Saturday, 19 October 2013

Memoirs of this Delusional Writer #34

Starting paragraph
Their hands meet. Just a shake, nothing that didn’t happened any other day with any other person.
Something Said, opening line

What I’ve done
·         Starting a new short story for company anthology call
·         Started editing on MW#4
·         Wrote: Being that for You #3 : Halloween                

The Short List (of shit I have to do)
·         #1, Assassins Union : Hunting a Traitor          working on, slowly     
o   #2.5 Assassin Union : Split Blood        started / written most
·        #6, Moonlit Wolves : the Rub of my Werewolf
·         That’s Different…: Handcuffs                          November post
·         Falling in Love with this Forever                    
·         Book A                                                             writing

The MUST List
·         Something Said                                               writing /short story

[Research] What I Learnt
·         Did some on a female teacher having sex with a student
o   This was interesting in a way. More so how hard it actually was for me to find it. It took a person I know to get the information for me. so I’m a few steps forward in being able to write the book

Thoughts for Thoughts
838w Split Blood (Assassin Union  #2.5)  
·         I haven’t finished it—now all I have to do is write the first two books, and I’m set with this series. Though I’d like to have three up before I try and submit it, I think that I’ll do it after one, or maybe two.

Something Said
·         For some reason I’m fascinated about wanting to be published by Harmony Ink, and because I missed the last one, I’m not going to let myself miss this one.
·         They are putting out a call for short stories, around a ‘first time’, whether it be sex, kiss, coming out. about gay, lesbian, bi, trans. All is welcome.
·         It’s got to be between 3,500 to 12k and so, since this story was always going to be N—which I can change to YA, as well as a first love, type thing. I may as well create it as short, and make it ready for this story.
·         I’m hoping that it will actually work, and that they will take it. My fingers are crossed.
378 words…
·         But it’s not fucking working. It’s the story that I was always going to write. But it’s like I’m walking through Ice. Like I’m trapped up in the Antarctic and
545 at second shot
·         I’m still not sure if this one’s better. Or maybe I’m not sure if this one will end up fitting the criteria, but I’m liking it so far, and I guess if it doesn’t I will have another short story, and I’ll give there one another go.
The next day
·         Had to cut out some of what I wrote, after trying form the start again. But it seems this one is what I want. It’s just I couldn’t seem to get out of a head that already knew what he was, and put it into someone who didn’t. Because it’s about ‘first times’ and what I was writing wasn’t that. So it was stuffing me up. But I’ve figured it out, and I’m hoping that the word count will act as an appropriate time frame for what I’m writing.

Book A
·         Decided I want to make this one a novella—if a short one, if I can pull it out that much. But if not, this is defiantly going to be something I think I might self-pub for you guys.

Editing MW#4 with Tex
·         This one was a little tricky, mostly because of those changes that I originally made to the story didn’t get through to Tex. Which just means that book 5 email didn’t get forwarded over, since that’s where it was.
·         Anyway, I got the old file and decided to copy it all over to the new one, because that’s the one that needs to be published, I won’t go back on that, for anything, (it’s heaps better). I didn’t understand how many little things came that got changed. I’m not talking anything major, just those little mistakes you don’t see, like commons in the wrong spots, or to many.
·         Anyway, I put it all in, and changed the few things that needed changing. Parts that didn’t make sense and all that. now I just gotta wait for it to come back, since I’m sure it will, being that I’ve giving them more to read through and all that.

2,838w Being that for You #3 
·         Finished the fucker took a bit over an hour. and it’s not the same as what I start it out to be. Well, it’s all there, but the whole story is set with Mike being at his bed side, rather than me getting him to the hospital. I hope it actually works.
·         Just gotta re-read it and fix what I can fix, and up it’ll go J DONE THIS!
o   So this one will be out, either on the 26th or the 31st. since it’s meant to be a Halloween story—but it’s not actually got anything to do with the holiday.
·         A NOTE for the series: I’ve decided that I’m going to self-publish this miniseries as a book. It will be set the same, but I’ll actually flush it out some. Make it more, by adding to the parts I’ve already written, or adding completely new parts in between these ones to make it more the story of their life—I might even write the first one, where they meet.
·         Depending on how that works, I’ll be giving it away for free, or for what I feel the added bits are worth.
·         Is that something you’d want to see?

That’s Different…  
·         News, from inside my head.
·         I can’t get over the idea of the next story being the Spanking Bench.
·         The thing is, that’s where it’s meant to be. the thing is, that this one is meant to be the start of the whole thing. It’s not that I’m actually going into the whole thing in this one, but I always intended on having this come back, at letting them on the chair again. This was just a… test, if my mind has anything to say about it. and it truly did, because it won’t let me write anything else.


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