Friday, 17 January 2014

Damn You !!!

These pictures (if there you tell me I’ll take them down) are inspiration or part of it. These are vidual inspiration for a short story (more scene) that I haven’t been able to not write.
The story came from a conversation with Rach Dimpled Minx, so thank you and sorry, but to be fair to you, I wrote it with you in mind.

I really hope you like it, because it’s been actually a little harder to start than I thought, mostly because, even though it’s a sex scene, I want it to be a story too.
What can I say I’m a romance writer.

Anyway, it will be up tomorrow, bright and early, and Rach I hope you enjoy. This is for you.

it's called Ghost of Swamp Creek, and the creature in the first pic is the same, but the dude isn’t. I wish it wasn’t true, as that story would be wickedly hot, but alas it doesn’t work with what we talked about (lol)

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