Wednesday 2 October 2013

Talkin’ ‘bout Feedspot

I got an email from the company telling me that my blog on their site had 21 followers.

Now this got me curious, which it should, that’s the whole idea of promoting.
Anyway, so I head on over to the site, set myself up a little—since I have a great reading rhythm that works well for me. I don’t need something like this to keep track of everything. Honestly, I don’t actually regularly follow that many people (well, yeah I do but… never mind, it’s not the point)

Anyway I went over there, click on it.
To me, it actually seemed a little weird. Like it wasn’t completely helpful at all.
Like yeah, if I were following people I knew, then fine that’s easy, but to learn about new people… well, I didn’t go that deep since I didn’t really care, but it there seemed to be something missing in all that.

Anyway, I linked up to my blog. It’s the reason I went over there, I have to check it out.
And you see, I have three running at the moment, one was the original URL linking everyone over to this one, if they chose. The other if for a URL that I fucked up with. Put up without really thinking about it. And this one. With all my main feeds.

Anyway, they had one of my blog on there.
And not this one.
I found that it was odd, for one; shouldn’t they have actually looked at the links before they decided to play me into going onto their site? Shouldn’t they have at least realised—because it’s fucking obvious with a huge, ‘this is not my blog’ title at the top that this blog wasn’t actually in use?

The worst part is, why are there 21 followers.
Which is kinda my point on the questions above.

If you are only doing this, adding viewer to my blog so that I would get interested when you send me an email saying I have 21 new followers, and if I wanted the info about it, I would just have to email them and ask.
Yeah, I did get interest—or maybe intrigued would be a better word.
I wanted to check it out. See what was going on, even though I had no real intension of using them. It’s a free year, it ain’t gonna cost me so why not. Hell, if it was good I would have done something different here.

Anyway, so I linked onto it, the set up’s easy, though saying this; I couldn’t look around the site without becoming a member, which normally would have completely turned me off. I don’t buy before I know what I’m getting, not for shit like this.

So I did all that, I linked myself up to an author site. You had to have at least one, which seemed reasonably—hell, tumblr makes you have, like, 10 before you are allowed to move forward. But what I found really odd was the fact that I couldn’t browse. I had to know who I wanted to look up. I had to have their address or key words about them in order to link them up.
But, thinking of it now, it make sense, this site is designed to be an easy way for you to manage your web reading.

Anyway, when I looked up the blog they were talking about. Since I wanted to know what it looked like, I found that it was, well, the site I mentioned above. This site isn’t worth reading. Nothing new will ever be on it. It even clearly says that. So why do I have 21 people following it?
And yeah, the numbers I’m seeing on the sign thing clearly says that there are that many. And I’m sorry, but I can’t believe people are dumb enough to follow a site that’s that clearly nothing.

So was the whole idea that I would go onto them, fall in love and tell everyone about it?
Huh, well I am, and because of it all I haven’t really been able to stop thinking about the whole deal.

The worse thing about this site, which I found was the fact that they don’t show you want the site is. When things are written it’s all linked together in a single paragraph no matter how long the words go for. Which I find annoying when reading. It doesn’t show anything that the original blog is. But then, that could be how other people like to read shit. I like the idea behind things. The way they sit, that artistic part of a blog as well as what’s written. I feel it’s all a part of the person. And this site kinda takes that away.

I also didn’t seem to be able to find any real link ups to the original blog. Like I wouldn’t be able to do a simple link up to the original work if I wanted to. Which I find annoying, but again, that’s just me.

I think that’s all.
So, the point to all this is that before I unsubscribe to the site, which I will be as soon as I finish this. The only reason I’m still linked is because I thought I might need it for something but I didn’t.

So, anyway, if you need an easy place to read you stuff (I think that’s how they want to promote it) then here’s your place.

I don’t actually know how much it cost to use this site, I was told I got a year free, which is the only reason I believe it actually cost something at all. But as far as I could tell it didn’t say anything about that. Which is something else I away look out for when going into these types of sites.

Um… so, there’s me promoting it for them. I did my best with the experience I had during my time, and I’m sure you can all tell, that they did not pay me for this time. It’s all my own. Hell, even if they did (they didn’t) I still wouldn’t have been able to say anything less than what I already have.

Oh, and this isn’t me being mean. It’s an honest experiences blogged. I have no real thought on them either way. If it works for you, then I’m happy for you. If you’re having problems managing your reading, which I understand since a lot of people have changed over to wordpress, which means there off your original feeds. Or something like that.
I just have this feeling, even though they never asked, that they wanted me there for some reason that I can’t understand, and after this probably won’t think about again.

Till next time.

(Apparently, they have a Facebook and Twitter account, which I’m assuming is under their name. I’m too lazy to be bother more than I have)

UPDATE: Apparently, I can’t actually cancel my account with the company—which has now made my whole experience an annoyance. I don’t want to be there. I defiantly don’t want to pay any money to be on it.
I want off. Help me! does anyone know how I’m meant to delete my account without me having to emailing them?

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