Monday 9 September 2013

Seeking aThought

Stuck again.
It’s actually a lot harder to write these things than I ever thought it would be. Mostly ‘cause I can talk so much it isn’t annoying.

The thing is that I don’t have anything important to say.
But then again, this is the internet, who’s to say what’s interesting, and to whom.

I’ve decided that I’m going to write something different. I want to write about a kid who has a kid who ends up falling in love. But I’m finding difficult to research so at the moment my minds been running round and round trying to figure out how it’s going to work out.

You see. The thing with these types of book is that the research can break or change your story dramatically, and you can’t have that.
Or at least I can’t.
I have it set. At least as set as my plot lines go until I fill it in. but it’s filling it in that’s giving me trouble.

So, the book is about a 15 year old who ends up having an affair with his teacher. she ends up falling pregnant.
 So research number one. How do I do this?
·         What’s the law about this?
o   In Australia, it’s universal. Except one state has full laws against underage sodomy, the rest of the states/territory’s don’t. anyone, consenting age is 16 unless the older person is in a mentor or teacher (police) then it’s 18.
·         So they get caught. By who?
o   What is she charged with? Would they change her? Would it have to be the parents of them that pursues it to happen? And what’s the max punishment? The min?
o   (I honestly can’t find the information for this. maybe ‘cause I’m not smart enough to find the right places, or maybe it’s not actually there, more a case to case thing)
So what if I can’t. What if nothing happened, how does he end up full custody of a kid at 16? (Which is the major part in the plot line)
·         Do I have her leave when she’s fallen ‘cause she can’t answer the questions?
·         Has she been fired ‘cause of the affair?
·         Why does he end up with the full custody if she was fine?
o   This is where I’m getting a little stuck, what my head running around about
What if I find that she’s move on, or suddenly doesn’t want it anyone—you see, part of my plot line is that she comes back. So how do I have her giving it up one min and wanting it, seemingly, the next?
·         So what happens with her that she snaps, ‘cause she has to end up kidnapping the kid?
·         But then if that happened, would they care what a 19 year old had lost his kid to a 30 something year old woman whose the mother of the child taken?
o   I know that they should ‘cause he has the papers.
o   So, then should I be less smart about it and have there be no paper work?
o   But that won’t work, ‘cause I do actually need them to be able to have the kid back, it’s like the climax to the whole book, the thrill in it, the worry and the fact that he finally opens his eyes and see the other man as something more than what he’s been seeing him as?

Then there’s the boys….
The MC1 (Kai) is the easiest. What boy wouldn’t fuck his teacher if she was coming on strong. He’s fifteen and he’s dick would look at anything at time and wonder what it would feel. But let’s say she’s been at him for a couple of years. Why wouldn’t he take her up on it?

MC2 (Campbell) is his big brothers gay friend who ends up taking Kai and the baby in when Kai’s parents kick him out for his chose on having the kid—it’s not that simple. And mostly it’s a threat that…like I said, not the point.
·         But why’s he there? Why does he offer?
·         Or does he, maybe the brother decides to see if he can’t help out?

Yeah, anyway I’m all clogged up with the first though to be able to go into individual shit yet, and to be honest I have all I need to get me through that shit.
It’s really, the big problem, and the one that’s giving me all this shit. You see, it’s the point of the story. Without understanding all the points above or the right answers, ‘cause they are big ones. Ones that would make me have to re-write the whole story if I didn’t get it right.

And this is all while I think of length—you see I’m thinking about making this a novel. But what’s interesting about a guy living his life threw a bunch of years. Since if I’m going full novel size then the story is gonna start with him being 16yrs and end with him around 19-20yrs.

Anyway, that’s the dilemma, and the thoughts that are driving me a little crazy at the moment. ‘cause I have these thoughts, the voices, screaming in my head but I can’t get them out. I can’t start without the basic information worked out, or I’ll stuff it all up.

Thanks for listening

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