Saturday 7 September 2013

Memoirs of this Delusional Writer #31

Starting paragraph
“What?” Brad sat up a little straighter looking around for what his boss was bitching about this time.
“You, idiot, your grinning like a fool.”
A Werewolf’s Howl (MW#5) page 45

What I’ve done
·         I got myself a BETA reader!! It’s fucking awesome.
·         Done, fixed, send-off: MW book 5

The Short List (of shit I have to do)
·         finish #1, Assassins Union                               working on it, slowly  
·         Something Wicked Cross his Back, part 3     
·         Being that for You #3             
·         Start #6, Moonlit Wolves                                plotting
·         That’s Different… #2

Thoughts for Thoughts
Werewolf’s Howl (MW #5)
·         Yeah, finished the paper version on re-reads from chap 1—8
·         Just finished computerising: now I need to fix up the highlights, and, you know, finish the book.
1,905w this time
·         Chapter 9: 2,768
·         I really don’t feel like I’m doing a good job of this series. It’s bad—the thought, I’m not sure about the work, ‘cause I’m not sure if my books have anything interesting to them. If they have meaning, and if I actually do conclude their relationship enough to suit the story itself.
·         So much self-doubt going around at the moment. Shit as it all it. It’s really back, ‘cause it means my minds decided to fuck with me again. Yeah.
·         —I have a blurb for this one!!! Yeah, heaps excited, since it seems like the hardest thing in the world for me to do.
o   Decided that I’m going to put in a talk with the boys—there history, because I’m not sure I’m ever going to get it all out, not fully, in the books. Mostly ‘cause it’s not that important, not in any real way but showing them what they are, and why they are like they are. So I’m going to put in a couch time with Dr. Eamon Collins
587w this time
·         Chapter 10: 1,945—but the end is shit as and I’ll have to fix it up.
1,880w this time
·         Chapter 11, the end: 1,785
·         Fuck yeah, I’m done—the first draft.
·         Now all that left is re-read, fix-up and sent off.
·         Side story: 1,809
·         It’s so much easier to correct mistakes with you highlight them and come back another day. I think paper copies of all my needs to be an added requirement when I’m writing a book.
·         Huh, I just put in a point that sounds right, but I’m not sure actually is. Really, I’ve never even been to a shrink, and I think I can’t talk ‘bout one?!
·         YEAH!!! I’ve finished the book 5. Coming in @ 26,712 words (including side story)
o   Déjá vú, but can Kyle change the way it all went down last time, so he can keep the only man he ever loved.

o   Standing at another mutilated person, Kyle knows the rogue werewolf is back, he’d seen this before, year ago, when everything turned to shit.
o   Brad was in two minds about coming back to his hometown after running away because of a kiss—that resulted in his best mates murder. When his mentor asks for his help, Brad agreed a little two easily.
o   An excuse to run into the one man he’d been pinning over for two long now. Why he can’t get Kyle out of his head Brad isn’t sure. But as soon as he locks eyes with Kyle, the fresh wash of lust tells him he may never be able to.
o   Can a goal to hunt down the rogue that took their friends life—the reason they had been apart—be a reconnecting they both so desperately need? 

Falling in Love with this Forever
·         Changed main characters name from JC to Campbell.
·         I’m actually thinking this will be my next book. It’s actually going to be my first full novel in this genre, ‘cause I have actually written 6 before I went into this genre.
·         They weren’t very good, but if you ever want to see for yourself, just say something and I’ll make them a blog story or something.
·         I’m also, ‘cause of the baby thing, going to make this a long romance, since, well, he’s young and concentrating on that, until it hits him upside the head—you know, after a few late nights and a dribble of lube. 
o   This is going to be the next book written. My minds already working around what’s going on. How I’m going to make it work. What’s the climax? What if what I want just isn’t something we do here? How can I get it to work if I can’t put her in jail and then make her ‘crazy’?
o   All of it is running, round and round in my mind, and I think it’s time to take a break from what I have been doing for a while to something different, and hopefully something else to be published
·         This is a contemporary ‘coming of age’ romance involving children.

Thanks for the time

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