Saturday, 21 September 2013

Memoirs of this Delusional Writer #32

Starting paragraph
It’s funny how when people think about their lives. Think about the pain and the pleasure. The memories that stick are always the same thing.
That first moment when you see your soul mate.
My Kevin, starting line

What I’ve done
·         Editing MW #3
·         & start editing on #2
·         Started MW #6
·         Started a new short story, YA—NA region.

The Short List (of shit I have to do)
·         #1, Assassins Union                                         working on, slowly     
·         Being that for You #3             
·         Start #6, Moonlit Wolves       
·         That’s Different… #2
·         Falling in Love with this Forever                     plotting / start

Thoughts for Thoughts
Editing, Seeking my Werewolf, with Tex
·         I’m not sure why I’m getting book 3 instead of book 2, but I’ve emailed that question as I gave back the first set.
·         That wasn’t nearly as painful as the first book. Maybe I did learn a lot while writing that book. ‘cause this book hasn’t been touched by me since I sent them off with the first book. It took about 2hrs to get through it all and send it back off.
o   The above was because I have so many books for her to edit that Tex is doing them from shortest to longest and a little of them all at the same time—makes scenes to me.
o   Later: I spoke with Mrs McGee about this and she reckons that (maybe) the reason there isn’t as much problems is because Tex has gotten use to my writing style, she recognises it, and understands it more, so as it stands there isn’t all that much to change, I just write different than most.
·         The second set, was about 10 things that needed to be changed. All little shit. It’s great that I’ve obviously gotten better in my writing. It makes me proud that I am learning just by doing. And I’m sure I’ll get any better when I learn from the editors—already I see myself changing things when I writing them the first time. and seeing things I never did when I re-read them.
·         Last set of editing on book 3
Editing, Forever with my Werewolf, with Tex
·         I used the word ‘his’ to start sentences. And a few other stuff—I’m sure there’ll probably be more when we get the His thing taken care other things might actually show up. Guess we’ll see.

829w the Rub of my Werewolf (MW #6)
·         Guess I couldn’t help myself, as soon as I finished the first set of editing (above) my mind went to the next book, and threw it at the front.
·         Hah, maybe that’s what it’s like to be a teenage boy, nothing ease penetrated (hehe) my mind but needed to write out this first part of this book!!

I’m on pause—waiting for my fucking books to come.
·         See the thing is that I have book 3 and book 5, but I can’t read them til I get book 4, it just seems wrong to now read it all together.
·         Than the bleach, are they going to come one a fucking day? I have ordered 5 and only got 2 left—so will I have to wait over the weekend until I get the last one?!
·         I’m frustrated, and I just want them. Now!!!
·         I wrote out a plot thing for all my books on the short list, hoping that it will bring me out of this shit I’ve gotten myself into. I’ve just sent of the plot for my single story to me sis to see what she makes of it (to see if it actually makes sense and what I’m missing—that’s what she does for me. she’s my sound board, and she’s on holidays, so I haven’t had her for a while, it’s starting to mess with me.

Started a new story. 
·         it’s a YA one—or at least I’m hoping it will turn out that way
·         I’m going to call it MY KEVIN, only it might not be able to stay that way since it’s my brother’s name, but this is it. I like the idea. It’s a simple book, and Kevin everyone knows a Kevin.
375 words –re-wrote (the next day) 1,880w
·         This came out of it all. An epiphany while I was showering—told ya it was my way. And its flowing better I think.
·         I’m also thinking this will be short, like 12k and I’ll submit it to Harmony Ink if there still taking submission by the time I’m done.
·         This story is just about the life of two boys growing up. There isn’t anything deep about it. I’m hoping that won’t matter. Just a little love story from a group of pictures that keep seeming to pop up on tumblr and are driving my creative mine nuts (you’d know the ones I’m talking about when you read it, I think, or maybe there just effecting me this way—by the way, I don’t know their names, so I’m not using them. and I also not using there descriptions, it’s just the pic’s hit a nerve and I’m paining a story with it)
424 words this time
·         This story is pretty much going to be done without any real conversations. It’s him remembering, but to what end…?!
3,560 words this time
·         And I finished it off with 507 words
·         Its DONE at 6,085 words with 4 chaps.
·         Unofficial blurb :
·         Life. That’s what we live. It’s what we breathe. It’s who we love.
·         This is the story of Kevin and me, Jimmy. It’s not a long story, or more, it’s not a complex story. Not something to cry over, or moan about. It’s blessed—I’ve been blessed. Being able to grow and live and laugh and love with the one person I was meant to be with. And it has been that way my whole life.

Thanks for the time

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