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Cigar Time, Gentlemen –Ghost of Swamp Creek

This posting is for ADULT AUDIENCES ONLY.
It contains substantial sexually explicit scenes and graphic language which may be considered offensive by some readers
Warning: Fetish Scene
This post has not be edited, but hopefully it will all make sense
I wrote it for Rach Dimpled Minx after a conversation we had.
This is a fetish scene, it’s nothing like I have wrote before
Ghost of Swamp Creek
By Bronwyn Heeley
Harrison clutched at this chest, his breathing was harsh. A stick ran up his side. He’s been running for a long time, trying to get away from the old man that he’s seen following him.
     The new caretaker at the manor seemed to have step right out of the pages of any ‘creep for you’ ever created. He was someone that movies producers would love to have because he looked the part of creep, from his thinning hair that hung around his shoulders, to his thin body that cloths draped over him, not to big, but defiantly not in a way that could have been called worn.
     The old man had been giving Harry the creeps ever since he’d shown up. It was like Harry had done something to make him think that he’d wanted advances from the other man.
     They’d been little things at first. Little things, that seemed more about being friends that quickly turned into odd gifts. Starting with a shirt that Harry wasn’t sure where it had come from but gathered it was just his so he started wearing. That lead into a pair of top end cuff’s laying on his bed one afternoon. And what finally had him running; a crop and a creaky door, the other side a smirking old man wearing leather pants that had stains along one leg, and a vest—a studded leather vest. His thin hair chest was open to display but made Harry want to vomit.
     He’s turned and run at that point. The old man tainting him, laughed as Harry tried to open the locked French door.
     Another man laughed with him, making the hair on the back on Harry’s neck stand on end, as he panicked with the door.
     The slamming of his bathroom door on the other side shot fear into his body. He turned around, his hands still gripping hard at the antique brass door handle.
     The other two men in the room where dressed similar to the first. That creepy, bile at the back of his throat, man in the bushes, type person. They stunk up the room, though Harry wasn’t sure they’d actually smelled any different from him.
     The looks on their faces told him everything though, and those things had his heart jackhammer and his brain buzzing. He needed the fuck out of here right now.
     Spotting an old chair, antique like everything else in this house, he had an idea.
     “I wouldn’t bother, boy,” the Caretaker said, Harry still didn’t know his name. Though the reason was because of how his skin crawled whenever the creepy man stared at him, than lake of manners.
     Not letting himself think about it, Harry took the steps, picked up the chair and threw it out the window. Then followed soot.
     Pain bit into his hand, his forearm, shin, and a long scrap down his back. Apparently jumping out of a smashed window wasn’t easy. But he wasn’t in that room which was all that mattered.
     Next was jumping off the veranda. One story up, the pain in his heels was the worse, since his rooms were out the back of the house looking over the garden.
     “Come back here you little bitch,” one of the Creeps called from above him, as Harry picked himself up off all fours he’d fallen forward onto.
     He hurt, and took longer than he’d realised to get back up again as the door on the ground floor slammed open. Harry had run out of time, but worse, he had nowhere else to go back forward.
     Running into the dark, Harry managed around the barely lit garden and headed for the swamp. The creek wetlands had a legend behind them, only designed to scare them away as small children.
     The Ghost of Swamp Creek, the fable changed with each parents telling, but the noises, some that even Harry had heard were the same.
     There was something living in the swamp. Even as kids they’d scoffed the idea, and yet they’d never ventured further into it’s depths then a few feet—they’d still been able to see the others laughing and egging them on.
     His chest hurt as he pulled in lung full’s of air. He hurt all over. Felt as if he’d been run over, and he needed a breather.
     Harry could still hear the other men yelling and cursing for him to come back. At what they were going to do to him when they caught him.
     “Mmmmm,” a deep groan seemed to roll around Harry. Coming from every direction that he wasn’t sure where the sound originated. But that was the fun things about these places, they were alive, even if nothing actually lived in them.
     Harry looked around, shook his head as he thought something moved to his right. but with a blink nothing was there.
     His heart hurt as it beat in his chest, and when another yell shattered the air, he started running again, only slower. The vegetation was thick and the fog seemed to circle him, making Harry unable to see past this own feet.
     But he couldn’t be caught. He needed to get away.
     Another shout made Harry stumble. Looking behind him, he tried to see what was happening, but the fog was just too thick.
      Had he been seen? Had they found him? No, that was…
     “Pretty,” that deep sound came again, this time it was followed by something wrapping around his ankle and picking him up.
     Harry shouted as he was turned upside down and started moving. He wriggled but all that did was make him dizzy.
     “So pretty,” that rumble of thunder spoke, his words seemed to flow around him, wrapping Harry up in reassurance as he was taken further into the darkness.
     Harry wasn’t really sure why, but he couldn’t seem to move. He couldn’t seem to open his mouth as the fog cleared around him and he came face to upside down face with…
     Harry swallowed, what—what was it?
     Large, like a tractor, both tall and wide, he’s—and the monster was defiantly a he—was green, a dark, almost brown green, which seemed flecked with red. His short noise and set brow, he looked menacing without moving a muscle.
     Large shoulder topped with green moss, and thick arms. Tipped with human like fingers and sharp light green nails.
     His torso was that of a man, chest, and nipples and patches of yet more moss. The waist down, though, was a muddle of tentacles, like an octopus. Each seemed to move on their own and yet completely with reason.
     His ears pointed up past his head, and his mouth, when he opened it, held a tongue and teeth, each pointed at the end.
     A clawed hand came up towards Harry’s upside down head. His breath caught and shadows cast around his vision.
     The finger brushed against his cheek, sticking and soft all that the same time, Harry’s head started to swim.
     “I got rid of them for you, my pretty, now I get me reward,” he sounded so happy, and as the words set into his head and he started to understand what it meant, Harry lost the battle for concuss thought.
Something heavy on his neck pulled Harry out of sleep. He sat up with a jolt.
     What the fuck?
     A heavy rattle had him looking down at himself. a thick chain lay against his chest, following with his eyes, and then fingers he realised it was attached to a collar that bit slightly at Harry’s neck, though it wasn’t as unpleasant as he thought it should be.
     Investigating further Harry realised he was sitting on a mossy rock, hard and soft, it was oddly comfortable. A thick tree to one side held the other end to his chain.
     “Pretty,” that voice… it took Harry a few minutes to remember where it came from.
     His mouth went dry as fear spiked across his skin. His heart beat in his ears, but other than that, he didn’t move a muscle.
     “You’re awake?” the monster rasped. “Now I get me reward.”
     “Reward?” Harry swallowed, hard.
     “Oh yes…” the monster hissed, sending a strange feeling through Harry’s body. His cock throbbed once, which was when Harry noticed it.
     Had he been hard all this time?
     Tentacles came out of the fog, curling around both of Harry’s legs, and one of his arms. The feeling of them on his skin was even odder than anything else. They didn’t feel sticky. Like he’d expect. Instead, it was as if a snake has slide up his leg. Softer than anything he’d ever expected but off, at the same time.
     As one went up, distracting him with a moving caress, along his inner thigh, he moaned, rolling his leg out. Pushing his crouch forward. God he wanted to know what it felt like against his cock.
     A sudden movement from the other tentacles had Harry lying flat against the rock, his chain pulled a little as it wrapped around his body. His muscles tensed and he cock leaked even as more fear pulsed through his system.
     A moan filled the air, like thunder, just for him. The monsters head came closer. Harry knew what was about to happen. He knew this wasn’t going to end well, and above all he knew he was going to have to take whatever the monster gave him.
     For some strange reason that though made him moan and roll his hips. As his mind screamed at him to get the fuck away. Causing the resulted in him thrashing between the monsters tentacles.
     “Mmmm, sweet pet,” the monster hummed, vibrating the area around him. Mixing his singles like no one’s business. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to run or if he just liked the thought of not wanting this when clearly his cock was saying otherwise.
     “So pretty,” he hummed as a tentacle pushed itself against his clothed cock. Stroking and massaging in a way nothing ever had before. And Harry was pretty sure wouldn’t again.
     Harry shouted at the squeezed of his cock.
     “Please…don’t,” Harry begged, though he clearly didn’t want it to stop. His hips hadn’t stopped moving, trying to get friction, trying to make the monster move faster, hold tighter.
     Harry was so close to the edge he wasn’t sure how he hadn’t come yet.
     “Please…” again, that beg, that painful sound that sounded as if he wanted to be let go, when everything in him wanted more. Wanted the monster to finish him off.
     That odd thunder like vibration circled him, as the monsters lips cracked and he showed he’s teeth in a smile. It looked evil as hell, but Harry didn’t feel anything but satisfaction coming from him and the look, the sounds he was making made Harry’s chest heave a little.
     He liked the fact that the monster was pleased with him.
     Why? Shouldn’t he be screaming about the fact that this was about to happen at all?
     Maybe he hit his head. Yeah that—
     His thoughts broke off as the monster twisted his tentacles and flipped Harry onto his stomach.
     His face strapped slightly, adding a sting. His chest tingled where he rubbed up against the soft rock, ached a little where the chain dug deep into his ribcage, and would have distracted him completely if he could press his cock against the rock as well. Hell, he tried as hard as he could to rub against it, but the monster held him away.
     A thick claw scraped down Harry’s back, he arched into the sensation as his closes where cut off his body. It didn’t seem to matter that he was wearing a belt. Everything disappeared around him, from neck to arse crack, and down one leg.
     Cool air rushed around him, goose bumps broke across his skin. His cock throb from the session to lost in arousal to feel the temperature drop as anything but an added caress to his already stimulated senses. 
     It was a lover’s caress, it was a tortuous touch. Pushing him to feel and want so much more than he should have.
     His legs were pushed apart, lifted up, so he had to use the only arm that wasn’t held captive as a pillow under his head or risk rock rash.
     Hot sticky breath hit his thighs and arse. A tentacle, if Harry was feeling that right, gript on cheek and held it open. Fingers, sharp points of nails, opened him up with the other.
     A cold push and then heat like he’d never felt saturated his anus muscles.
     Harry moaned, his mouth open, as he breathed hard.
     Then a slide of tongue. Harry yelped. His thighs bunched. His arse hole clenched.
     Than another, this one seemed circle around the muscles before licking a long line up his crack. Right out his cleft.
     It felt awesome, and weird and everything he’d ever been able to image.
     Fingers shifted as he licked back down, a quick circle, Harry felt a moment of pressure before he went down over his perineum and sucked in his balls.
     Harry screamed. It felt so good, and yet it wasn’t nearly enough. He wanted so much fucking more.
     One of the monsters tentacles slithered against his stomach. Flickering and massaging his nipples before running softly against his neck and then sliding the tip into Harry’s mouth.
     He wasn’t sure what he was meant to do. His mouth was open wide; he couldn’t do anything but let it slide in to a point that Harry had to swallow around it. Stopping the tentacle from going further down his throat.
     It tasted weird, like the swamp and yet it held a touch of male, human, that Harry wanted to taste more.
     Moving his tongue Harry felt the muscle shift under it. Soft silk skin basked in the movement of Harry’s tongue and mouth as Harry did everything he ever wanted to do with a male to the tentacle.
     The monster moan deeply behind him, the tentacle started moving in his mouth, it didn’t actually seem to pull it in and out, but there were moments that Harry could breath and time when he couldn’t.
     Then hot, wet, heat flooded his hole. Licks, nibbled and stabbing of a thick tongue drove Harry wild. His hips tried to thrust even though he was trapped. His balls pulled in tight, before relaxing and pulling up all the way.
     His thigh muscles tingled. Moved on their own. His back arched into the sensation. It almost felt as if the monsters tongue was going deeper, flickering on ever nerve Harry had.
     A ball of tension intensified at the base of his spin. It wiggled and vibrated and made him numb while letting him feel every single pleasure point all at once.
     It was too much. It wasn’t enough. He…it…please…
     Then it shattered. Orgasm shot up his back, blanking his vision, his cock spewed seeds over the rock. He came hard and fast enough that the splashback wet his chest and stomach.
     His body vibrated as it tried to deal with the endorphin running through his system. He’d never, never, felt anything like that in his life.
     He watched in a haze as the monster carefully flipped him back over, his loomed over Harry as he licked Harry’s come off the rock and then his body, sucking on his spent cock until Harry couldn’t deal with it anymore.
     When he shifted back Harry realised that his tentacles where still touching him. Rubbing, soothing, and stocking him as he drifted.
     Funny enough Harry smiled, his head felt to light and he was sure he was going to pass out, he just couldn’t seem to care, if the monster was gonna eat him, surely, he’d have done it by now.
     “You’re no ghost.”

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