Saturday 11 January 2014

Cigar Time, Gentlemen #45

This posting is for ADULT AUDIENCES ONLY.
It contains substantial sexually explicit scenes and graphic language which may be considered offensive by some readers.
These are parts of stories that are still being written, its coming right off the paper no re-read. No editing. No checking.
Since I’m working on this one right at this moment I thought I’d give you the first chapter.
Love Without Knowing It
“Fuck, Paul, just do it already,” Matt nearly screamed at Paul over his shoulder.
     Paul chuckled as he ran a hand up the other man’s back.
     Matt was glorious naked. He was glorious on all four begging for a fucking that would have him pass out. Paul knew this. Hell, he relied on it. Some of the fun-est, hottest sex he’d come across without any strings that tied him down and suffocated him.
     Without the bitch of where he was or what he was planning on doing.
     It wasn’t that he was shit scared of relationships because he could be. He’d been in one as a young man and it had scared him off the idea of ever being trapped in one again.
     Then entered Matt. This cute little man who stuttered and blushed as he looked up at Paul, but came apart when on the brink.
     “Patients, pet,” Paul, murmured as he scrapped his nails lightly down Matt’s vertebrate. He watched the skin prickle in their wake.
     “Fuck patients and I ain’t your bloody pet, just sleek up and fuck me,” Matt’s words sound like a threat, even as his body dilated under his touch.
     They may not have been in a relationship, but they had shared this bed regularly enough that Paul had an understanding of Matt’s body. And one of those things was his back being scratched. Just a slight scrap would have his eyes rolling into the back of his head and as he sighed into the action, seeking more.  
     With his other hand, fingers slicked up, Paul ran them slowly down the other man’s arse crack. It had become a fun little game for him, pulling out Matt’s pleasure. Matt was always in a rush. And making him slow down and enjoy this one moment they shared, gave Paul a rush he wasn’t sure how to explain.
     The tips of Paul’s fingers were so sensitive, he felt the minute shifting of muscles as he circled the opening to Matt’s body. The slight movement, a pause to see if they wanted to allow him in or not, rumbled against the pads.
     Paul smiled. It wasn’t with everyone that he noticed those little moments. The start of protest before they let go. He’d never, with any other lover, had that knowledge that what he was getting was a gift. Others he’d just pushed on in and taken. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to work out why this one was so different, but maybe because he enjoyed the return visits and if he treated Matt like crap he wouldn’t come back.
     “Paul, fuck me, more!” Matt screamed into the mattress making it a little muffled. A back scratch and a slight rimming of fingers and Matt was already at the point of needing to bit down on something.
     Paul couldn’t help but smile. Just this simple things made it all so much more fun.
     Pauls finger seemed to fall into Matt’s arse. He rolled one around the edging, trying to get it a little loose before pushing himself all the way in.
     Watching as his finger was eaten up by Matt was glorious. It was a sight he’d hoped he never get us to—um, the sight of it happening with any man. It wasn’t Matt exclusive.
     His heart pattered a little harder as he lost the moment of a second. But he was horny then hell and lust was a bitch if it was ignored, for it wasn’t long before he was pulling out and pushing a second finger in with the first.  
     His rolled them around, getting Matt’s insides nice and wet, before he went seeking for his prize.
     Pushing in deep, and then quicker than he’s own thoughts could process he pulled the fuck out of paradise. Paul froze. His body went still. Not a twitch. His mind blank, or a long arse version of WTF as he allowed his mind to regain a little blood and work out what the fuck was going on.
     “Fuck, Paul,” Matt complained as he looked over his shoulder. He was pissed, but Paul could hardly concentrate on that.
     Realising he’s fallen backwards, sitting on his legs from the shock. Paul shifted forward slightly. His hand going to Matt’s hip, keeping him still as his fingers went back up his arse. This time, there was nothing sexual about the touch.
     “Paul?” Matt sounded worried. But there was no shock to the sound.
     What the fuck was going on.
     His fingers slowly, as softly as he could managed, probed at Matt’s prostate, it was inflamed, larger than Paul had ever felt it.
     “Does it hurt?” Paul asked when Matt moaned softly.
     “No,” he said, but it didn’t sound right. More like resignation.
     Not believing Matt, though Paul wasn’t sure he was lying, he slowly started to pull his fingers out from the other man.
     “No, don’t, please,” Matt’s pleas where added with the clamping down of muscles. So unless Paul wanted to hurt him he wasn’t getting his fingers until Matt was ready to let them go.
     “No, Paul, mate, seriously, it’s nothing.”
     “That no nothing, your prostate is nearly as big as a plum.”
     Matt rolled his eyes with a huff, “Excaudate much.”
     Paul lifted a brow even though Matt wouldn’t be able to see him. “I’m really not.”
     “Look,” Matt said, twisting his body around so he could look at Paul, and show him how serious he was. “It may not be a hundred percent fine, but I’m fine, I’m going to a doctor tomorrow, and I’ve put a dildo up there, you won’t hurt me. Now please fuck me already.”
     Paul still wasn’t sure. He wasn’t sure why it was so important to make sure Matt was aware of what he was asking. All Paul knew was in that moment he didn’t want to hurt Matt.
     Reaching around him, Paul palmed his cock. The thick flesh defiantly had a flow of blood to it, but there was no read strength to it. Paul would put money on the fact that it still looked the same colour as when he was flaccid, when Matt’s cock had a tendency to stain nearly purple with his excitement.
     With a strong stoke Paul thought was proving his point but had Matt push forward into the motion and back into Paul’s fingers. Muscles relaxed and strengthened around them, pushed lust forward in Paul’s mind and gaining him the slight loss of blood to his own cock as he worried a little about tonight’s lover.
     “Fuck me,” Matt moaned sounded more like a sob, “I don’t wanna think ‘bout it, just for tonight, please, Paul, just for tonight.”
     The fear in that words was enough to get Paul to do anything Matt wanted. He’s brain forgot about the world. About the questions that needed answering even if he was a little scared at what they might be.
     He let everything turn off as he listened to his dick.
     Condom already in place well before Matt had rolled over onto all fours, Paul dropped a line of lube across the tip, and down the top, before he clicked the lid shut and threw it a little away. Not far enough that he couldn’t find it again but enough so it was out of the way.
     He wiggled his fingers inside the other man, stretched what Matt’s clamping muscles tightened back up. He pulled them out, used his two fingers to smooth the lube over the condom, and lined himself up.
And just so we are clear, it’s only the first draft, and I’m already having some doubts that this is right, but in the end it will probably be worded different but the scene will stay because it’s gonna be the only one this book has.

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