Saturday, 4 January 2014

Memoirs of this Delusional Writer #37

Starting paragraph
With a sob that seemed to come from the bottom of his chest, Joel leant forward,  gathering Shane up in his arms, he tucked his face in Shane’s neck, letting the soft smell of colonel and soap, and male—Shane sink inside of him, coating ever inch. Clearing him of memories he didn’t want to have, and moments in life he never wanted to see.
Trusting Your Eyes, page 15
What I’ve done
·         finished Something Said
·         continuing MW #6
·         started something new
Plans for 2014
if you didn’t read the post before, here’s a run through
NEED TO FINISH     (by June)
  • Moonlit Wolves #6 : Rub of a Werewolf                   
  • Moonlit Wolves #7 : Protecting my Werewolf
  • Moonlit Wolves #8 : Picturing my Werewolf
  • Moonlit wolves #9 : Wondering Werewolf
  • Moonlit Wolves #10 : In the Dark with a Werewolf
  • Moonlit Wolves #11 : Catching a Werewolf’s Attention
  • Moonlit Wolves #12 : Naming our Werewolf                       
  • Trusting Your Eyes
  • Love Without Knowing It         (for Nov)
  • Lesbian Breast cancer                        (for Oct)
  • Assassin Union #1 : Hunting a Traitor
  • Assassin Union #2 : Dripping with Blood
  • Falling in Love with This Forever
  • NEW #1 : Straight with a Gay Kink
  • NEW #2 : He’s Just the Best Man
  • NEW #3 : His Straight Boyfriend
Blog stories
·         The Last Year of my Life
·         No Biggy, It’s Just a Kiss          (for B’Day)
·         Christmas Short (or something)
·         That’s Different…
Thoughts for Thoughts
1,840w Something Said  
·         Finished, yeah, 3,974 words, and printed, now, just gotta read it threw and see what’s what, send it to Cathy, and see what she thinks, and then, submit it. Easy. Yeah, if only I didn’t just feel queasy from the thought.
o   Re-read, sent off to beta, finally count: 4,029 words
1,430w The Rub of my Werewolf (Moonlit Wolves #6) 
371w No Biggy, It’s Just a Kiss
·         No, biggy I just started a new story. This one came to me as I stressed about my other short story not being good enough as a ‘first’ for the Harmony anthology.
·         But that story will be good enough or I won’t put one in (okay, so that’s not true, if I can finish this one in the next month, and they say that story isn’t good enough, but they like my style than I’ll submit this one and see how it lands.
·         If not, I’m going to write this as a birthday—which it is no matter what—and have it as a short story, on, well, my birthday.
1,304w Trusting Your Eyes
·         I renamed Book A, if you hadn’t already know.
·         This is going to be about PTSD (yeah, I got the letters right) but I’m going to add a mystery face to it.
·         It’s going to be open-ended because if I’m asked nice enough I’ll write a second to this story. Though what’s in my head, it probably won’t be what people are hoping for, but it will tie the knots to end all those loose threads.
·         And I’ll write it, because however much I love writing loose ends, I absolutely love the idea of you getting to choose if it’s really there or if it’s all in his head.
·         I like it mostly with this book, because it’s about PTSD and isn’t that what the disease is all about….
·         1,022w Chapter 4, added. So I up to chapter 7 with that sex scene I’m up too. And I’m a little crap, since this chap is short as hell, and it’ll need to be filled up.
Thanks for the time

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