Saturday 10 August 2013

Memoirs of this Delusional Writer #29

Starting paragraph
“What you do, put a glass up against the wall,” though Kyle was sure he hadn’t, he wasn’t going to give Gene ammo.
     “Something like that,” he quipped [..]
A werewolf’s howl (moonlit wolves #5) chapter 9

What I’ve done
·         Re-read on MW #4, and fixed slightly
·         Writing MW#5

The Short List (of shit I have to do)
·         finish #1, Assassins Union                               working on it, slowly  
·         finish # 5, Moonlit Wolves series                   dragging my heels
·         Something Wicked Cross his Back, part 3      been think bout
·       Being that for You #3             
·         Start #6, Moonlit Wolves                                plotting

[Research] What I Learnt (?)
·         I couldn’t actually find out all the information that I needed on NSW police academy, though with b5 I’ve been vague, for lots of reason, so I’m not sure if it’s all that important.
o   But if anyone know where I can to find the most information I can, tell us, ‘cause I have a crime romance novel/series that I would love to start writing, but it needs a lot of information.

Thoughts for Thoughts
Moonlit Wolves #4
·         Like I thought, back before all this bullshit, the book isn’t as bad as I thought, and to be honest it isn’t annoying me as much as if did to write it. Wonder why? I still had to fix it up and so here’s the end numbers now: 5, 079w taken out. book is not 23,518w
·         So I have another idea about this series, and I know you don’t really give a shit, you haven’t read my books, you don’t know if they’ll even be any good, and I get it, since if you’ve read my blog stories you know that I’m not the greatest in spelling and all that. But remember I have an editor, so it’ll work out for the better. They will be better.
o   Still, it’s not the point. I’ve been trying to think of ways to connect, or keep the main group or other peoples stories connected. At first, I was all for doing short stories for adult’s corner, or interviews or whatever it is you want. Instead I’ve been thinking of writing short stories and putting them at the end of the main story—kinda a freebee, if you will. Maybe it will be just about struggles they went through. Maybe it will be about the other side meeting, or even just their struggles as they set up the statuary that they are going to be doing threw the series.
o   Anyway, I know you don’t really care know, but just think about it in the sense of other big series that you read, would that appeal to you? Would you enjoy it? is it worth me doing it?
·         {next day} I’m pretty sure I know what’s wrong with this book, yeah!!!
o   It’s the fucking sex scene. Its crap and it actually doesn’t fit in with the flow of the book. Yeah, it works to a point, but I haven’t gone as deep into the whole pissy sub and alpha dom—hell, I haven’t gone into that lifestyle at all, with a point, I’ve been noticing, but the sex scene was written first and the book around it. that’s why I hate the book, it’s why, even know I still moan and bitch about it. so…. Let’s write a new sex scene!
502w MW#4 + Special Side Story
·         These are the new things I’m adding to the end of my series, stories—and maybe all if I feel they need them. This series will. So far, there are three titles. You will learn them when I write them.
o   Got some good ideas for some short stories—most of them are actually what I have already wanted to write, and was just trying to figure out how I was meant to put them in a story without them being part of it.
·         {a few days later} I still hate his book, and I really hope that isn’t putting you off, it’s just that’s it’s hitting to close to home and I’m not enjoying that shit.
o   Finished the physical copy last night. It’s not as bad, and yet there are a lot of things that I need to fix up, including re-writing the sex scene, which are two chapters and a short story for the end. Along with a switch up of a few paragraphs that were a little messed up, and a few words that I have to take the Aussie out of.
·        Shit I really don’t have this scene in my head, and without it there, it’s a bitch to write, since you just have to putter along until that perfect point where you’re as caught up in the sex as they are.
§  Change 912 words in chap 6 with 1,180w making it 2,063 now.
§  Chap 7 was 2,335w now is 2,266w
§  Chap 8 was 1832w now is 2,864w
§  Added, short story on the end with 2,246w
o   Making what I wrote this fortnight to be 8,556w
·        Even though it’s annoying to have to go and fix up the little things, I fucked up with (okay—actually reading the whole thing is annoying, correcting the thing into the computer is something I sink into. I have this weird thing about entering details or—I reckon I would actually do quite well with cataloguing shit, it’s fun, I love it. I just…
·        It’s not the point, at all, the point being, I’m trying to change my over use of ‘the men’ or other sight variations. As well as double checking all those ‘big’ (and yeah, they are to my mind) are the right words for where they sit.
·        Shit, I kinda forgot what I was saying in the first place. Um… oh, yeah, I’m already at the point in this book that’s loosened that slight unease about the book—though I still don’t like it, it’s a fully character reason now, instead of the whole book deal. So cool, I’m actually proud of myself with it now, rather than living with it.

A New Idea for a story
·         Yeah! I actually like this idea, and it comes from a book that’s just been released about a schoolteacher and her uncaring need to fuck school boys.
·         I read about it on Ryan F? blog, and though I turned my noise up at it, I read the article he wrote (not anyone else’s, I didn’t care past what he had to stay), but the idea stuck.
·         The book she wrote was—she said, was a look into school teachers fucking her students, it’s like, we all want that, or will think it’s hot as hell but be a ashamed to admit it* (wait, I think that was quoted, sorta from a review) her’s were more about no one doing what she’s doing ‘cause it’s not socially acceptable. Or it’s about highlighting the idea that this happens, only it’s about a teacher who’s not assumed about what she’s doing—though I reckon a majority of school teacher getting with teachers actually fall in love with the boy they are having that affair with.
·         I remember school. I remember the boys that could pull themselves off as adults if they just grew a little bit of facial hair. I know how hard they try to flirt—to fuck, the hot school teachers. But they aren’t generally the ones that end up in this situation are they? No, the school teachers that fuck up that way are socially awkward with their peers, there shy, they probably have no self-confidence when it comes to their love life. And then comes a boy, and they click, and something snaps, and I just… I just can’t see her (or him, but more her—woman are more into romance, than men—it’s a fucking fact) wanting this for no other reason than to fuck a student.
o   Not if this was in college, that’s a different thing all together, ‘cause those boys are adults, and the only thing that’s wrong is the whole ‘teacher, mentor’ thing. I honestly don’t see a lot of problems with collage boys fucking a teacher. 
·         *but you kinda should be ashamed to admit that your sexually attracted to a boy your teaching. Or one that, I don’t know, you watched grow up. I’m fully and waiting for when I’m old enough to be able to be a cougar. I’ve even nearly gotten one of my friends willing to go on the prowl with me. and the thing is, when I’m that age (I’m gonna say 40) my boy will be 20. He’ll be fully grown as will my daughter (18) which is why I’ve chosen the age. But even know, there’s no way I could even think about getting with one of his friends, hell, why would I want to.
o   Though I’m a fan of the game, kinda what gets me off. So what fun would be to get something off my doorstep. Let along the fact that I’ve watched him as a kid. As he grew. That’s just a little creepy, and I don’t see that changing.
·         Okay, so I’ve digressed, but it’s what this books going to be about. It’s about a boy, 16 years old—maybe 17 when the kids born, who had an affair with his teacher. They got caught. ideas that they were together but it wasn’t until she was in hospital that she ended up in handcuffs.
·         He saw the kid, fell in love, and wanted to keep it, only his parent kick him out ‘cause of it. so he ends up staying with one of his older brothers mates.
·         This book, I’m hoping, will flow over a couple of years, as they live together and raise the kid. But it’s also going to be a slow love story.
·         It’s my family one. and I know it’s going to have to do a lot of research into the facts about this type for shit in Australia, and about his rights as the father, even if the mother was going to jail.
·         I really like the idea, ‘cause it’s one point of the fall out on what could happen, if this happened. So I’ll be having him go through the pissed offness of everything that happened, even as he rationalises, and realises what’s going on and why it’s wrong. he needs to go through the stress of the kid being a new born and the life he’s that’s been taken from him, even if he’s chosen to go this riot. He’s going to have to go through sexuality changes—or more so, realisation that maybe he isn’t straight. Why was he pulled into the woman’s clutches if he wasn’t?
·         You know, all that fun stuff. It will be hard to get it all right. It will be hard to research. But in my head. It’s a cool arsed story that I can’t wait to start.
·         So what do you think? Would you read: Falling in Love with Forever?

1,771w Werewolf’s Howl (MW #5)
·         I’ve started this week off by re-reading the first 9 chapters of the book—I printed them out, since I’m at a little standstill with how I should proceed. Like yeah, at least no matter what I’m going to get into the 20k word limit, but do I just get them through a sex scene and there talking, or…. You see, there’s a more but I can’t figure it out. So, I’m reading it again and seeing what’s what. Maybe it will come to me that way.

Thanks for the time

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