Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Excitement & Obsessiveness

So, I emailed the publishers last night, about when I was going to be published. I didn’t want an exact time, didn’t care about that really, all I needed was get the question. Those thoughts out of my mind so that I could redirect them.
I obsess about things. It’s a great and a bad thing for me to have—for anyone really, because it stops you from doing things. It makes it hard for you to think outside of what’s driving your obsession at that moment.
But on the good side (because I must) there’s the fact that things are worth what you pay for them. I’ve mentioned this before, but what I buy, books, dvd’s, music, all pays for itself over time. well, okay, not physically, but yeah, I have read a book so much that it’s spin shitted out within three months, and I had to get a new copy of it. That new copy looks as if it’s been dipped in water (not that bad, but well loved). I was obsessed with this book for six months. All that damage after only six months.
It happens with them all. I get obsessed and the things in my line is devoured over and over again. I don’t have that many ebooks that I can truly say I wouldn’t know where my fav parts are, and where they are in said book, because as I love them I really love them.
However, this isn’t a good thing. Like I said, things get missed when you obsess about something. The washing, the cooking, the cleaning, the kids.
It took me a long time (well, okay, a couple of months) to realise that I couldn’t write when the kids were at home. It wasn’t because they distracted me, it was because I would get so engrossed in what I was writing that I would miss hours, and when they’d ask for food I’d snap at them, because to me it had only felt like a moment.
I’m not nearly as bad anymore. I got a wake-up call. It wasn’t anything dramatic, the defacto just clued me in on what I was doing, and so I made myself step back, and realise, I either had to stop writing threw hours A to B, or I would have to make sure what I’m writing isn’t going to drive me to a high emotion.
The thing is, I write with that obsessive part of me.
It’s not where the stories come from; it’s what drives me to write them. What drives me to think and think and think about them, to a point that I know what is happening, and I have to get it down. It’s what makes me do this, and I love that part of me (hell, I love my whole obsessive part, but shhh)
So, anyway, this wasn’t really the point.
So, the exciting news is I know what I’m going to get published. I’m not sure if I can share, though they didn’t say I couldn’t I’m gonna wait until I have more info about it all.
But I’m bubbling and on that bubble I wrote over 3k last night on Moonlit Wolves #6 which is awesome and also where the obsessiveness thing came in. ‘cause I just can’t stop thinking ‘bout it.
Well, that’s all folks.

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