Saturday, 24 August 2013

Memoirs of this Delusional Writer #30

Starting paragraph
“Fuck,” he pulled back, lifting himself up off Brad, “sorry. Ah, fuck,” he got off the bed “really gotta piss” as he went out the door, leaving a laughing Brad in his bed.

A Werewolf’s Howl (MW) page 40

What I’ve done
·         new blog story
The Excuses
·         Man, I wish I had something, but fucked if I do.
·         By the way I made some really shitty covers for my free stories (you know black boxes with the title)
The Short List (of shit I have to do)
·         finish #1, Assassins Union                               working on it, slowly  
·         finish # 5, Moonlit Wolves                              dragging my heels
·         Something Wicked Cross his Back, part 3     
·         Being that for You #3             
·         Start #6, Moonlit Wolves                                plotting
·         That’s Different… #2
Thoughts for Thoughts
355w Werewolf’s Howl (MW#5)
·         First, up, I’m going to put in the short story I blogged at the end of this one. Mostly ‘cause I don’t really know what else to write there. it does mean, though, that two books
·         Ahhh…! I can’t seem to finish this fucking book. I’m 21k in, and I really want to get this to 25k.
o   There are 2 things I know, though, 1 is that there has to another sex scene—I’m thinking it will be before they go out for the night, but it’s gotta be close, hair grows outta his arms. Anyway, it’s a sex scene that’s all about what was once there—the fantasy! Then there’s gotta be a talk between Brad and Mick. Then the rogue goes in an anticlimactic. ‘Cause let’s face it, I need the bastard to actually talk. I need a line, a question that’s gotta be answered, and… another that’s only just been thought up. Along with the fact that I don’t want this series to be too involved with the series plot. It’s not the point.
·         Still no more on the book, but at least I’m nearly finished with my re-read on the first 8 chapters, so at least I’ve not been sitting around doing nothing. There are the same mistakes that I’ve always had, but relatively not a lot that’s really fucked up. One point that needs completely re-done, mostly ‘cause it just doesn’t fit, it didn’t even fit back when I started it, but it defiantly doesn’t now. But other than that… it’s just simple little shit that are easy messed up when you’re in a rush to get what’s in your head down.
·         {Finished re-read/computerising}. Arg, I really need to finish off this book, ‘cause book 6 is starting to fill up my head. Annoying as hell.
336w Walking a Different Line
·         Starting again. Though chap 1 is still the same. It’s the whole point of the book, chap 2 is something different. And the plot line, the reason, for a lot of Tris, will come through better the way I’m heading.
1,191w That’s Different… (blog story)
·         Part 1: Introduction: about a young boy leaning the leather ropes from a couple and finding a little bit more.
·         1,695w next day
·         This time: 1,215w
o   End result: 4,097w
·         This will be up for the next adults corner
o   —re-read, cleaned up. DONE, ready for posting next Sat
I’ve been so fucking slack this week
·         I’ve not been able to write, at all.
·         How fucked up is that, really
·         The worst part is that it’s not because I’m blocked. I know what I want to write, I’m not sure the minute to minute shit, but then I can’t detail a book that far down without messing with it all, and, well, putting way to much thought into it, which will end up making it sound fake and flat.
·         But I know what I want to write. I know what the books is ending—hell, I have one sex scene, and chat with the boss, and the doc coming who ends up killing the rouge. Fucking easy. What’s even easier is that I’m already at 21k which means I’ve done all I had to do, now it’s just ending it, so it’s not like I have to try and work my way into having this hold a heap more pages, but I know for a fact that I’ll get more than 2k, from what’s left. But….
·         But….
·         Why the fuck can’t I write it?!
FUCK MAN, I think I figured it out!
o   It’s a personal reason why my weeks shot to hell. On Monday morning (coming), I’m getting my birth control changed over. I use a Miraena—for those of you who don’t know, this one is inserted into the uterus. And so, I get to go for another pap smear, only this one stings a little, since they have to fuck around in there a little—hehe, overly dramatic but it’s kinda true.
o   Though it’s not that bad, if I look at the plus sides, ‘cause my body takes to this device like nothing else—I haven’t had a full blown period for 5 years, and the bleeding that I have had, was so light I didn’t even need a pad.
·         My blog stories. I’ve decided that since I have three of them now, I’m going to try my best (there’s a must in there, but…) to put out a story a month. September will either be that’s different p2 or p3, wicked cross his back, ‘cause Oct has being that 4 you—wait, maybe the next two stories will be my BDSM ones, sine Being that 4 you is actually meant to come out on Halloween so it’s safe to call it the November story?
o   We’ll see how things are going round that time. But there’s my plans.
Thanks for the time

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