Sunday 22 September 2013

Read This Week #57

The deal with all those books I’ve read this week

*Stat (EMS Heat) by Stephani Hecht
*The Wedding Thief, *Clean Living, *The Mark of a Dragon (Fever Dreams), *the Weekend in the country by Derek Adams

*The Betrayal Knows my Name vol. 4&5 by Hotaru Odagiri

To Do List by Kim Dare
The Vampire’s Special Lover & The Mountain Man’s Mate by Charlie Richards
Revving it Up by Sean Michael

The Betrayal Knows My Name vol. 1—5 by  Hotaru Odagiri
For a Dragon’s Protection (Highland Dragon’s) by Charlie Richards
The Alpha’s Only (Building the Pack) by Amber Kell
A Perfect Match by Derek Adams
Fall Hard by JL Merrow

In Sunshine or in Shadow by Josh Lanyon
Bleach vol. 17, 18, 19 & 20 by Tite Kubo

If you would like my thoughts on any of the above, tell me and I’ll do a full review for you.
* What I bought this week and read
**was a free buy
*** New buy & paperback

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