Wednesday 30 October 2013

Plan’s for Movember

November, in Oz, I think is all about mo’s (it’s everywhere as far as I can see)
Yeah, we get a hairy bunch of blokes strutting around raising money for prostate cancer.

Mo History

From 30 Mo Bros in Melbourne, Australia in 2003 to 1.1 million Mo's in 2012, Movember, through the power of the moustache has become a truly global movement that is changing the face of men's health.

Next year I’m actually going to get right into this charity.
I know that I can’t grow a mo, and so my participation isn’t going to go all that well, but I’ll write a few post about prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental heath, and all such as well as about the charity.
I’m even going write a book (Love Without Knowing It) to get published, even threw a publishing house of self-pub and all the royalties/money (depending on how I end up doing it) will go to a charity, I was thinking one that they supported, but at the moment, with such quick research I can’t find what it is.

Anyway. In support of this… lol, I do support this charity, and if I’d been even slightly ready for it, I would have a book ready to go out (self-pub) for Nov. but alas I don’t, and so instead I’m going to give you four blog parts in That’s Different… It will be the next big part in the story, and will probably be a run off, like all four will hold a cliffhanger, type of thing (at least ‘cliff-hanger’ means, it will continue on as one big part.

I’m not sure if this will be appealing to you, but I’m taking on the same thing I feel with Being That For You, which means by the end of it, I’ll flush it out, chapter it up, and I’ll wrap it up as a free ebook.

Anyway, this means that I’m not going to be doing my fortnight Memoirs, though I know I should just scrap them anyway, and just keep the monthly reports, but I like writing those little things as I write and not sure where to put them instead. So until that day comes they will still pop up. but not next month.

And there’s my ramble
And my heads up on what’s coming next month.

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