT AUDIENCES ONLY.
It contains substantial sexually explicit scenes and graphic language which may be considered offensive by some readers.
These are parts of stories that are still being written. Therefore haven’t had a BETA read, let alone a editing from me.

This one is sorta a long way off being written, if I don’t decide to pull it up a bit—it may make more sense if I do. We’ll see—but it’s a scene that hasn’t left my brain since it landed there, and I had to write it out.
Turns out, it turned out better than I thought it would, though James is a lot more brain chatty that I thought he was so… that’s interesting.
Anyway, this is the scene; it may or may not change when I write the book depending on what happens before it.

Picturing my Werewolf
(Moonlit Wolves #8)
James & Luke

Leaking cock. That’s all James could see, and it wasn’t as good a sight as it should have been. Yeah, it proved without a doubt that his cock up Luke’s arse was as good for the other man as it was for himself. But the control was not. James wasn’t even half down with the man so he needed for that cock to stop seeping.

  Glancing around himself, found a tie, didn’t understand why it was there, hanging around the edge of the footboard. He was sure that if he’s brain had functioning blood in it he’d be able to figure it out. However, it just wasn’t happening now.

  Sliding the navy blue tie from where it had been wedged between the mattress and wood pole James, with a little menovering—since he was only using one hand, had the fabric lay out just about Luke’s cock head. All the while, he’s other hand still held that thigh, keeping Luke’s ankle on his shoulder, and his hips rocked in a steady beat.

  What was to come next was going to take both his hands, so as he shifted, putting the ankle closer to his neck, his arms wrapping around the outside. He did not want it to move. He was quite enjoying the angle they had going for them. That deep slide, that made him want a little deeper, and yet with the pants of breath braking as he thrust up into the velvet channel, he was obviously hitting Luke perfectly on the way in.

  Both hands free, James worked quickly, he didn’t wanted to stop having to concentrate so hard on anything. He wanted to let himself go. Drive into the sex like he hadn’t done before. He’d been there moments before. Lost in that beat of harmony that he didn’t want to ever end. Now, he was stuck in that grind of working sex, and that just wasn’t right. Not with Luke.

  Dark fabric against Luke’s slightly flushed skin look beautiful as James started to wind the fabric around the bottom of his lover’s shaft. Tightening it with each turn, he watched, as the skin around the end became a slightly redder colour. With three turns in, James lifted up Luke’s already tightening balls, pulling them out from his body as much as he could—he wasn’t sure if the man like that much pain, and he didn’t really want to disturbed his enjoyment. James wrapped the fabric around them too, pulling tight, trapping the fluid in these soft pockets.

  James was only done when he’d wrapped softly circled his fist twice with the end and looked down at the magic of trapped blood.

  Luke’s balls swelled first, the harder be pounded into his lover the reder they got. Nearly glowing in there magnificent. James’ breath picked up as his swept his eyes over the shaft of Luke’s cock and saw its own reaction. Its head was nearly purple with trapped blood as it completely swelled out from under his foreskin. The girth had become wider. It had lengthened an inch or so more.

  Veins were popping out from under the skin, screaming there need to release. Sweat glossed on the glory of need and power and magnificent as James worked his hips harder and harder, driving the man under him crazy with his lust.

  It was something James loved the most. He needed to hear the screams, grunts and cries of utter agony due to the pleasure he was giving them. He needed to see the sex as it glistened on him and his lovers’ skin as he drove them further and further into the madness of sex.

  He needed them to carve out there passion into whatever they could get their hands on. He needed that twitch in their bodies that showed him how much they needed for him to finish them.

  He needed this magnificent being to open up for him and let him take everything that he wanted. He needed them to beg him to do that.

  But more so, he needed Luke to do that for him. He just needed Luke. 

  “Please… please…” he finally heard Luke. Looking away from the sight of them fucking, that heavy cock as it hit his lover’s stomach with ever connection of thigh to arse. He loved watching. Watching himself moving in and out of his lovers tight hold. That cock as it swung in the rhythm that they created together.


  He’d gotten side tracked again. Looking up the long line of his lovers’ tattooed torso he made it to a flushed face. Sweat beaded along his upper lip, his forehead, and cheeks. His eyes were bright with lust and need, and that slight touch of pain that had caused tears to leak from the corners of his eyes.

  Realising he may have gone a little too far, James bent down and took his lovers mouth. Sucking that seeking tongue deep into his own mouth. He uncurled the fabric from his fist and let fall, loosening around the other man’s cock and balls. Allowing the next couple of trust to hit his prostate on the way in and dragged over on the way out, he ended the kiss in need for breath as he allowed himself to bring that orgasm he’d been holding off to push from his balls into his shaft.

  Shifting himself, and his lover he took hold of the heavy cock of his lover and pulled on it as orgasm rushed through his system, greying out his eyes slightly in its intensity as it took over his whole body.

  Shuddering threw his slow moving trust, James blink himself back into the room faster than he wanted to. Hell, he’d be happy if he could just roll over and pass out. But he actually really liked Luke. Hell, he was sure the man was his mate but more than that, he wanted his lover to be fulfilled and comfortable.

  Taking in breath after breath, keeping that sappy feeling of orgasm running through his bones, he got up on his elbows and looked down at Luke. His lover. He’s mate.

  “You okay?” he asked as he saw those deep brown eyes look up at him with a soft mushiness that pulled at James’ chest. Causing his own eyes to soften out. He could feel the fucker doing it.          

  “Yeah,” Luke mouth moved more than the words came out, but James heard him.

  Bending down he kissed his lovers mouth, hoping with everything that was in him that this was going to be what he had for the rest of his life. He took his lovers mouth with that intention. Of keeping him. Of never letting go. of lo—yeah, uh… pulling back mentally, he didn’t really want to go there, he also realised he pulled up physically too.

  Looking down at his lover from where he was now on his knees, James gript the bottom of his condom—fucking stupid things, he wouldn’t have been wearing it if it wasn’t for his lover and the age difference and the occupation that had him worry about disease you can get through sex and blood. Hell, James hardly ever thought about that shit. Which was kinda sad, but being as all he can remember from Sex Ed at school was condom equalled no babies and that he was gay, and dudes can’t procreate with dudes.

  Pulling off the thin latex come bag, James gript the end and twilled the fucker around a few time, making sure no matter what he did with it, it wasn’t going to spill his come all other the place. As he did this, he got up off the bed and headed for the bathroom that was just off the hallway in his mates’ house.

  Wrapping the condom in a few pulls of toilet paper, James dumped the condom in the bin that slightly hid under the skin, letting it sit there with the used tampons and other paraphernalia females seemed to need to use in a bathroom.

  Did he mention how much he hated condoms? They took up way to much of his fucking time.

  Wet cloth in hand, and a need a knowledge that he needed to go and get tested so he was six months closer to getting to fuck his mate bear.

  Walking into Luke’s room, James shut the door behind him and took in a deep breath. He pulled in the heavy scent of Luke and sex as he crossed to the bed and looked down at the now, steady breathing, and normal coloured man. Miles and miles of bear tattooed skin meet his gaze.

  “Man, dude, you got come everywhere,” James chuckled as he saw the damage there fun had created. Luke’s better was sticky with thick spots of dead come. There were parts on his mates face, a few lines, that had made it that far—ones that would clearly have spiked fear into some women’s eggs if they had come near them.

  Why the fuck was he thinking about a chick so much?

  James shook his head. Must have been that bathroom. Hell, he really did take in too much of his older sisters words as they talked about their lasted fuck fest, if this is what he thought about when cleaning up a man’s come.

  When Luke was all clean James moved around so that he could quickly take care of the come that made it to the quilt that they had fucked on. One swipe of his own knee as he realised he’d been kneeling in one parch he got up to take the cloth back.

  “just throw it on the floor,” Luke said, his normally smooth voice held a rough edge, that made James want to shout with pride, since he was the one that put it there.

  Tossing the cloth onto the floor, as close to the door as he could get, James helped with the blankets as Luke seemed to want under than without actually having to move, which was cute, especially seeing as Luke was a 6 foot 2, nearly 30 year old male who was acting more like a kid.

  Once under the covered Luke pulled James in close, getting James head to sit in the hollow of his shoulder as he tightened his arms around James’ shoulder and snuggled in close. A soft kiss to his forehead, and a whispered good night, which James replied to. Luke seemed to pass out.

  James shifted slightly, getting his arm out from under his body and generally settling in. comfortable in a position that had never been before. James allowed himself to be pulled into sleep alongside his mate. Luke.

  Man, he really hoped the guy wanted that too.


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