Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Jan to Feb

Here we are, the end of another month, and with me blaming a house full of (okay 2) kids for my lack of motivation and conviction.
This month I write Love Without Knowing It, which is my prostate cancer story (just over 11k) it wasn’t something that I wanted to write this early on, though I did, clearly. But I became motivated and once that started I couldn’t stop.
For a week (13 days), it took me to finish and talk to someone about the story I decided that I’m going to self-publish it. I’m sure this is something you already know. I just feel that I’m too new to be able to get this story published in the time I need it published, and it won’t mean half as much if it isn’t published in November.
I wrote Something Said, which is a YA short story (4K) that I submitted to Harmony Ink Anthology which I won’t hear anything about until March.
If it isn’t accepted, I’m going to expand it to at least 12k, and make it a full coming out, starting from when the two boys met to the moment in this short. But we’ll see what happens when it does.
I also re-worked Trusting Your Eyes, which was just a PTSD (sorry if the letters are wrong), it was just going to be him falling apart and Shane picking him back up, at sit around 10k, now I’m going to make it a little bit of a mystery type thing. Is what he is seeing true? And expanding it to 25k.
And lastly I re-read the first 4 chapters of Moonlit Wolves: The Rub of my Werewolf and finished 4. I would have been halfway through chapter 5 but what I wrote was rubbish and I had to can in and write it again, which I’m liking but still not sure where it’s going to end up.
At least I’ve managed to get the people I need for at least book 10 up and running.
I’m worried with this series that it doesn’t flow, or I’m not really making it anything. That I should have just had it be contemporary, but I’ll see how this one goes and when I’m finished I might read them all back to back to see what needs finishing or what needs adding.
Which leads us onto February.
My plan is to finish book 6 and move onto book 7.
I want to finish Trusting Your Eyes and seeing about getting it submitted. The only problem with that it is that I’ve been looking at a few and I’m going to have to change my English from Aussie (or UK) to USA and that’s gonna suck.
But you have to do what you have’ta, and I’m not going to change it until it’s done and only that formatting because unless the company actually says it I’m not changing it *smiles*
I’m at the point where yet again I’m wondering if I should just write the Moonlit Wolves series flat out and then start something else or stopping and trying something else.
This time my minds going the other way.
So, I’d like to write, or at least start Assassin Union: Hunting a Traitor and [?]: Straight with a Gay Kink, because it might be time to try and submit a story without having already written 4 of them.
But it’s not going to make myself do to much more than what I can, and if worse comes to worse I know what’s happening in my Moonlit Wolves series so it’s about writing more than anything.
I don’t think it’s going to get bad, as my mum’s gone through her first dose of Chemo and she’s come out the other side pretty good, but I’m not sure if it gets worse as the sessions go on. Like I know she’ll lose weight and hair, she’s already nauseous and tired. But we could be a hell of a lot worse.
I’d like to add a point that I think, my moonlit wolves’ series is light and fluffy, can people tell me if it isn’t? ‘Cause that might acutely be something I need to know.

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