Wednesday 6 November 2013

Update October Past, November to Come

First, I only finished the blog stories. Yay!

It’s the unfortunate thing that it was the only thing that I did finish this month, but at least Being That For You #3 is now off me to do list.
Next I have to write the final one, this one is when they are old.
Then, I have to go through them all again and see how they fit, what I need to add, and then put them together as an ebook for all your enjoyment.
The book will be free if I don’t add anything, and what I do add will be what you’re paying for. I’m actually hoping to add a lot more. Fill out there lives.
I’s also thinking of writing there together story, as well as an alternative ending, one that was always meant to be written, you know, if I hadn’t fallen in love with Jake.

By the time you are reading this (and yeah, I wrote this a week ago), I should have already finished my next 3 shorts in That’s Different… This is simply because I’ve forgone everything to write these, since they need to be up and ready, so I can read them, tweak them, and then post them for your enjoyment.
This is another miniseries that I hope to be able to create a full novel out of. I know it will be all short stories but I’d love to combine them and give it to you, ebook style.

Book A has been puttering there. I’m chap 6 into a 10 chap book (at the moment we are at a sex scene) which has been put on hold as I have been writing my blog stories.
I’m starting to doubt this one. Thinking that I haven’t done enough, that I’m not experienced enough, not good enough—you know, the usual.
So, I’ve decided that I’ll write this one how I’ve been thinking it needs to be written, and set it up in a way that a series can come off it. That way, if you guys really need more, I can write it without feeling cheap (I’m that way, if I write it as a single; I’m not going to make it more).
I’m just having this feeling that so much more needs to be said, and that I’m going to need more from it. But I’ll see how this goes, and if there’s any more to say, and I’ll write it. I won’t be able to not.

I also, really, need a name for this book.
I honestly have only ever been like this with one other book. And so I’m a little afraid, because what’s wrong with it that I haven’t been able to name it? Why am I holding myself back from it?
It’s kinda like me and animals, I’m a firm believer, even if I’m not really thinking I’m doing it, that naming them attaches them to you, and I have trouble allowing anything to love me.

I haven’t been able to get in any sort of rhythm with Something Said. I’m not sure if it’s ‘cause it’s a YA book, and I just want them to fuck, or if because of the story I have in my head of that, well, it’s just not YA.
I’m thinking I might just have to write it out as I see it and see how hot and heavy it is. But as I think it, as I want it, the sex they have is going to be more a feeling then an actual acknowledgement of organs.

It’s really weird because I’ve been told by a lot of people that I have a young voice and I would do well writing middle grade or young YA but I love sex too much.

So, up this month

I’m going to finish the books above, which is easy, there’s only, um… 4k + 3.5k… yeah, you can add, right? So that can get done in a week.

Then I’m going to start writing The Rub of my Werewolf, this one goes a little into the organisation, since it’s a start up for that shit to start, really, and one of the characters is getting bottled into that life.
Honestly, I thought Gene’s story would be one of the fast easy writes, but Daniel just doesn’t want to play fucking fair and he has to have all these personal walls I have to get Gene to crumble down while Dan floats off into the darkness.
It’s horrible, and it’s got technical shit I’m going to have to sit down and figure out first before I start writing the book, but, honestly, I want to know what’s under those layers Dan has created for himself.
It also seems that this one is going to be much more personal. Like Craig was like this, but there was so much plot shit circling around them, you’re not going to really see all the layers until you get to these later books and the shorts, but Dan… there isn’t anything but him and seating up shit for Justin to come into the pic.

I also wouldn’t mind, and am going to write alongside this one, is Hunting a Traitor, because it’s been pushed back and back and needs to get the fuck outta my head.

I’m also hoping to hear back for Mrs McGee about My Kevin, and what she thinks about my self-publishing it. Which will be happening this month, since Uni finished for the years as of the end of last month.
So there’s that that I have to fix up and look into, because I’d really like to get it out there for something to publicise before the series comes out.

Anyway, I think that’s it *sigh*
Talk laters

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