Saturday 5 October 2013

Memoirs of this Delusional Writer #33

Starting paragraph
“Hello,” Mike chirped into the phone as he finally relented to that part of his brain that couldn’t just let the phone ring out.
Being that For You # 3

What I’ve done
·         Wrote out a blurb.
·         Started a new story.
·         Bitched about another.
·         Fucked around while I shouldn’t have been writing.
·         Wrote an extra story

The Excuses
·         School Holidays.
·         Defacto changing job.
·         Kids home—wait, I already used that one

The Short List (of shit I have to do)
·         #1, Assassins Union                                        
·         Being that for You #3             
·         Start #6, Moonlit Wolves       
·         That’s Different… #2
·         Falling in Love with this Forever                     plotting / start

Thoughts for Thoughts
580w Protecting my Werewolf (MW #7)
·         The start. It’s heap better than what I had before, and I feel this Justin will fit in better with Adam then a real killer type. Since this man isn’t all that old himself, and he got caught and put to work by the cops before he truly turned cold.
·         And I can’t see my Adam doing well with that type of complete alpha male type—hell, he wouldn’t like that at all… but you’ll have to wait to find out more about that.

Falling in Love with this Forever
·         I have had some really good help in the research department of this one. And with it the blurb. So would want to read this:
o   It only takes a moment to fall in love, and a lifetime to realise how special it is.
o   Kai Thompson never thought his life would end up being a sixteen-year-old dad. But after his affair with Miss Fisher, one of his teacher, turned up with the buddle of surprise and a spotlight from all direction as he became King of School, and the kid you stayed the fuck away from.
o   But like his mother liked to preach; life was far from fair, and when he’s parents gave him an ultimatum of giving up his child or a roof over his head. He took his son in his arms and walked the other way.
o   If only he’d realised the arms he’d walked into were open to him in ways he’d never even thought about before, and a life that was something of a dream he was too young to have.
o   But will his past, his child, and the events that will unfold turn his happiness into ruin or finally show him what he had been to blind to see?
·         So this one is going to be the next one I write. I’m hoping to go through a few years, depending on how small a sentence I can make. I’ll have to talk to the above research person about it, and see what we can work out, but I’m kinda hoping to start it at the birth and end it in those first few days of school—so nearly 6 years.
·         I want this one to be in the 30—40k margin, which I haven’t written in mm before, but I’ve done twice as much in other work (this could go over, so that number is really a min)
·         My focus publisher for this one, I was thinking Loose Id or Dreamspinners, it’s there type of book. Or more so, the types of books they seemed to have more of. But we’ll see if it’s any good, and if they’d want it. but it’s a hope that the first will take me. I’d really liked to be published by them, if only once.
·         Anyway, you’ll hear a lot more about it, I’m sure.
·         this one is giving me a headache. Mostly ‘cause the time line I have set won’t work with the timeline I want.
·         I also originally wanted this story to be in Kai’s pov, but I was thinking about it, in Campbell’s pov, and it actually got me or interesting. So I’m thinking it’s gonna have to play both ways. Which means less is going to stay secret as I thought it might.
·         Hm… still, I need a full blown chat with this one. and still me sister isn’t home. *sigh*

2,876w BOOK A
·         This story is about an undercover officer trying to come out of character after too long in it. And a shrink who just wants him to be happy and healthy.
·         Yeah, I’m not really sure but that’s what I’m going with. That’s what’s in my head. the idea came from nowhere, and I couldn’t help but start to write it. I’m hoping it comes out well, but this one will probably need research, which I’ve decided to write it out.
·         I’m hoping to turn this into a 10k book, but we’ll see how it goes. My biggest thing is making it Australian without going too far into the police system, since, well, who cares, I don’t want this to be about details, more about his messed up brain. And I’m guessing love, but even that’s a little optional at the moment.
·         I like this idea, but I’m not sure if I’d even do it right, and if I can’t, then it will be shit.
o   Chap 1: 1,678 & Chap 2: 1,196
·         I have, however, in this, started the story in first person until someone else comes into the story and then it changes to third. Since its how I prefer to write—really, it frees me up in a way that I’m not in first person. But still, I do believe that I could keep this the way it is. I’m sure it works—and I’m going to keep it until my beta reads it and tells me what she thinks.
·         Add 299w, but it just didn’t really feel like it’s working, I need to reflect and try again later.
·        Never mind that, I decided to go with the whole story being in Joel POV, this way it will be all about his head space—which isn’t doing all that I thought he might, but I’m not really disappoint in the way this story is going, so I’ll keep chugging on in spit what I wanted to begin with.
·        It’s not like this one had been on my mind forever, nor have I really thought about it, so can it really be disappointing me?
·        Any, above number is scrapped, what I added was 538 words

1,906w Split Blood (Assassin Union  #2.5)
·         This is an extra bonus story for the series. I like the idea with my other series. And since this one is a complete series series. You know, I’m hoping you can read them separately, but ultimately it’s a full series.
·         The worse thing is, I haven’t actually written the first two book which means that this one is jumping the gun a little. but I’m writing this series, just got to get the feeling of them back.
·         Maybe this will help. I’d like to write three stories this month.
·         Okay, so I didn’t finish this one, I need to add the sex, I’m stopping ‘cause I’m not sure what type they will actually have. I need the first book for that. but the majority is on, I just have to add the sex scene.

Thanks for the time

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