Thursday 19 September 2013

Not Sure I Should Be Bothering

It’s not in my nature to ramble—hehe, I made a funny. And it wasn’t funny at all, but at the moment I’m in a mood that’s probably not the best for me to be writing something in.

Though, I’m not really smart enough to be funny—or is that I’m not smart enough for sarcasm, which says a lot since I can do it, it’s just my family, hella better.

Anyway, an update on my end of the screen is that the Defacto quit his job last weekend, and he was bored by midday Monday, and annoying the shit out of me to the point that I wanted to kick him out and lock the doors til the kids came home by Wed.
But, alsa, he gets his HR license at the beginning of next week and *fingers-crossed* he’ll have a full time job that he’ll be able to go to by tonight (he’s just gone to an introduction to work thing today)

My work, ‘cause of the annoyance of only one computer and two people wanting to use it, has been pausing for other reasons then my own head.
But I have written a new NA or YA story—I’m actually not sure how young to put this, I’ll say that 12 yr olds can read it, but I’m not a good judge on what parents will let their 12yr olds read.
There’s no graphic sex, though a description of the act. It’s about two guys, and its’ written from inspiration of a grouping of pic’s that I’d put up here if I wasn’t afraid I’d be violating copyright laws—it’s re-posted on my tumblr--linked it here!

The short story, I’m hoping, will only be 6k and it’s all spoken in Jimmy’s voice as he thinks back at his life with Kevin.

It’s called: My Kevin

And my thinking Blurb (which is what I write up when the idea first comes to me. it’s not the blurb—or I hope not, but it’s what I think first, what the story comes from)

Life. That’s what we live. It’s what we breathe. It’s who we love.
This is the story of Kevin and me, Jimmy. It’s not a long story, or more, it’s not a complex story. Not something to cry over, or moan about. It’s blessed—I’ve been blessed. Being able to grow and live and laugh and love with the one person I was meant to be with. And it has been that way my whole life.

Anyway, I’ve just got to re-read it, and get my beta to read it, since she’s the one that will tell me if it will actually work or not, and then I’ll find a place to submit it too. I’m not sure yet, but I have a thought on my first, since this company put out a tweet and was another reason for writing the story. But then, they might not actually want it.

Well, it’s the thought that counts and it may be shit, but I hope it won’t. I wrote this for a company, and since it’s the first short story that I’ve wanted to write for something more than a blog story….
Well, guess we’ll see when it happens, right.
Til next time.

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