Sunday 5 January 2014

Read This Week #72

The deal with all those books I’ve read this week

Inseparable by Chris Scully
Ghosts of Bourbon Street by Rowan Speedwell
The Littlest Christmas Tree (second chance) by Ryan Field
*Not One Word, *On this Day…, *Touch Wood, *Squeaky Clean & *Home Sweet Home (kinky quickies), *Melting Mr Mowburrey, *Facing Fitz (the whole A-Z) by Kim Dare
Teasing Jonathan (mercenary love) by Amber Kell
*Assassin Found (lost Shifter) by Stephani Hecht
Prove It by Chris Owen
reading (web)
The Things That Dreams are Made Of by RJ Scott
tv series
Supernatural season 4
The IT Crowd box-set
Screwing the System by Josephine Myles
Carved in Wood by Sean Michael
Caregiver by Rick R Reed
When Adam Kissed Me (inseparable) by Chris Scully
Indulging Ivan (the whole A-Z) by Kim Dare
Three Point Tuck (Carry Me) by Charlie Richards
Hot Chocolate and Candy Canes (Heaven coffee house boys) by Stephani Hecht
Sweet Happenings by Sara York
Sursein Judgment & Just For You by Jet Mykles
Sorting Out (fitting in) by Silvia Violet
If you would like my thoughts on any of the above, tell me and I’ll … tell you.
* What I bought this week and read
**was a free buy

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