Friday 3 January 2014


I hope 2014 bring you joy and happiness.
Continues to move and unfold into possibilities you’d only ever wished for.
Allows you freedom, if you are trapped.
Hold connections you weren’t sure existed.
Or helps you to understand that these down times make things more beautiful when the sun comes back up. And even if it’s not your sun that is shining, it could be just what someone else needed to make their life full of meaning when all they saw was loss and unhappiness.
I hope you can look at what you have and realise that it means nothing, and everything, and that maybe you shouldn’t complain but work out what it is your missing.
I hope your resolutions are reasonable and your ability to fulfil them is open.
I hope your loved ones understand the choses you make, or that you can for them.
I hope it’s a year we can look outside ourselves to the million in need of a hug, and simply give them one.
I hope that whatever it is you yell at the world. The things that you hate, and the people you despise aren’t the very thing you see in the mirror and if it is, that you can learn to accept yourself and your circumstance in order to live a better life.
I hope that you are happy and safe, and that if you aren’t, you find someone that is willing to hold out there hand and give you the opportunity of your dreams.
And most importantly that you are able to see it as what it is, and accept that, when you’ve never known anything but dishonestly.
I hope, above everything, that the world becomes something of understand and acceptance, but I’m not going to hold my breath, history has told us this isn’t a possibility to those known as homo-sapiens.
If you’re like me, have a Happy and Safe Holiday
If your someone else, take care as you go to school, or work

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